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  • I don’t understand whether to be impressed at the level of creativity of a few of individuals in ancient history, or to be repulsed by the outright horror-factor of every single one of these ancient abuse approaches.

    Trigger Warning: Graphic Content Ahead

    I have no concept why, however gruesome topics like these pique my interest- they constantly have. I as soon as searched up the worst torture techniques there were. Let’s just state I’m grateful I didn’t read that article during the night.

    But before we get into this, I’m going to explain a couple of features of myself. At one point in my life, I wondered about my fears and just what I was scared of. Long story short, I recognized that I had a worry of being trapped- physically unable to move or get unstuck. No, not claustrophobia (even though being trapped in a little area would increase the fear aspect), but the feeling of knowing you can’t get out. It’s probably terrifying for anybody; thus why these abuse methods are so goose-bump-inducing.

    Here are a few of these horrific approaches along with why they make my hair stand up (not like a description is required, however …)

    Chinese Water Torture

    ( Image taken from google, not the post)

    An individual was bound to something to the point where they ‘d be unable to move. Then, something consisting of cold water would be put above their head, or they ‘d be positioned under a big faucet or hose pipe.

    Cue the dripping water.

    Over an extended period- hours, days, perhaps even weeks- one drop at a time, per 2nd approximately, would fall onto the person’s head, face, or scalp.












    Inform me, aren’t you inflamed by the amount of times I retyped that exact same word over and over? Now picture this: a real touch, over and over for days and days. Onto the same location. Regularly. The space silent. The only thing you hear. The only thing you feel. You’re unable to move. The water leaks in the very same place each time.

    I wager by now you’ve guessed the point of this torture method: to make the individual go bananas and eventually ask for anything else other than this repetitive thing that drives them psychologically outrageous. This kind of direct exposure is so intense, so reliable, that it causes lasting worry and psychological degeneration.

    Is your hair standing yet?

    This approach is particularly horrifying for me just because of the fact that you know this is going to go on until you die or up until you secure free- due to the fact that you’re, in the on the other hand, trapped.

    Rat Torture

    ( Image taken from Google)

    This is exactly how it sounds- rat abuse. Yes, I make sure you’ve heard of it and most likely understand what it is, but that doesn’t bring sufficient justice to how scary this actually is.

    Basically, an individual is bound (once again with the trapped part), and a cage with starving rats is positioned onto the person’s bare skin, probably the stomach. The bottom of the cage is open … which suggests the rats are on the individual’s skin. The top of the cage is heated up to the point where the rats are going to do whatever they can to get out. However there’s only one escape- and that’s through the individual’s body.


    In this technique of torture, the rat would ultimately crawl and gnaw its way through the individual’s organs and eat the person’s guts. I can’t even think of the pain the victim goes through- and they have withstand this for hours upon end. Perhaps even more.

    Simply close your eyes for a second … envision that the victim would be you … you ‘d have small rat teeth furiously munching a hole into your body … you wouldn’t be able to do anything other than squirm and shriek …

    Don’t inform me you do not have cold chills.

    Brazen Bull

    Ah, yes. This one. Everyone understands this torture method- perhaps the worst one every created. However let me describe it to you in greater information.

    To put it simply, an individual is bound, put within a confined bull, and after that roasted inside of that bull by the fire that is built right underneath.

    Without much thought, someone might state “yikes” and then simply go on with their day after hearing this. I suggest, they’re just hearing the actions of what occurs- their feelings do not come into play. Well … prepare for some gruesome feelings up ahead.

    Have any of you ever touched a metal slide on an actually, actually, truly hot day? The sun is scorching, you’re sweaty and hot, however you want to go on the slide. You make the error of moving down. The feeling is as if someone dumped a container of fire onto any place your skin, now red and blistery, touched the slide.

    Now imagine your arms and legs looped, you in just your underwear, and sliding down the glossy, metal slide on your bare back. Unexpectedly, the slide is a confined metal slide (there’s still an opening at the bottom.) You’re dragged up to the leading and forced to slide down when again.

    Bare skin …

    Hot, hot, hot …

    Scorching pain.

    And then, on that blazing bright day in the middle of summer that makes you seem like you’re melting and you only long for some clouds to conceal the sun permanently, a fire is developed right under the slide. Therefore the ritual starts again- but with a lot more blistering.

    We’re not done yet?!

    Sadly, there’s another addition to our fun playground. You’re not moving anymore. The slide is a cylinder, and the openings are totally closed. Keep in mind that this is a sweltering metal slide … and you’re delegated roast in there like a Thanksgiving turkey.

    Oh yeah, I forgot something. Some painfully creative people from long, long earlier occurred to include some sort of tube in the bull’s mouth that turns your screams into music. What a wonderful development- individuals can listen to the melodic symphony of your screams while you bake within an enclosed space.

    Yikes to the million and more.

    Cement Shoes

    ( Picture drawn from the article)

    This one isn’t as terrible as the rest here, as ruthless, or as extended, but it still raises the hairs on my arms. If you have worries of drowning or suffocating, then this one is specifically fear-inducing.

    The person’s feet are put inside cinder blocks that are filled with wet cement. After some waiting (with the individual’s worry growing, knowing they’re going to pass away quickly and they can’t do anything about it), when the cement has actually dried, the person is taken someplace with deep water. Clearly, you know what’s next. The victim is tossed into the deep water, alive, and delegated drown.

    They can’t do anything. Their feet weight too much to even think of attempting to swim, they’re just drifting deeper and much deeper and much deeper … for as long as they can hold their breath. Panic seizes them, and water begins filling their mouth. Their legs are stuck. Their nose fills with water. Water begins to fill their lungs.

    They’re drowning.

    Those would most likely be the last thoughts going through the victim’s head before they catch the suffocation.

    Now, there’s one consider here that increases the fear. Did you notice it? It’s the deep water.

    I’m not a big fan of deep water myself, unless I know that it’s perfectly safe and there’s nothing weird down there. It’s clearly dark, anyhow. Due to the fact that the cinder blocks are exceptionally heavy, they’re getting pulled down fast. I’m guessing that if it was a lake, they ‘d reach the bottom while they were still alive. Which’s freaking frightening.

    By the method, apparently this method is still utilized today.

    Ummmmmm …

    Did I unhinge you in the minutes it took to read this? Take a deep breath and calm down, but seriously- best of luck forgetting this. sheepishly shrugging *

    Before I sign out, there’s something I need to say: I’m sure-as-heck pleased I reside in this century and not in those times in which people lived in fear every single minute of their lives.

    That’s all … in the meantime.

    Article link: 25 The Majority Of Harsh Torture Techniques In History

    Anything that wasn’t in the article was merely things that I gained from my devoted reading.

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