When does the Sadesati end for Dhanu Rashi?

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    Dear Sagittarian’s

    The Saade Sati, which has been going on given that ( November 2014) for the people of Sagittarius, is going to end now. Now the hour of relief is very near for the people of Sagittarius.

    In the last 7 and a half years, the days of the people of Sagittarius were going through a great deal of battle today on (29 th April 2022), Sade Sati is going to end. Now joy is about to arrive in the life of Sagittarius.

    best of luck Sagittarian’s

    Thanks for reading

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    For Dhanusu Rasi Elarai Naatu Sani or Sadesati ends by April2022 As you would have currently undergone the acid test by the Lord Saturn in the last 5 years, this part of Shani in Makara which is his own house will not trouble or trouble you. It is time for rewards for the hardships faced by you all these years. The transit to Capricorn on 24 th Janaury 2020 to 28 th April 2022 will minimize all the challenges dealt with by you gradually as the year advances. Visit Navagraha temples on Saturdays and light ellu (think seasame seeds) vilaku frequently.

    Ganesha saranam

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    Dear Querist

    For Dhanu Rashi, the Sadesati will end on 29 h April2022 Tx & & Good Lck

    Numerous answers with lot of explanations

    simply put for Dhanu Rashi sade sathi will end by 3 Pm of 28 th April 2022 as Saturn transits ( Gochara/ pakarcha) from Makar (capricorn )to Kumbh (Aquarius) Rashi

    ( there is a retrograde movement of Shani from Kumb to Makar rashi once again from13 th June 2022 and returns to Kumbh once again on 17 th January 2023) not much significance of retrograde movement as this is only fictional and no planets run reverse in truth. It is Kalpanik

    Gochara Transits brings only 25 percent result rest 75 percent is with Natal/birthchart positions. Not to stress on this much.

    Sadhe sati for dhanu moon (dhanu rashi) will end when Saturn moves into Aquarius. This will happen in around April2022 I do not know why some answers are making this so confusing.

    As a friend in this thread has mentioned, I occur to disagree with all due respect – Gochara can trigger major events like marriage, death and so on due to the fact that ‘ they complete the formula’ in combination with dasha systems. Gochara matters. Sometimes its all that matters. Not just planets in signs, however worlds in nakshatras triggers fluctuate in costs, present new diseases or eliminate them and so on. So Gochara/transits matters.

    Likewise, retrograde motion is not kalpanik/imaginary as mentioned here in the thread. The retrograde movement is the slowing down of a planet with regard to earth in such a way that it ‘appears’ that it is going reverse. Retrograde does not equal reverse. Retrograde movement increases the effect of planetary energy. Tremendously. So when a world (in your case Saturn) will go retrograde and move back to Capricorn, the remnants of Saturn Sadhesati which has passed will be cleaned. You will understand when it occurs. It is a very essential and informing period.

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    You are in phase 3 (Jan 20 2020 – 12 July 2022). This is usually where you realise who you are combating against. (Thus the question maybe).

    This is a period obviously correction for the next 30 years.

    Open your eyes, remove the cover on your head, include a little bit of salt, bite the bullet and smile.

    Cabin Team requires to prepare for landing.

    For Dhanur rashi you will have better period after March 2020 you should have suffered last 1.5 years during Janama shani that suggests saturn will be on your moon sign your mind will be dark losing self self-confidence, So as every month goes by you will feel each month will be better than previous months.

    Next year Saturn will be transisting to Makara rasi so you will feel some light throughing on you plus you have juptier transit this year october 2019 will be beneficial for Dhanur rashi.

    Pray Lord saturn contribute to clingy on saturday except money.

    A lot of impacted star currently is Pooradam.

    Make sure

    God bless you

    Saturn will go into Capricorn on January 24 th 2020 and will stay there for about 2.5 years, so someplace in the mid 2022 the sade sati for dhanu rashi will end

    This is the last stage of Sadesati for those having their Moon in Saggitarius (Dhanu) As Saturn has actually entered in Capricorn from 25 th January. However this phase of Sadesaati need to be reassuring as Saturn is transitting in his own sign.

    Now the outcomes will depend on which mahadasha & & antardasha is in operation now, and also the other planetary mixes & & conditions in the chart. Considering present transits, Ketu’s transit in Saggitarius is affecting your moon until august-September 2020, afterwards an unafflicted Jupiters transit over Moon need to give you excellent outcomes.

    Sade sati is a duration 7 1/2 years where Saturn will transit in house 12, 1 and 2 from moon sign!

    Please note I have actually stated moon sign here. Dhanu Rashi if it is your ascendant then it does not work and we can’t state.

    If moon is placed in dhanur Rashi then the Sade sati period will end in April2022 However if I keep in mind properly Saturn will briefly again retrograde back to capricorn for a couple of months.

    So ideally Jan 2023 onwards it will be complete and Saturn in 3rd is a great transit assuming asthakvarga bindus in aquarius are atleast 4 or more. Hope this helps!

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