What should the salary of an IT employee with 10 years of …

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    In my if an Avg IT employee starts at a 3.5 LPA package.

    2 yrs – work on technology and get hold simultaneously learning 1 or 2 trending technologies.

    After 2 years – switch with 100% raise i.e 7 LPA

    Work for 2 more years same way.

    After 4 years of slogging you know you are good at this. Now you take the bigger leap.

    Either MBA or MS – 2 Years – This will definetly help you to go to managerial roles. You can build a mindset around the business aspect.

    After MBA ( at around 28 years ) – Join an MNC with a package of 12 – 14 LPA and see your career take off feom there.

    This is what I understand with my experience. Please feel free to comment if you have any issues.

    Generally for a decent skill set one can calculate:

    1 year = 1.25 Lacs. So for a 10 years of experience

    10years x 1.25L = 12.5Lac

    12.5Lac is the minimum salary that one must get with this experience. If you fall below this mark, then you could considered yourself being underpaid.

    Pay ranging from 14-18 LPA is considered decent.

    For salary details to relevent profile you could visit Glassdoor Job Search | Find the job that fits your life or Payscale website.

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    It would really depend on his/her core specialization and the value he/she brings to the table for that organization. Added to this if he/she has done specific industry-level / his/her area of specialization related certifications & training etc. that helps him differentiate from others in the crowd.

    • An IT manager for a small SMB with 10 years experience could have 10 Lacs CTC.
    • A manual testing engineer with 10 years experience could have between 10-12 Lacs CTC. But since the world is adopting Automated Testing and DevOps, he/she may not see considerable increments in future.
    • A Senior Developer with a Large Services firm could have between 17-18 Lacs CTC.
    • A Delivery Manager for a Large Services firm could have between 25-27 Lacs CTC.
    • An Enterprise Architect with 10 years experience with an OEM could have between 40 Lacs CTC.
    • A Product Engineer with 10-12 years experience working on something very unique with a Large Fortune/OEM could have even more than 55 Lacs CTC.
    • A fresh graduate in BSc Mathematics who’s an absolute genius in creating mathematical models and algorithms identifying very complex credit-card fraud detection patterns at the heuristic level; could be grabbed up by Google or one of the Large Investment Banks for 60Lacs even as starting salary. 1 Crore INR CTC wouldn’t surprise me at all. This skillset is not only unique but gives business outcomes in customer value worth Trillions.

    In a nutshell, where the world is currently heading; your inherent value and skillsets will be MORE valuable to an organization rather than mere totality in numbers of service with no core specialization at all.

    In 2021

    Exp x 1.5x to 2x Indian service based

    Exp x 2 to 3 big 4 service based

    But here you have chance to go abroad for 3–4 years with extra allowence.

    Exp x 3 to 4 product based. With some esop

    But there are cirtain companies paying way more than this for some candidates, mostly depends on candidate negotiation skill.

    Exp 7 to 8

    What should the salary of an IT employee with 10 years of experience be in Bangalore?

    It is all in your own hands –

    It is generally

    • 2–3+ times your experience range for IT services companies and
    • 3–4+ times your experience range for IT product companies.

    There are 100s of software engineer profiles earning upwards of Rs.40 LPA with about 10 years of experience, but they will have top-notch / cutting edge technological skills with deep expertise and advanced level.

    With these inputs, you can make an informed assumption.

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    As per industry standards, the minimum / competent values must be:

    • Product based company: 2 No of years of your experience.
    • Service based companies: 1.5 no of years of your experience.

    Should I am not sure, but can give you few references from my contacts. Below figures include all bonus, stocks etc for above average performer.

    Infosys : 20 L

    Cisco : 28 L

    Broadcom/Intel/WD/Samsung : 35 L

    Google/Amazon/Adobe : 38–45 L

    Being in a job for 10years means a lot of experience. If you go by the statistics of Indian Product based companies, you might get about 20 LPA. This is a very standardized one and is not applicable for all. You need to understand the work you are into and the demand for that work. If it is a very in-demand technology or project then the prices can go up. You can register at Edaiva jobs and see the salary that is offered for such roles free of cost.


    Generally the median Salary for 10 years guy is 15 lpa. You may get 15*3 also and 15+or -5 also based on the company you work for.

    It is depending on below factors.if You are highly skilled in latest trending technologies and completed graduation in top level university then you may expect more in bracket of 40 to 80 lpa.

    1.Education – IIT/ NIT / BITS pillani / Small engineering college

    2. Technology – old or latest one

    3.Skill Demand in market

    4.Based on company brand

    5.Service Based or Product based


    7.Role : Devlopment / Support / Admin / Testing etc.

    Generally for a decent or normal head (skill) one can calculate

    1 year = 1.25 Lacs. So for a 10 years of experience

    10years x 1.25L = 12.5Lac

    12.5Lac is the minimum salary that one should be paid. This is applicable for small scale or startup companies. If you fall below this mark, then you are considered underpaid.

    A typical or medium scaled organization will pay you 14-16 Lacs and this is considered decent.

    A well paid is 18-20 Lacs, but this can only be so if the case is “you are the “One” the company requires and the company can do anything to hire you”.

    Please note this is average. But in Bangalore for IT and VLSI a 10 year exp skilled person can get 30Lacs+ plus on a big companies like Intel, Oracle, etc

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