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  • This show has the best humor Ive ever seen in a sitcom before, and I’ve watched tons of sitcoms.

    FRIENDS Episodes

    Friends is a super realistic show and a lot of situations in that show can happen in the real world. I would rate this higher but 10 is the max!

    Friends is an excellent show. All of the actors are excellent and their comic timing is also perfect. It’s great entertainment. Friends are talking and living their life, and you see what goes on. The writers have done best work. I have watched this show more than once. Only problem I saw in this show was after season 6/ 7, after which show’s comedy content started becoming weak. Overall, I loved it and would recommend everyone to watch it.

    I saw lots of web series, TV series, but this is one of the best which really made me laughed by Joey’s common sense, Chandler’s Sarcasm, Phoebe’s heart touching funny story, Ross’s Dinasour wisdom stuff, Monica’s cleaning sense which is obessesive compulsive disorder and Rachel’s attraction & fashion sense. But at last I got too emotional, even I’m hard boy but the last one episode made me cried. Love Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Monica & Rechell!!! We’ll never forgot you. Love you forever.

    So F.R.I.E.N.D.S.Its the first ever sitcom I started watching. I still remember the first day I sat with the laptop on my lap to watch this show. From the very beginning of season 3 I found myself completely addicted to this masterpiece.Each and every character of this show has unique qualities and a mysterious power of grabbing attention to the audiences of all ages.it can take the aged persons to their memory lane with all those humour of bing.You are bound to fall in love with the innocence of joey.Joey-chandler combo is enough to make you feel jealous with their bromance.For me phoebe was the most beautiful character.rachel and monica have their own qualities to make you fall in love with them. After a long drastic day this show can make you forget about everything through their pile of humour.For me this is just not a show but a name of emotions.THIS SHOW IS LOVE.Many people say that they dont find this show funny at All In Malaysia think of them is that they are really in manic depression and the do need to consult a psychiatric badly.sorry not sorry.Happy watching.

    What makes friends standout among all the other tv series, is the “friendship” they potray between the six main casts. At some point, we all wish we had friends like them, whom we could be comfortable with, whom we could be ourselves with, spending most of our times with them. “Could I be any more correct???”

    Apart from that, the great Chandler Bing with his sarcasm and silly jokes, Joey with a baby inside him (btw doctor said he will die if they remove it), Ross the dinosaur boy, Monica with her OCD and not to mention the fun Phoebe, made the show unforgettable. Did I miss something? Oh, Rachel Green. I forgot to mention something, I’m a big Ross Geller fan and a member of I-hate-Rachel-Green Club.

    Whenever, I feel down for some reason, I turn back to “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”, and it never fails to make me laugh. Other shows like GOT and BB are like one time watch, but “friends” is for lifetime.

    Having watched this the first time around in its full entirety, then seeing occasional episodes here and there over the years I decided to watch them all again on Netflix.

    The jokes are kinds old now, and you know when they’re coming but this is still a brilliant show. Absolutely hilarious belly laughs constantly. The writing is perfect too. Looking back they’ll be a small joke at the beginning and by the end it would have reared its head again on another character tying the whole episode in as a very tightly written masterpiece.

    Ross is still hilarious and chandler is still too, but by the last 2 seasons although some episodes were exceptionally funny they really had to end it. I felt the Joey/Rachel, the whole pregnancy episodes and finally the last 2 episodes with Rachel leaving were the low point of the show. Near the end Rachel and her whining (I’m surprised at the last 2 episodes cos it just says to me the creators thought Rachel was the star of the show or something- maybe she thought so too, but she really wasn’t) and the fact she just HAD to go to Paris to further her career…erm you have a family? Your friends are all there but yes, you just GOT TO leave everyone for your job? Ok. Oh and Chandler & Monica’s constant “I really love you” scripts near the end were tedious too.

    The ending was just painful to watch because it was cringe worthy but the rest was brilliant.

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