What is the real name of CC in Code Geass?

  • The clear answer is CC.

    Now, I’m sure a lot of people are going to violently object to that.

    The strongest camp will probably be the Nunnally camp.

    Nunnally being the biggest person in Lelouche’s heart has a very, very simple premise: she is Lelouche’s raison d’etre. For the entire story, Lelouche makes it 100% crystal clear that he is enacting revolution and destroying the world all for Nunnally’s sake. He wants to create a world where his sister doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, where she can live and be happy after being shot in the legs and emotionally scarred by her mother’s death.

    The problem with this is that it’s all a lie.

    While it is true that Lelouche would do anything for his sister (and pretty much did), it is actually hard to call that love. Lelouche’s mother was killed in front of him and he was abused by his father’s ruthless upbringing, which forced him and his siblings to compete with each other.

    In other words, Lelouche hated his father with a passion.

    I’m sure that after the incident, at some level Lelouche wanted to protect his sister from the harsh family environment of the imperial family. But to be totally honest Lelouche’s real motivation isn’t to save his sister. It’s REVENGE.

    This is made painfully obvious when the first step of Lelouche’s plan was to kill Clovis. Did Clovis need to die? Not really. Clovis was a spineless wimp who would never have amounted to anything, and was not a threat to Lelouche or his ambitions. But Lelouche killed him anyway, why?

    Lelouche killed Clovis for no real reason other than revenge. Revenge against his father and against the imperial family.

    Nunnally for the most part is only a figurehead in Lelouche’s mind. She is a symbol that he rallies behind in order to do what he must to get his revenge. She is the excuse he uses every time he does something cruel and evil, because he can justify and rationalize it all he wants if it’s for the sake of his sister. Nunnally in other words is the excuse he uses everytime he wants to do a monstrous act.

    Does Lelouche really love Nunnally? In a way, yes, but his love for Nunnally is regretfully very shallow. The proof is in the pudding. When Nunnally becomes the governor of Japan, instead of choosing to work with her (she is now in power after all) Lelouche selfishly chooses to continue with his plan, his vision of how she should live, and fights her tooth and nail to do so.

    Is that love? Frankly, it isn’t. It’s painfully obvious that Lelouche only used Nunnally for his own self-gratification and self-satisfaction.

    The fact is, Lelouche never shared anything with Nunnally. He kept everything a secret from her. He never asked her what she wanted. Everything was one-sided on his end and he simply forced her ideals on her. That’s not love. Lelouche went so far as to sacrifice and kill himself just to see his vision of Nunnally’s “happiness” coming true. And in fact, his vision of Nunnally’s happiness… didn’t include him in it. He was ready to die so she could be happy. In fact, that was the plan from Step 1. He wasn’t planning on living to make her happy. (and in fact Nunnally when she finally realized Zero was Lulu, stepped up to become governor of Area 11 to stop her brother). Not once did he ever consider how sad Nunnally would be if he died. That’s not love. If you truly love someone, you want to spend the rest of your life with them, not die for their sake.

    So no, Nunnally is far from being the one Lelouche loves the most.

    The next big contender is Euphemia.

    Unlike Nunnally, for whom Lelouche’s love was very shallow, Lelouche truly did love Euphemia, and in more ways than one. Euphemia was Lelouche’s first love, in a romantic, erotic sense.

    Lelouche loved Euphemia as a woman, not just as a sister, and the difference shows. It’s said that a man will do anything for the woman he loves. And Euphemia is the one and only exception in Lelouche’s entire life where he compromised on his principles and bowed to her will.

    Unlike with Clovis, whom Lelouche killed without a second thought, Lelouche couldn’t kill Euphemia, even when he was supposed to be taking his revenge on the royal family.

    And when Euphemia puts forth her argument for the special administrative zone in Area 11, Lelouche for once in his life chooses not to go the easy path of violence and force to achieve his goals, but agrees to do things Euphemia’s way and create change within the empire through lawful means.

    Lelouche never does this for anyone else. Not Nunnally, not Suzaku, not Shirley, not CC, not Karen. He only does this for Euphemia, and Euphemia alone. Unlike Nunnally, who he was content to just die for, he was actually willing to do things the hard way and live with Yuffie and work with her to create a better future.

