What is the most embarrassing punishment in Indian schools?

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    Embarrassing punishment? huh?

    how can we forget this one….

    Here’s what happens in primary school

    Me: ( talking too much in class)

    Teacher: Dhruv, you are talking too much..stand up and sit there. Right between them

    Me: Miss, but they are…are….girls.( in a bit emotion)

    Teacher: Now please talk as much as you want with them.

    whole class:

    For me this was the most embarassing moment in the class.

    As I grew up, I wished for that punishment 🙂

    Even after a decade since the incident, it still cracks us up when we talk of it!

    My school had classes from nursery till class 12 in the same compound. We were in class 12 at that time. My classroom was the one near the water cooler and the toilets, so all students and teachers on our floor had to cross my classroom to use the facilities. The wing supervisor’s chamber also happened to be right across our classroom.

    My friend group used to be very notorious and infamous for our classroom antics. We were known history-sheeters, almost like the criminals in the “Usual Suspects”.

    This one fine day, four of us were up to our usual mischiefs. Obviously, we were sent to stand outside the classroom as punishment. We were only happy. Almost clockwork.

    Out came the supervisor. Finding us there having fun, she decided to teach us a lesson. Let’s call my friends A, B, C and Me.

    Supervisor: Kneel down and hold your ears, all of you!

    *At this time, the landline phone rings in her cabin and she goes to receive it.*

    Me: guys, this is too much! We can’t kneel and stay like that. We’re the seniormost in the school, kids will pass by, girls will pass by. Everybody will laugh. We have to stand up to this! (pun intended)

    A, B, C: Yes, yes definitely. We won’t kneel at any cost, whatever may the consequences be.

    *Supervisor comes back. A is standing nearest to her*

    Supervisor (to A): you’re still standing? Kneel down at once.

    A: No!

    Supervisor: What did you say?

    A: I won’t kneel down at any cost.

    *slaps him once, doesn’t kneel. Slaps again, doesn’t budge. Slaps a couple more times, still obstinate, almost stoic*

    A: You may keep slapping me. We’ve decided we won’t kneel down and we won’t do it come what may!

    Supervisor: Achha?

    *she turns around. He turns around. All three of us are on our knees holding our ears.*

    A probably still holds the Guiness world record for the most number of curses hurled in a minute.

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    I have received several embarrassing punishments. I could share one which comes in top of my head.

    It was on my 18th Birthday and I was in my +2 class. Usually uniforms are provided to us from our boarding institute. But as it was my Birthday, my parents and uncle (dad’s brother) came that morning with a new set of dress and chocolates. Morning we met in church and had some time together. The dress looked similar to this image

    As it was my birthday I put the new clothing and went to class with chocolates to distribute. I went to classroom after prayer with excitement. But somehow I fell down and spilt all the chocolates in floor. All students from different classes rushed and collected those chocolates and few even got mildly injured. I was labeled as the person who caused all the trouble and sent to supervisor.

    Few students were pointed out. I was the only one who was not in uniforms. There was a exam on first period and supervisor asked me come to staff room after the exams. After exam papers were collected, the invigilator staff called my name and asked to go to staff room. I was not expecting anything bad because the other girls who were pointed out were not called. The next period was physical education and everyone else went to the ground to play.

    When I went there, supervisor mam was not present but later when she came I was shocked to know that I was called for punishment. I begged for forgiveness, but the punishment was assigned.


    I was asked to drop my salwar pants in a basket and use the rest room and come back. I had to wait until she came back. She came back with a cane.

    It was inside the ladies staff room. But Corespondent sir was there. Few others had already got punished there and were in kneel down position when I went. They rolled up my churidar top above waist and used paper clips/clamps to hold it up.

    I was asked to bend over a chair and they started to strike on my bare bottom. It was very painful that within few strikes I stood up and start rubbing my back. They asked me “did I give permission to stand and rub your back”?, and I replied “No”. They gave the warning and again asked me to bend. Again the pain was very high and I was unable to control myself to stand and rub again. So they said we will repeat from beginning with a thicker cane.

    Then they changed my position to kneel down in a stool and then bend and touch the floor. My back was up and was very uncomfortable. I couldn’t move much either. They asked me to utter “thank you” on each strike. It was very painful and I was literally screaming.

    I had harsh punishments before but as I was alone getting punishment and I felt very embarrassed in that position. I still feel as if it was one of my first punishment which was this harsh. I received like 20 strikes in this position. In the earlier position I already received 7 painful strikes.

    That whole period I was in bend position in the corridor. Some staff even counted the caned marks/lines in my back. It was very shameful feeling and that too in my birthday.

