Who will gain from a coronavirus pandemic?

  • Historically, a tall, attractive extrovert has had a better possibility of success in their career than a brief, stocky introvert. Post Covid-19, that’s all going to alter.

    In a world where more interactions are through video, instead of in-person, past effective character characteristics will be less impactful. The paradigm will shift. Your internet connection speed and video camera quality will matter more than your physical attributes.

    Here are some historical success-contributing traits that won’t matter almost as much post-COVID as they did prior to:

    1. Height won’t matter so much.

    In today’s world, being high is a competitive advantage. It’s well-known that tall people make more money than their shorter counterparts. An extra inch of height deserves about $1,000 yearly. Lots of research studies have revealed that high individuals have an advantage in the dating world, too, and U.S. Presidents tend to be much taller than average

    Take Tony Robbins, for instance. He is 6 ′ 7 ″. There’s no question that his tall stature has actually added to his mega-success as a motivational speaker and life coach. He towers over his visitors at his conferences, and his deep, booming voice commands regard and adoration.

    But in a world controlled by video calls and digital conferences, your height will matter much less than it has in the past. Nobody can inform how tall you are on a video call. Everybody is taking a seat and normally at the eye-level of their computer system’s cam. Height will no longer equate.

    This modification matters, specifically when it concerns job interviews. Your average business’s interview process is not ideal– height and physicality matter in an in-person interview simply as much a prospect’s experience and credentials. However height won’t equate too during a video call. The competitive benefit of being tall will disappear.

    Imagine seeing Tony Robbins for the very first time by means of video. His physical stature would not be nearly as outstanding as it remains in individual.

    In the future, tall individuals will have less of a benefit than they performed in the past. Among the big winners will be women (considering that females, on average, are shorter than males).

    2. Being great looking will matter much less.

    Similar to being tall, excellent looking individuals seem to have an advantage in life Research reveals that they are more confident (which leads to higher earnings), most likely to get voted into public workplace, and get recalled for a 2nd task interview more frequently than their less attractive equivalents.

    But with the shift to video calls, cam filters will ensure you constantly look your best. Forget bad hair days and skin imperfections– you’ll look like your profile image day in and day out (or at least 90%of your finest). Everybody will look better, which will diminish the effect of someone’s natural excellent looks.

    ” Beautifying” camera filters already exist on social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Using the Zoom “Touch up my look” feature makes a big distinction to one’s looks. It’s just a matter of time prior to these filters get in the expert world. And as soon as they do, everyone will utilize one. In the meantime, individuals that understand how to use makeup for the video camera (which is extremely various than for in-person interactions) will have a benefit.

    In the future, excellent looks won’t matter as much. It will be your electronic camera filter, video camera quality, and internet speed that will beat out your physical characteristics.

    3. The sound of your voice won’t matter as much.

    Tony Robbins’ height isn’t his only benefit– he’s got a deep, distinct reverberating voice that commands your attention. A “radio voice.”

    Now think of a world where you can transform your voice with a voice modulator software application in any method you like. You might make your voice much deeper, or smoother, or stronger. Or give it an ideal radio quality on every call.

    In a post-COVID world, you’ll have this option. All it takes is one viral video showcasing such software to get other workers on-board (take a look at Zoom backgrounds and how they spread out). And when one person on the video call has an ideal radio voice, the rest of the participants will quickly follow.

    This will be an advantage to older individuals that have less range in their singing cables.

    Your genuine voice quality will matter much less in a world where you can manage it with a slide of your finger.

    4. Being an extrovert will decrease in importance.

    Everyone knows the extroverted, relationship-oriented sales rep. They are the life of the celebration– gregarious, outgoing, and constantly all set to talk your ear off.

    And generally, this extroversion has been a huge possession. This kind of sales representative has had the ability to close the deal through sheer “likability.”

    But quickly, being extroverted will be much less valued. Relationships will be built over video calls and through e-mail.

    The pendulum will swing over in favor of the introverts. They’re not the life of the celebration. When the cocktail hour comes, they in fact go to their hotel room and shoot off 50 emails. In a world of virtual conferences, introverts are no longer at a disadvantage.

    This introvert is the sort of person who will flourish (and who you desire on your group) when most interactions are digital. The quiet, calculated employee might add more worth than the extroverted one in the post-COVID world. Obviously, you require both on your team, however extroverts will not be nearly as valued as they once were.

    These 4 character traits– height, looks, voice quality, and extroversion– will matter far less in a post-COVID world than in the past.

    However, some essential personality traits will always be very important. Those are the traits that make up a 10 xer These are individuals who:

    • Spot opportunities.
    • Have a predisposition for action
    • Choose positivity over negativeness.
    • Make your group better
    • Do whatever they state they are going to do.
    • Have fantastic judgment (much more crucial in a work-from-home world and extremely difficult to speak with for).

    If you have these qualities, it does not matter where or how you work– any company will enjoy to have you AND combat to keep you. (And if you take place to be a 10 xer, I ‘d like to meet you– please reach out).

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