Why do some people like pain?

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    I’ll assume your question is about the sexual gratification some people associate with giving or receiving pain, i.e., sadism and masochism. Like most things, this sort of gratification falls on a spectrum, ranging from mild to extreme.

    Sexual arousal can change people’s perception of pain so that sensations they wouldn’t usually enjoy, such as being scratched, bitten or smacked, become intense rather than painful. These sorts of sensations also have symbolic power, as they tie into some people’s emotional need to experience domination or submission.

    Conditioning from childhood experiences such as spanking may play a role in fetishizing spanking or developing an S&M paraphilia. Spanking the buttocks can be sexually arousing because it stimulates nerves in the genital area. Also, some may associate the pain of a spanking with attention and affection afterwards; or they may begin to enjoy the pain as a coping mechanism.

    Others have the disorder algolagnia, which causes them to perceive pain differently.

    Research using MRI and computer models of neuron firing patterns has shown that most algolagniacs experience pain differently from others. Algolagniacs may have DNA errors such as SCN9A, causing inaccurate nociception to occur [1]


    Humans like pain for different reasons. Top of my head:

    We are almost all evolved to occasionally seek one specific kind of pain: scratching an itch. The pain impulses of the scratching — if it works out, which it doesn’t in all cases — overwhelm the nerves for a bit, deadening them to the itch sensation.

    Some like pain for the intensity of the experience: the existential validation, usually combined with the endorphin rush, gives a satisfying feeling of vitality and/or realness.

    Some like it because of positive associations, often developed as children. Pain becomes associated with some reward (external or internal) and inflicting the pain comes to give the same satisfaction as the reward.

    This can be combined. Pain during sex often heightens the experience, especially since endorphins help mitigate the less pleasant aspects of it. Mild lingering pain after physical work or exercise is often associated with having done a good job of it. And so on.

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    It depends on why you want to feel pain. For instance I have friends who enjoy pain in various forms as sexual acts. This when done safely with people you trust and love can be healthy. These people are generally referred to as masochists.

    However if you want to feel pain because you’re feeling angry, sad, or don’t value yourself that’s most likely depression. I don’t think you should be going on the internet for answers in any case. Consider these feelings on your own. Ask yourself where the emotional urge to feel pain comes from. Is it a primal urge that gives you a rush of endorphins? Or is it because you’re depressed?

    I think whatever the answer is you should consider talking about it with a professional therapist if you’re still confused, especially if you’re feeling depressed.

    From Dr V S Ramachandran’s ‘the Tell-Tale Brain’

    I saw another patient named Dorothy with a similar “laughter from pain” syndrome. A CT (computed tomography) scan revealed that one of the pain pathways in her brain was damaged. Even though we think of pain as a single sensation, there are in fact several layers to it. The sensation of pain is initially processed in a small structure called the insula (“island”), which is folded deep beneath the temporal lobe on each side of the brain… . From the insula the pain information is then relayed to the anterior cingulate in the frontal lobes. It is here you feel the actual unpleasantness—the agony and the awfulness of the pain—along with an expectation of danger. If this pathway is cut, as it was in Dorothy …, the insula continues to provide the basic sensation of pain but it doesn‘t lead to the expected awfulness and agony: The anterior cingulate doesn‘t get the message. It says, in effect, “all‘s okay.” So here we have the two key ingredients for laughter: A palpable and imminent indication that alarm is warranted (from the insula) followed by a “no big whoop” follow-up (from the silence of the anterior cingulate). So the patient laughs uncontrollably.

    From what I read in psychology text books there are several reasons some people like to feel pain. One reason is they are masochists. The reasons they are masochistic are many. Some simply feel pleasure in physically painful experiences. Some folks hurt themselves because of low esteem and feel they deserve these type of experiences.

    A different reason is that many people who deliberately injure themselves, mainly through cutting is the physical pain is easier to handle than the emotional pain. In other words the physical pain is more tolerable than the emotional feeling of pain.


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    There is something very seductive and mysterious about depression.

    Sadness has a velvet sensuality to it.

    Because sadness is the one emotion where human beings feel most connected to their inner selves. It is safe to wallow in self-pity. It feels important when you are hurt, because now you can rise from under the shadows and become a celebrity poet.

    If only we knew, that there is an ecstasy attached to self-love, that a sense of self is way more emotionally rewarding. But humans usually never get that far. It is way too much responsibility to create one’s own happiness. Isn’t the world responsible for that?

    Aren’t my parents/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/coworkers/friends responsible for giving me the happiness I deserve? Yeah man, I am much better off creating my own sadness and requesting the world to clean it up. And when they don’t, I will be sadder and I will enjoy it and people will feel bad for me.

    Some people have a history of pretty bad physical and mental abuse. If they have overcome that and are happy in life, think positive, and generally are optimistic and excited, that can get boring being just at a heightened state all the time. That person may then want to go back into hell just for the challenge of coming back out again. Or possibly just have their spouse slap them around during adult play time if the opportunity doesn’t present itself to save a suicidal person that will ultimately hate them for caring.


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    AS the spiritual world is quite complicated, one possibility is that the karmic creditor, for an example, someone in the past life suffered lots of pain because of a person, and she/he hasn’t had a chance to reincarnate to be a human yet, then she/he could be allowed to collect debts from current living one and sometimes make that person want to feel pain. Also there are more possibilities but all the abnormal feelings come from the karmic debts oneself owe in the past. The only way to revert is to use virtues like paying back Little Houses-combined mantras( template free download at guanyincitta.com/en) to offset or one has to suffer according to timing/level in the past.

    They don’t… They still go the dentist for a tooth ache and refuse to repeatedly scrape their cornea with a tree branch… They get a thrill from what most people would consider painful…but still play with a safeword cocked and loaded.

    Pain can be subjective but is still best defined as that which our body recoils reflexively away from… If it is not a terrible sensation, it isn’t pain.

    Unless you mean people enjoying the pain of others. Then they are just sick fks.

    People need stimulation. People cannot bear having no stimulation, people would rather feel pain then being bored (Mind Field). Pain is a sensation that drives people to do all in their power to avoid the vivid sensation all over again. It can be a great motivator

    It is a mistake of the brain. The brain is hungry for rewards. You have the wrong experience when you are young and you get aroused, the brain can learn the wrong things.

    Women in particular have a sensitivity to power: power is sexy. Where will you let it go? Same for men who had bad experiences when they were very young.

    People are the boss of their brain, they tend to forget it.You can order your brain anything you want, especially how to keep safe,


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