    The other girls who got caught with me also got a much lighter punishment that evening in the hostel. The same week I also got my hair cut short. I cried when they cut my hair too. I was able to feel the pain out of caning for weeks when I sit.

    I have shared this previously in quora but too much negative comments came. But I do not have to say something false here. My parents later told me they received pictures of me getting the punishment in their phone form my school. Only for serious punishments they share to parents.

    But I did not feel any guilty in that incident. The falling of chocolate and creating chaos was an accident. Unfortunately I was punished for an accident. After that hour I had to attend classes the next period and was expected to be with good mood. The tutor who came in next period tried to cheer me by making me read aloud some portion of book. It did not make me that good feeling.


    So many DM asking me to pull this answer down. I am sharing only the true pain which I came across. These things still haunts me. My parents support the management anyway and few of my relatives are part of management. So I do not wish to go against them by details about the institute. I am sharing so that others can listen to my pain.

    Also several people have also consoled me. Thanks for all of them. Many have said the have also faced these. I encourage them to open up in quora as well.

    I think whoever saying bad about this came from a privileged background where you never faced these.

    I don’t know if someone has already mentioned it or not but this is what happened to me in 9th class.

    I was sent to the boarding school at the very early age of my life. Probably, the age when I couldn’t wear my socks properly, couldn’t tie my shoe laces and couldn’t read, write and memorize. These were few of those things which I couldn’t manage to do at that age.

    I always had some soreness and inflammation while wearing my undergarments, specially brief-underwear. My parents tried hard to implant this habit in me but I always brought them and my brief-underwear down to their knees and my knees respectively. 😛 🙂

    When I was sent to the boarding, my Hostel Warden was well versed about this weirdly horrific habit of not wearing undergarments and was given hard-boiled instructions to check this and make me learn wearing them regularly.

    I was very weak in Maths since the beginning of my formal education and my Maths teachers held the record of never showing any mercy to my faces and haunches. In those extra chilly winters in that lush green boarding, every stick on buttocks and a slap on my “googly-googly mooksh” types cheeks were felt as heavy assaults.

    One fine day, my Maths teacher lost his temper in the class due to my inability to solve a simple question related to basic Algebra and asked me to stand like the Statue of Liberty but with both hands up.

    I promptly realized about his retaliation on my buttocks when he asked a student to bring the stick from the other teacher who was teaching in the other class.

    The teacher knew English but started speaking in Haryanvi due to his anger

    T: Noo kona maanne yo chhorra ( Ye ladka aise nahi manega , He wont learn things easily)

    Me : Already flooding with Tears “Sir, Ab sahi karlunga (Sir, Now I will do it correctly)

    T: eeb toh too karegaa hee, 4 dandey khaan ke baad (Now you will of-course do after bearing those heavy sticks at your back)

    I already started dreaming about those dark red and blue signs on my back which were always a proof of my inability to learn Maths. The stick arrived and he slammed me few. I brought my hands down and started pleading him to show some mercy. I said

    Me: Sir kal maar lena (Sir, Please beat me tomorrow)

    T : Aaaj ke sai (What’s so special tomorrow)

    Me: Sir, aaj baahaut sardi hain (Sir, It’s very cold today)

    He gave me two more sticks and I brought my both the hands in the front, closer to my trouser’s zip. He started dragging my trousers down. I realized that he was trying to remove it so that his assaults can be of greater intensity on my Buttocks. Instantly he uttered

    T: Uttar Paent ney ( Bring your Trouser down)

    Me: While weeping and remembering my mom “ Mummaaaaaaa”

    T : Utarey hai ke nahi ( are you bringing it down or not?)

    M: Sarrrrr, Kal utarwalena aur fer maar-lena (Sir, please take it down tomorrow and then slam your sticks)

    T : Kal ke sai? (What’s so special tomorrow?)

    Me : Saarrr , Underwear nahi Pehna. ! (Sir, I am not wearing my underwear today)

    The whole class including the teacher and me (with heavy tears in my eyes) erupted with a heavy Laughter.

    *At-least have some mercy in the comment section. 😀

    Teacher: Why are you so late?

    Me: Sorry teacher, I ran late finding my bag.

    Teacher: Finally where did you get that?

    Me: Under my bed.

    Teacher: That’s enough. Chalo side me aur murga ban jao (take a corner and hold your ears by passing your hands through your legs)

    Like this-

    In my school, this punishment was deployed on both girls and boys without any difference. Once a girl protested then teacher said, “If gender equality is spreading everywhere then why should I choose different punishment for girls”.

    I think there is no another punishment which is more embarrassing than this for me in my school life.

    Image Source-

    Corporal Punishment

    Edit 1- OMG I’ve get 140 upvotes so thanks to everyone. I want to tell you one more thing that this incident was happened when I was in class 8.