    It is actually quite arguable that Euphemia is the person closest to Lelouche’s heart in the entire series. The only thing that puts that to question, is that Lelouche is perfectly fine with “giving” Euphemia to Suzaku. That could be nothing more than bromance and a terrible mancrush on Lulu’s part, but it’s simpler than that: Lelouche is simply over Euphemia. She was the past. His first love, a cherished memory, but simply a memory. Lulu and Yuffie are all grown up now and have their own things, even if they will always share that special time they had together growing up.

    So Yuffie is simply the past. So who’s the present? There are three other contenders.

    First let’s get Shirley out of the way.

    Shirley is deeply in-love with Lelouche, of this there can be no doubt. And it is also 100% true that Lelouche cares for Shirley. When Shirley died, Lelouche was visibly broken up over it and he could not control his grief, same as when Yuffie died. And when Lelouche was forced to erase her memory, Lelouche was definitely devastated.

    The time and memories he shared with Shirley were clearly very important to him. But how important exactly? The thing is, Lelouche only ever showed one side of himself to Shirley. Shirley eventually managed to find out the truth (and died for it) but ultimately, Shirley is the woman who embodies the half of his life that is normal and peaceful.

    Lelouche is a man who wants to destroy the world and change it into a peaceful place. That idea of a peaceful place for him is contained in Ashford Academy. In other words, the peaceful school life he enjoyed in Ashford Academy is his ideal of peace for the entire world. This is why he is very careful to always protect the academy, and Shirley is the person who embodies that peace the most for him.

    The reason why Lelouche went so far as to erase Shirley’s memories of the Geass, was because he did not want to involve her, the symbol of peace in his heart, and taint it with the destruction that went with his revolution.

    And that is the biggest reason why Lelouche lamented her death so much. It was a metaphor telling him that he could not protect the peace he wanted so much to create.

    I would say that Lelouche definitely loved Shirley in a way, and it’s clear that he thought of her as more than just a friend, but it was never a deeper love, and it was never a complete love, because like with Nunnally, Lelouche refused to share his entire world with Shirley. He never let her in. And it was a love Lelouche was perfectly capable of discarding. It doesn’t match up to the depth of love Lelouche has for some of the other girls, not even up to the love he had for Yuffie. Lelouche was unable to throw away his love for Yuffie, but he was able to do so for Shirley.

    She came close, but Lelouche never gave her all his love. At best, he only gave her half of his heart, half of his life.

    While we’re at it, let’s talk about Kaguya.

    Kaguya is the de facto princess of Japan and technically is Zero’s fiancee. I am just including her for completion’s sake because she is linked to Lelouche. But in truth Lelouche didn’t care a dime for her and simply used her as a sacrificial pawn. She was 100% disposable and Lelouche didn’t care for her at all. Lelouche even insulted her as a child and called her a powerless woman without merit.

    So she is out of the running.

    Next we have a much stronger candidate on the other side of Lelouche’s life: Karen Statdfeld.

    Karen suffers from being part of the Black Knights. The fact of the matter is, Lelouche is a man for whom “The End Justifies the Means.” To achieve his goal of changing the world, he is more than willing to go Machiavellian. And the Black Knights ultimate are the “Means.” And in terms of Machiavelli, the “means” are always dirty and evil. Karen by extension was just the dark and ugly part of his life, a tool to be used and disposed of after the task was done.

    It’s not as simple as that, though. For one, there are those of you in the audience already saying, “But CC was also part of the Black Knights!” I’ll get to that later. And there are those of you who are also saying, “Karen wasn’t just part of the Black Knights, she was also part of Lelouche’s peaceful life at Ashford Academy!” And you are absolutely correct.

    And that is exactly why Karen is actually one of the strongest contenders for Lelouche’s heart in the entire series. Unlike Yuffie, who was Lelouche’s past, unlike Shirley, who was only part of Lelouche’s peaceful life, unlike Nunnally who was only a symbol of self-gratification, Karen was the best of both worlds. She was Lelouche’s classmate in his peaceful academy life, but she was also Lelouche’s comrade-at-arms fighting the empire and helping achieve his goals. She was one of the most important pieces on his board and was his right hand man(woman).

