Why is one not allowed to drink milk before a colonoscopy?

  • Tmi time:

    I just got my first one yesterday. I got referred because for the past year I been having constant diharrea. I wanted to see if it was allergy, chrones or IBS, or worse.

    A week prior I got what I thought was a good tasting gatorade, my miralax, and my laxatives. I worried for the prep because I don’t do good with fasting. I always feel sick fasting.

    It is the day before my colonoscopy. I wake up hungry. I grab my 7up and water. I try to focus on tv but all I saw was food. Delicious hamburgers, salads, fruits, everything was making me hungry. I made broth and it did keep me full for like a minute and then I was hungry.

    At six, I prepared my drinks. I spelt miralax by accident and my cat must have licked it because she kept running to the litter box. Sorry kitty.

    At seven, I take the laxatives. They said take 4, I took 5. At eight, I poured the first eight ounces of gatorade mixture. It was disgusting. I hate gatorade. I drowned it and immediately went to the restroom. Fifteen minutes more, I took another eight ounces. I was slow this time because I felt nauseous and just wanted to sleep. I knew I couldn’t.

    30 minutes later, I tried to drink another eight ounces. I got half-way through and had to run to the bathroom, not for poop reasons but because I was going to throw up. I experienced my first ever exorist throw up experience and unfortunately all over the hallway floor and on myself. By the way, it looked just like water.

    My dad cleaned the hallway while I took a shower. After going back I tried to drink more of the stuff but the minute I smelt the gatorade, I nearly threw up again. I took another laxative and threw the mixture away deciding that in the morning, I’ll try water and maralex.

    Despite me throwing up the mixure, I was still running to the bathroom. Luckily by 10pm, it was a liquidly clear liquid which is what they want. I think. I was still nauseous. That never left. It was awful.

    In the morning, I tried to take the water/miralax. Miralex in water tastes just like you had to take a antibiotic. In that second, I knew this wasn’t going to go well. I got one and a half cups (12 ounces) in a hour before I threw up, this time making it to bathroom in time. I had nothing to throw up.

    My parents convinced me to stop taking the prep because it wasn’t going to stay down. However, despite taking probably 32 ounces of the 64 ounces I was supposed to take, it still cleaned me up. I mean of course, it was clear last night.

    I took my shower, put makeup on, blowdried my hair, and off I went for my 11: 30 appointment.

    I didn’t get in until 2pm. I was starving, nauseous still, and waited forever. They finally took me back, hooked me up to IV fluids which stung but I felt good. Sleepy. Having water through IV is amazing.

    They took me back thirty minutes later. The nurse injected me with the anesthesia and the next thing I remember it was four and I was waking up.

    From there, I got dressed, mom drove me home after getting me Jack in the Box, and I slept off and on until 9am today. No pain, no discomfort, no nausea, nothing to complain about.

    The prep was hell, I would rather fast for a week and take lataxives than take miralax/gatorade again. Luckily, me being unable to finish the prep didn’t hurt me because I had frequent diharrea to begin with.

    Btw, the diharrea urgency people talk about wasn’t bad at all. Maybe I’m used to it but I never had to run to the bathroom. I just walked quickly. The thing I reccomend is to get wipes or lotion because I didn’t and it got painful.

    They took four biopsies and found holes in my intestine walls but I’ll find out more on May 9th. Next time, I’ll probably try to work the day of my prep so I can keep my mind off of food. Hopefully, I won’t need another one until 50 since they didn’t find any polyps so tjere should be no cancer risk and if they find no inflammation, they is no reason for another colonoscopy.

    The only weird thing is my arm still stings where they gave the IV and my shoulderblades feel sore.

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