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    I don’t know if it happens now, but I was once punished in the most embarrassing way one could!

    I was in 3rd std, in a school in Sagar, MP. There was this sir who was the most stringent and the most feared in school. One fine day(not fine for me) I remember I did some mischievous thing, probably teased a girl, I cant remember exactly! I am 21 now. So the girl complained to sir, and I was called in front of whole class!

    First, he shouted at me, and then the very next moment, to my surprise, he caught hold of my legs and held me upside down. WTF! And then again he started saying something, probably giving some warnings to class holding me as an example. Only thing I can recall now is I was watching the ground, and my pencil falling off my pocket lying besides his big boots! I was able to hear the class laughing!

    The next day, this news spread as wildfire in school, and I was being called ‘chamgadad’ since, (bat). Next year I left the school. This is probably the most embaarassing punishment a teacher can give and most inhumane too!

    Edit— Actually I had deleted this answer within minutes of posting thinking of it as insignificant. Never knew it could recieve so many upvotes.

    Thankyou all for the upvotes!

    The class was quiet and so was the teacher.

    It had been 15 minutes and she hadn’t scolded anyone.

    Her mind was getting angry about the fact that she hadn’t been angry on anyone in this class that day.

    So here came the words, “ X, I told you three days ago to get a haircut done.”

    “Sorry ma’m.”

    She looked at her bag. This bag had every weapon of mass destruction. Everyone then got an idea that something terrible was going to happen to X and they all were ready to enjoy and laugh.

    She took out a hairband from her bag.

    “ X. You come here’

    She took his hair and made a bun which approximately looked like this –


    “Yes ma’am”

    “ Take him to all the other 4 classes on this floor.”

    The girl monitor accepted the duty like she was waiting for this moment only.

    “ And you X. Tell them the reason for your new hairstyle.”

    The teacher (read devil) sighed. The students of that floor enjoyed that free entertainment.

    Making students sit on the floor outside the class! I’ll tell you my story.

    I used to be that super-nerdy class topper. So here I was, a completely disciplined boy who was the favourite of every teacher. I never got scolded (because I used to be quiet). But the truth was, I used to talk a lot and I was very naughty. I was the two faced kid who would become innocent in front of the teacher and do all sorts of mischieves behind their back.

    However, I had a very cunning teacher in class 5 (and he was one of my favourites too). He was notoriously known in the school for being strict as hell. He caught me doing one of my age old pranks one fine day (and I was the class monitor on the top of that). I won’t reveal what I did, but it was a bit overboard for a 10 year old.

    For the first time in history, the monitor himself, the quiet and “disciplined” boy was kicked out of the class. Everyone was shocked and happy deep inside (this is a big deal for 10 year olds). On the top of that, we had our monthly Principal Sir visit on that day. I could have been kicked out any other day, but God chose that one day (-_-). Luckily enough, he didn’t notice me. But doom was near. Sir asked who the monitor was. And here I was sitting outside. A new monitor was assigned and I had to spend one full day sitting outside the class.

    It was fun to be honest. I have for sure better things to share for this answer, but this was one of the most memorably embarrassing moments for me.

    Embarrassing is a small word…

    I was in the Middle school (6–7th standard), I don’t remember.We had computer science as our subject, and as every students life even my life was filled with home works, i was bad at maths home works, i used to always forget them but would manage to complete by the time teacher arrives our class but i love home works which involved drawings, so there was this drawing home work in computer subject where in we need to draw the complete figure like below:

    But I completely forgot about it as we had computer subject only twice a week, i was a bit lazy to complete.

    Ok i was not the only one but there were a few others too.

    Now obviously the teacher scolds us, asks the reason all that drama ended then its time for punishment so now she is giving last chance to those students who have done this just twice, so here comes the thing she calls out name and asks the entire class as to how many times has he/she not done the home work and depending on the majority she gives the student one last chance.

    I was a very reserved person back then, had lot of issues hence did not make much friends back then.

    The entire class supported and made sure their fellow friends would get one last chance and when my turn arrived, no one supported me, Trust me it was the 1st time i had not done the home work but even after telling a lot i was not given a chance nor to another friend of mine.

    We were called up front on the stage facing the entire class, teacher asks what punishment should we give them, then after sometime she says “Remove your skirt and take a walk all over the corridor and for the guys remove your shirt”. Yes she did say that, that dint end there. She kept on telling us remove, remove.. We dint do it when she came herself and unhooked our skirt button, me & my friend were dead scared, crying, pleading but she dint let us go. After a lot of pleading, begging, joining hands she let us go and decided for buskeys ( i dont know how you spell that but it is something like below)

    Wherein you need to hold your ears vice versa, right hand to left ear and left hand to right ear then do sit ups, – Seems easy – NO

    We had to do that a 100 times right in front of the class and keep in mind we are wearing skirts and we had a student monitoring us in case if we do not bend down completely then an extra 10 buskeys.