    And among all the girls in the entire series Lelouche “raised the most flags” with her. (in other words, got the most memorable moments with her than any other girl). Even more than CC.

    And yet with all that going for her, the biggest strike against Karen is that Lelouche never fully opened up to her, and indeed never fully trusted her. And the ultimate proof of this is that to the very end, he simply used her to win the fight against Schneizel and defeat the empire, then threw her and the Black Knights away to become the Emperor of Britannia. He never confided his entire plan (Zero Requiem) with her. Partially that was because he knew that if he did, Karen would throw away her life and follow him to the grave.

    Yes, Lelouche wanted her to live, and didn’t just treat her as disposable garbage, which shows that Lelouche really did love her (especially on an erotic level I’d imagine), but when Karen finally kisses him and lays it all bare, Lelouche simply ignores her, because he has another agenda. Arguably Lelouche did it because he loved her enough that he wanted her to live. But it is once again the same story with Nunnally and Shirley: Lelouche was willing to throw away his love for her so she could live happily without him.

    Once again, she came very close, but no cigar.

    And that is where we come to the person who was truly closest to Lelouche’s heart.

    Here is the ultimate and simple truth about CC: she is the only person in the entire world who is Lelouche’s equal. And you can only have true love among people who are your equal.

    Unlike everyone else who Lelouche put up all manner of pretenses, Lelouche was 100% genuine with CC. He may have started off using her as a tool (same as with Karen), but nobody else saw all of him and understood all of him like CC. And he eventually grew to realize how important CC was to him. Throughout the entire story, Lelouche faced more trials and carried more burdens any single person could possibly endure. The person who helped him carry all of that was none other than CC. Not Shirley, not Nunnally, not Yuffie, not Kallen. It was CC who was there for him, through thick and thin, at the darkest points in his life when he killed his own sister. The one who was with him and comforted him through all of it was CC.

    Like Karen, she was part of his school life, albeit as a shut in pizzaholic and arguably his sex partner (but that’s just my willful imagination). Also like Karen, she was part of his escapades bringing down the Empire with the Black Knights. And also like Karen, Lelouche triggered quite a few flags throughout the story with her.

    The most significant being when she told him her name. So even though Lelouche got more flags with Karen, the quality of the flags he got with CC were greater. Quality over quantity.

    Unlike any of the other girls, CC also carried a heavy burden, far heavier than any of them ever did. CC shares this story and her past with Lelouche, and the burden of carrying the Geass for hundreds of years. And Lelouche was the only one who carried that for her and comforted her. Lelouche doesn’t do that for anybody else in the entire series.

    “If you are a Witch, then I am a Warlock.”

    Not Nunnally, who Lelouche kept completely shut out of everything important in the entire story, and who for all intents and purposes he treated as an object, a bird in a gilded cage rather than a person. Not Shirley, who he brainwashes so she can forget about her problems. Not Yuffie, who never needed his support. She had it all together. Not Karen, who only ever supported him, through hell and back. The one person Lelouche showed the most care and affection for in the entire story was definitely CC.

    And that’s a huge, and decisive tell. When you factor in how she is part of his life the entire way since the start of the story, how they are mutually dependent on each other, and how Lelouche only ever confides everything to her and nobody else. And unlike all the other girls whom Lelouche did not confide in, CC knew all of Lelouche’s plans to a fine detail — which is why she could show up multiple times throughout the entire series to save him when the plan went awry. Lelouche confided everything with her, including Zero Requiem, which even Karen was not privy to.

    It’s pretty clear who is in Lelouche’s heart.

    And here is the final clincher.

    Depending on how you interpret the ending of Code Geass:

    If you are of the camp that believes Lelouche is the driver of the cart, then it means that Lelouche achieved his goals and in the end he chose to live the rest of his life with CC, instead of any of the other girls.

    And that tells you exactly how much he loves CC. But even without that, the case is already very, very strong for CC being the person closest to Lelouche’s heart.

    (and of course if you use the movies as the reference it’s 100% clear without a doubt who is truly in Lelouche’s heart)

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