Why does Fox News enjoy better ratings than CNN and MSNBC?

  • I’ve assessed information as a part of my daily job description for an (unnamed) intelligence agency. I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. In fact, I have no trust for nearly everyone on both sides of the isle.

    Over the 27 years of government service I’ve provided, I’ve personally seen how stories are reported, having been in the action, at the events being reported and I’ve seen how facts and statements are twisted and distorted to fit a particular narrative. Eventually, I found myself despising reporters as among the lowest form of humanity in existence. CNN and MSNBC are the proverbial confidential informant that can’t be trusted. In assessing the information that CNN and MSNBC provide, I’ve found that most of the information I verify is found to be false, misleading, or with the intention of creating fear.

    Television networks are exactly like confidential informants. I the content offered by anyone, on any channel and in any format, to be like that of a confidential informant. All the information informants provide should be verified in one way or another. This is often time consuming work, but it must be done, or I’ll get burned in one fashion or another. Not doing my homework may even result in my own death, and that of many others. There are distinct parallels between that work I did over seas, and the stakes of the game here and now.

    Television btw, from its earliest onset has been referred to as programming, think about that.

    Although Sussmann was found innocent of lying to the FBI, his testimony was more than shocking. Sussmann testified that HRC approved all the details regarding the Trump/Russia/ Collusion hoax we all painfully endured for more than two years. HRC effectively weaponized the FBI in an attempt to not only discredit Donald Trump, but send him to prison.

    Information available from numerous sources clearly shows CIA and FBI involvement in the fake dossier (the Steele dossier), abuse of the FISA courts, illegal, unconstitutional monitoring of a US citizen and more, which lead to a two year daily media blitz stating “Trump/Russia/Collusion.”

    Trump’s statements regarding “fake news” caused millions of people to begin doing their homework, verifying information and waking up. The word is not woke, it’s awakened.

    For those who still think Donald Trump is a Kremlin agent, that long-debunked narrative suffered another blow when ex-Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook admitted under oath that the 2016 “October surprise” concerning Trump and the Alfa bank was fake news. The evidence was shoddy, and even the FBI, who was already spying on the Trump campaign and working overtime to manufacture evidence to support this hoax—said there was “nothing there”.

    A stolen election. The recent movie documentary 2000 Mules does an outstanding job of proving the 2020 election was stolen. It’s worth mentioning the “fact checkers” discredited the movie by stating that geo-location is not accurate enough for these purposes. But, apparently it’s accurate enough for COVID exposure apps, or executing federal warrants, or approving drone strikes. The truth is just one layer below the surface, it’s not even well hidden. But, morons buy into this stuff.

    Prior to 2000 Mules, there was a lot of buried evidence regarding the dominion voting machines and servers. It was all buried. Social media networks, primarily Facebook, Twitter and Youtube censored the information that contradicted the stolen election narrative. This fact alone caused many people to wake up, suggesting we are too stupid to be trusted to make up our own minds when presented with the information.

    What I’m describing above is why FOX News “enjoys” better ratings than CNN and MSNBC.

    Fact, Joe Rogan has better ratings than all of them. Millions of people around the world see through the lies and fear mongering perpetuated by CNN and MSNBC “better wear your mask, better get vaccinated…” A cautionary tale, peoples identities get attached to a particular party affiliation. So, even when they encounter evidence that would otherwise cause them to turn their back, they stick with the narrative because contradicting the narrative means risking friendships, tremendously impacting their lives. Recently, I’ve had people tell me how they have lost most of their friends upon turning from the Left narrative. Turns out, people on the Left aren’t so accepting of opinions outside of the Left narrative. Although they claim to be the party of acceptance, it’s anything but that. Get on board or get shadow banned, ruthlessly attacked, protested and otherwise shutdown.

    People are literally being radicalized. Propaganda is a weapon, used as such. It was only a few years ago that religious radicalization was the big buzz phrase. Political radicalization is every bit as dangerous as religious radicalization, like two snakes intertwined, the end result is the same.

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