    Once we started, as soon as it reached 60–70 the monitoring student says we dint go down completely and then get an extra 10, this went on upto doing 200 buskeys.

    After we completed it, we could not walk, our legs were trembling with pain.

    When my dad came to pick me. I was climbing his scooter and i fell down due to pain.

    I dint tell my parents about the skirt removing thing, as i was embarrased just told them had to do 200 buskeys, they approached the principal and complained against the teacher and the other friend of mine got police.

    And after that the teacher would always taunt us saying “You do home work or not i wont bother anymore”

    P.S I told about that removing skirt thing to my parents just when i was completing my PG and they were shocked.

    Image credits: Google

    An embarrassing Punishment that ultimately turned up to most memorable and inspirational school time memory.

    Punishment was a big thing for me , as I used to be very sincere , brilliant and demure kind of girl when it came to studies ( I dropped that quality after coming to engineering college :p ) . I was punished only once during my school days.

    Our science teacher was somewhat strict . She had told every students to get done with homework on Monday, as she would be strictly checking that. But somehow I forgot . On Monday , she started checking . She was sending everyone out of the class who didn’t finish their homework . When she found out that even I didn’t, she was shocked. She was very saturnine , but rule is a rule, it is for everyone. I was feeling very embarrassed too. I never went out of the class this way.

    Ok, so climax is here. When I came out, I found a long line of girls. That teacher strictly told us , not to make a noise and don’t go anywhere. I didn’t know what to do next . Suddenly I saw a girl who was being punished too came out with a book and a note copy . I told the dispersed crowd to come near me. My school was governmental girls school and most of the girl belonged to poor or middle class family. Teachers were not interested in teaching properly. So, a thought stroke to me , if I spark a thirst for knowledge in them and try to quench that spark of knowledge by teaching them myself, that would serve a great purpose ( As I was very meritorious too ) . So, outside of class I began to guide them how our approach should be towards study. With the help of that book and note copy I explained them many science concepts from the very basic. For example :

    Me : Ok, do you know, what is gravitational force?

    Girls : Nope, it is something bad kind of stuffs that demands to be read by us, so that we can pass in exams.

    Me : nice answer!! Have you seen a ghost in movies. He has power to attract everything , right?

    Girls : Yess , everything.

    Me : Ok, what does earth do when you toss a coin in air or if you jump.

    Girls : Earth simply attracts everything towards itself.

    Me : So, there is a big ghost too inside earth and that attracts everything. But this ghost is good and completely scientific and termed as gravitational force.

    Girls getting interest ( spark of knowledge 😀 )

    Me : Now, these scientists ppl tries to formulate everything in formulae and diagrams. And Gravitation is no exception. Then I proceeded with further explanation.

    They were listening so quietly , that it was pin drop silence. Bell rangs , but this time no one seemed to be disturbed. That science teacher came to us and listened some part of my lecture.

    These were the lines said by her dedicating to me,

    “I have taught many batches. They come and go! But getting a student like you is the source and driving force for teachers itself. Keep doing the good work.”

    Those lines are still after me , motivating to do something in education sector. Sooner or later, I ‘ll be doing that.

    There’s this one punishment that’s extremely embarassing. The only thing that’s worse is Parents call.

    Standing at the front of the class, but facing the blackboard, like this…

    Now imagine, there’s not much that you can possibly do in such a position. Even looking back at the class is a crime.

    You can’t risk laughing or talking to your partner in crime, as the teacher is close by.

    If you turn around, all you see is your classmates, sneering at you. They’re mocking you, some smart ones are trying pathetically to make you laugh.

    You smile a little, out of embarassment, and then have a quick glance at the teacher. The timing is absolute perfect. She’s staring at you.

    The stupid grin on your face? It’s long gone. It’s her mercy that you’re still alive.

    Now, if you stare at the wall, it gets really weird. If you have a bad concentration, things get even worse. You simply can’t focus.

    If you do stare at the wall, and bring your hands infront, it looks absolutely embarrassing from the back. It kind of gives the impression that you’re peeing.

    How worse could it be? :/

    My favourite punishment is –

    Get out of the class!!

    As you’re about to get out, signal your close friend. He’ll come out as well, in no time.

    Then you can have a lot of fun in the corridor( I used to play handcricket ).

    Just keep an eye out for a random teacher passing by.

    Thanks for reading. 🙂

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