Who benefits more from a relationship, guys or ladies? Why …

  • Q: What would you do if you awakened and you were a girl and everybody remembers you as a lady?

    A: I would follow this simple programme:

    Step 1: Panic! It never resolves any problems, however it vents feelings. I will panic and freak out. Which takes us to …

    Action 2: Calm the fuck down and think things through. I require to understand what took place. So I need to make some initial investigation. Did just my body change, or did my wardrobe modification?

    • If the wardrobe altered too, it might be a strong indication that I merely went mad and just imagine that I was a male up until yesterday.
    • If the closet didn’t alter, but is primarily male stuff, then it is most likely that I did not go mad. Still, I would be wary of truth, and it would need a lot of effort.
    • Examine selfies, online history, images in photo albums and so on. Just to make certain that I actually did modification and did not go mad.
    • Examine recognition documents to see what I am referred to as now, not simply to everyone, however also to the Swedish administration. Is that consisted of in “everybody remembers me as a girl”?

    Here comes an interesting problem: if my wardrobe, my online history, and Swedish bureaucracy agrees that I utilized to be a girl, then I am most likely mad. Then the solution is probably to assume that this is a psychosis, hire ill, and then get assistance.

    But if any among those does not agree, then I have some fascinating challenges ahead. Which suggests …

    Action 3: Make a strategy. Presuming that I am not mad, a huge part of the plan is to simply phony it and play together with whatever the universe has actually tossed at me. Thankfully, I can work from house thanks to that shitty infection, and I don’t have to be overdressed for it.

    However there are some specific things that I require to attend to.

    • If Swedish bureaucracy does not agree that I am now a girl, then I have some intriguing issues. Ultimately, there will be a fight between the physical me and the me on records. Recognition cards, passport, eventually savings account, tax accounts– heck, even the biometrics on my phone and computer systems may cause difficulty.
    • And After That there is the online history. If that does not agree that I am now a girl, how will I deal with that?

    But very first things.

    Step 5: Assuming the closet did not change, get brand-new clothes, and most likely shoes. Almost whatever in my closet will no longer fit, and I would require underclothing and female hygiene items. So, make a lot of research online, get a measuring tape and make the required measurements, then shop things. The basic things can be purchased the local supermarket, and when I have that, I can make advanced shopping downtown or online.

    Action 6: At about this point, I have endured the very first day as a lady. With the immediate crisis avoided, I now get into investigation Did it just occur to me? Exists any indication that I will change back?

    Step 7: Phony it through the remainder of the week, try to find more ideas, attempt to determine what the fuck occurred, and play Gloomhaven on Friday trying to find any ideas that anyone in fact keep in mind the “genuine” me.

    Action 8: Get drunk It also doesn’t fix any issues, however it vents feelings.

    ( EDIT) Action 9: … whatever it was, I can not remember it, and now my head harms and my mouth tastes like old carpet.

    Step 10: Restore my life Now it is time to stop devising, and developing a reality– which probably means accepting that shit has actually happened, dealing with gender dysphoria, wondering if hormone replacement treatment and sex adjustment therapy deserves it, and normally plod on in my now more miserable presence. This is when I begin to think about sexuality and where I am on that matter. And this is where I may have to start fighting Swedish bureaucracy genuine, if I am unlucky.

    It may also consist of getting a feline. Getting a feline will not resolve any issues either, however cuddling a cat likewise vents feelings.

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