What is the SCP Foundation? Is it real?

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    The SCP universe is entirely fictional. Some entries may be based on real word myths and legends but that is the closest it will ever be.

    They are merely works of fiction.

    The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization that is featured in a series of online articles and short stories.

    The Foundation is responsible for the containment and study of anomalous objects and entities, which are known as “SCPs.” While some people believe that the SCP Foundation is real, it is actually just a work of fiction.

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    If you choose not to let your imagination carry you away, then the SCP Foundation is a fictional, worldwide, government-operated organization that Secures, Contains, and Protects anomalous entities, creatures, objects, and locations.

    If you choose to let your imagination carry you away, then the SCP Foundation is a writing website that acts as a cover-up for the true organization, whose real name is unknown. Some of the entries are real, with their authors posing as writers on the website, but it’s impossible to know which are real or not because anyone is allowed to join the website and contribute their own content. The purpose of the website is to provide cover stories when real information is leaked or exposed to the public, though amnestics usually do the trick just fine.

    Whether it’s real or not is completely up to your imagination, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to decide that it is.

    SCP Foundation claims to be a work of fiction. But it will not be wrong to say that some similar organization does exists in the world.

    The world always has strange things. There can be natural time machines on Earth. In fact, scientists even found a complete iceberg containing frozen deadly viruses from the Ice age in Antartica. We don’t know much about what exists in depth of the ocean, maybe we will find a new civilization, or a portal to another world altogether. And above all, internet was created for the use of military, it will not be too shocking to have a secret organization roaming around containing these anomalies and communicating via a secret web.

    In short, yes SCP is fiction. But the nature of an organization who protects the world is not. Maybe, it does not exist till now, but at any day and time humans could create a secret organization to contain anomalies which could destroy the Earth and Mankind.


    Of course not dont be silly.

    (In all seriousness I’ll feel bad if i send you into a panic attack so no Its pretty much a fictitious site like slender man)

    One of the scariest things

    Fuck yeah it is. Maybe not by the title SCP foundation, and maybe not with the particular creatures we know about, but i’d be really fucking surprise if earth didn’t have some sort of facility for the crazy shit that has somehow evolved into existence.

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    The SCP Foundation is a secret organization which contains and study supernatural beings or creatures. No, it is a fictional website or game. If it were real, the game would have not been real.

    Some are arguing that it is, some say its not. But it could possibly be real. I know there are some things that defy the laws of physics, but isn’t that something you wouldn’t want people to find out about? We do have to think of some logical stuff though, like where it would be, or how long it has existed. I mean it could somewhere from a trapdoor in your basement to the Area-51 itself! (pretty sure we know which one is logical). And since SCP-179 is a real statue, it could have been leaked from the lab, or broke out during something. That “something”? We may never know. And the game though. It could be a cover story! I mean, If I had a tippy-top secret foundation based on protecting society from things that could regenerate in two seconds, to something that could eat me without even swallowing me or could defy the laws of physics, I like a cover story, like, oh I don’t know….maybe a game that makes the whole thing appear FICTIONAL! But the point is, it could be real. The YouTube videos you may watch on the SCP Foundation and its creatures my just be on the stuff that’s on the tip of the iceberg. Its up to us to go deeper.

    The SCP foundation is an organization founded to secure, contain, and protect anomalous objects, creatures, and people. It is entirely fictional and has nothing to do with UNIX.

    The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization that contains anomoulous objects referred to as ‘SCPs’.The SCP Foundation is 100% real because if it never existed,humanity will not be the same as we are currently having

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