Why does a muscle under my chin cramp painfully when I yawn?

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    Thank God, I’m not the only person having it. It’s super painful and will leave you teary! Here’s one of the answer I found on internet quite a while ago.

    The pain results from irregular contraction (spasm) of the genioglossus and geniohyoid muscles. The mechanism is exactly the same as any cramp in any other muscle in the body. When we yawn, we have a tendency to contract and elevate the tongue. This causes contraction of its muscles, which can trigger the spasm and pain.

    One trick that you can try is to consciously relax your tongue when yawning, letting it just sit flat on the floor of the mouth. This typically prevents the spasm, and after a while, it becomes a habit and the condition disappears.

    Personally I’ve experienced quite a few times. It doesn’t happen always but once a blue moon I still get it. Solution which worked for me is to gently massage my under jaw muscle and try to slowly move my mouth and eventually it goes away.

    Edit 1: I’ve not been having it lately and thought I would share it with you guys. The reason which I think I’m not having it anymore is “caution”. Whenever I yawn, I try to go easy and do not open my mouth in one quick movement. As suggested earlier, I try to keep my tongue flat too. Moreover, I’ve been gently massaging my under jaw/chin muscles with lotion and oil which has relaxed those muscles. Hence I’m not getting it anymore. Try doing it if it still happens to you. Cheers

    I get this a lot when I’m tired and yawning a lot.

    As soon as you notice the cramp starting, firmly rub your thumb under your chin – you should be able to feel a hard lump where the cramped muscle is – massage it with your thumb. The cramp will ease within a second or two.

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    For you – or anyone else reading this dated post, I’d look into Oral Mandibular Dystonia for insight. I’ve had the same cramps (spasms) myself for the last decade.

    When this occurs: immediately relax. Keep your jaw in an unflexed position. The muscles will continue to tighten and the pain will come. You will be tempted to roll your lower jaw around to find a position that will cease the incoming spasm, akin to treating a leg-specific Charlie-Horse cramp. DO NOT do this. Continue to relax, even as the pain comes. Know that it will end sooner – and with less pain, if you relax.

    Best of luck to you or anyone else undergoing these issues. Schedule an appointment with a neurologist at your earliest convenience.

    I also have it every now and then and it feels like you’ll never be able to close your mouth ever again! First time was really scary.

    For me, the easiest way to get rid of it is: while the muscle is cramping, I tilt my head backwards while the jaw is still open, and slowwwwly close the jaw, stretching that muscle and the cramp goes away!

    I don’t know why this happens, but it’s been happening to me the past few years.

    To stop it, I immediately stick out my chin as far as I can while bending forward. Or, (if no one is around to see me) I will tilt my head back while I yawn so that it does not happen.

    It does not always happen…maybe about 50% of the time when I have a nice, large yawn. 🙂

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    I won’t reiterate answers already provided detailing factors such as dehydration, tongue relaxation, and deficiencies in calcium, magnesium, etc. these answers are correct but you have them available already. The massage advice already offered is also sound and complete. One addition, in the event of acute cramp pain under the chin, is to put the affected muscles into flexion. that is, point the chin towards the sky to stretch the muscle as much as possible, then massage the affected area with one or both hands. In the course of long periods of work I’ve had cramp pretty much every where cramp can be had, often all at the same time. Chin cramp is amongst the least agreeable, possibly only surpassed by coincident cramps in the erectus dominus and lower back (at the same time). However, unlike the ab/lower back cramp the flexion idea will not aggravate the cramp of the opposing muscle so it should bring rapid relief.

    There’s a few answers to this, but I think it depends on exactly where it is. There a bunch of lymph nods all around in there that may be inflamed. One thing I’ve learned is that sometimes it’s something else causing the pain.

    Check out this article. I chose this due to the deep massage I get twice a month. This therapist knows her anatomy, and can press on something totally not related but I feel relief somewhere else.

    Relieve TMJD and Jaw Pain Plus Tension Headaches and Neck Pain – Mobility Mastery

    I came here to find the reason and now I know I am not the only one.

    This happens to me very rarely but when it does, this is my method to avoid the cramp:

    You yawn and then you feel the muscle under the jaw starts to stiff and pain coming, I instantly start fast talking to the air trying to say random or gibberish words outload in a way that I force myself to move my jaw (gently) back and forth and open my mouth (open it as wide as I can with the mumbling)

    This “lunatic” behavior helps me to relieve the muscle quickly and avoid the cramp getting worse and usually this helps to stop it completely.

    I know it sounds weird, especially in public when you are with people thinking you gone mad. If its really embarrassing in the current scenario I fake it that I am chewing a really big gum then go to a corner and start blabbing.

    Due note this is not a medical advise and it might NOT work for you – this works for me.

    I have found a decent fix to get it to go away quickly after it happens. If you just close your mouth and close your jaw and look up.

    The first thing I would try is drinking more water. Add two cups per day of plain water to your normal habits. I have experience with muscle cramps; mine are usually in my calf muscles. I have found that dehydration is usually the cause.

    Another thing you can do that should help is to exercise your neck and jaw muscles a couple of times each day. I don’t mean anything strenuous, just give them a variety of motions for half a minute.

    I have found a quick way for me to alleviate this cramping when it occurs, better than massaging the muscle directly. I pivot my chin to the left and right repeatedly and usually results in the muscle unclenching within a few seconds. See if it works for you.

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