What’s the less unpleasant and quick way to kill myself at …

  • Other than one person every response is wrong. Nobody appears to undestand the concern. Everyone was attempting to help. Nobody was responding to the concern. The individual didn’t desire any assistance. He simply desires an honest answer.

    Well, only one kind of individual can answer this concern. But, we can’t call them here because they are currently dead. Really no one can address this concern other than the fortunate one who has actually tried all the approaches of eliminating oneself however is still alive to tell this. If he was that fortunate why would he/she attempt to give his life in the very first place.

    I can only say one thing in this matter. If someone wishes to die let them. As they know best what is good for them. They understand the conditions and scenarios they are going through. Possibly they are going through hell or something like that. (A confession here: I do not understand what hell resembles still I’m using this word; as a metaphore for an extremely bad life) Under such conditions no one wish to live. In fact, in such condition no one can live. Please be comprehending and address this individual honestly, that is, if you know the answer. Otherwise, stop attempting to help due to the fact that your so called help can and will provoke him further. It is due to the fact that of us just that he is thinking about eliminating himself. By us I suggest everybody in this world except him. We are entirely and straight accountable for his condition. He may be the one who has taken this decision however that choice occurred since of the scenarios produced by us; everybody around him.

    So, if you truly want to help him then address his concern. If you can’t know the response simply pass it. Potentially something excellent will come out of it if you can’t answer. I hope you understand where I am originating from. In any case, it’s practically difficult for him or for us to discover an ideal response for this concern. Let him discover this response himself. After all, he needs a response. He is the one who is going to use it.

    After a hard life and/or a really bad thing that may have occurred to him he has actually chosen to give his life away. He is literally tossing it away as he is definitely sure that whatever is over for him. That nothing can be done now. That his life has no significance now. If he has actually chosen this then please don’t stop him. Let him go on. Let him do it. May be this is the only way out the condition he remains in. Potentially there is no other way. Might be he has tried everything he might to bring him out of this condition. May be all the methods out of it are closed. Obviously, he is not able to find his way out. But, you guys can’t find his way out for him. He is the only person who can do it for himself. And, if he thinks there is no way then it should be true. You can’t take this choice to live for him. Nor, can you feel or understand what he is going through so do not tell him that he is incorrect in thinking about wasting his life away. He knows what he is doing and why he is doing it. If you can’t assist him then a minimum of don’t try to stop him. He requires you assist in the form of a specific type of knowledge which you do not have. In such case you can’t help him so simply let him be.

    P.S. I started calling him in the center due to the fact that i believe it’s a person. Ladies are not this much weak so regarding kill themselves like this. They are much stronger than men. May not be physically but mentally and mentally. And, psychological and emotional strengths are required to live this difficult life which we are all going through. And, psychological and emotional strengths are required to bring yourself back from the point where this man is standing at this moment. However, plainly he is doing not have in this matter. That’s why he has chosen to go this far so regarding eliminate himself. If he was a woman he might have come back from this point however he can not do it as he is a boy.

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