What is the life expectancy of someone who has only a 30 …

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    We don’t know.

    My ejection fraction was below 35%, then 25%, and then between 15% and 20%.

    I decided not to die, and, with the aid of a pacemaker, lots of pills (beta blockers, arbs, diuretics – the usual suspects) my ejection fraction has gotten as high as 45%. Last time, I think it was 42%.

    The ejection fraction that you have today is not the ejection fraction you will have tomorrow. It will change.

    At one point, my cardiologist said you have 6 to 8 years ahead of you, count on the last one being bad. 14 years later, another cardiologist says he has no idea how long I’ll last.

    For me, exercise helps. I do tai chi. Do what works for you.

    Best of health to you and yours.

    Thanks for the A2A – It’s really hard to tell. I had a close friend that had 32% function. They told him one maybe two years at the very most. He lived for 5 years , but it was a very rough time for him. I’ve personally have been rated as low as 42 % for a while , I’m back up to 52% now, and lived for 5 years like that. I was always told that your pumping function would not come back. But sure enough mine did. So it’s really difficult to say how long, definitively, that some one has with 30% – there are many additive things in your heart that can make it worse or things that can heal and make it better then it was. As I’ve said before -I was told at 40 that I had maybe 6 months left to live, there was so much damage, but here I am at 65 and still making it day to day. The numbers aren’t always right. Think about living not dying !!!! This person may live a lot longer then the Doctors think . Keep a positive attitude and they may just make those Doctors eat their words yet. Like I did. Hope this helps, take care.

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    I can only speak for myself…

    March 17, 2000 I had a LAD Blockage, given the time it took to get to the hospital, after the angioplasty to clear the blockage and install a stent, that evening they gave me a 5% chance of seeing the sun the next day…

    It is 3/1/21, just shy of 22 years, still here…

    I’m 74…

    My Ejection Fraction is and has been since that day ~22%…

    Normal value(s): 50-70 %…



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    The heart is a muscle and you need to get out and do cardio exercise to build up that muscle. I was 370 pounds with a ejection rate of 23. When my weight dropped down to 220 my doctor put me in physical exercise program and my ejection rate went up to 32. I even got my BP down to less than 120 over 60. From a high of around 200 over 120. So exercise and diet and stress control helps a lot. The exercise opens up your blood vessels so your BP will drop down. This all took place 10 years after my first defibrillator was installed. At the time they put in the second defibrillator because the batteries were wore out in the first one. So I did have some restrictions on my left arm during a part of the program. The doctor thinks the physical therapy people are wonderful. When I tell them that they say I am the one that showed up and did the work. They just helped to motivate me to do what I needed to do to get better or to improve my condition. Even though I still have a ways to go and more work to do, the insurance will not pay for it. I do not have the secondary insurance right now. Joining a group and making friend with people that have a similar struggle does help. We can encourage each other to keep going with what we need to do to improve. Of course God plays an important part in all of this. The doctors do what they can do and the church does what they can do to help people. Everyone works together for the good of the individual to reach their goals. The faith based approach can utilize positive thinking and the power of suggestion.

    I only know two personally, but some people live for decades with a 30 percent ejection fraction. A friend of mine has for about 20 years. He doesn’t have a great quality of life, but he’s very much alive. A relative of mine has had less than 30 percent function since about 1980. Again, she has quality of life issues, but she is alive.


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    E F of 30% is not incompatible with living for a sufficiently long time by itself. It depends on the age and reason behind the reduced ejection fraction and the associated disorders.

    If the ventricular function is otherwise normal with no associated diseases , then heart failure is unlikely to supervene early. If the heart failure is due to valvular incompetence or stenosis, both can be corrected by surgical intervention.

    Heart is not under our voluntary control but is to a large extent controlled by autonomic nervous system which can be influenced by yogic practice. This’s important because mind has great effect on heart. That’s why people at times die during dreaming state due to extreme fear. You can try this method by a competent man’s guidance.

    Ask your doctor to.help you in avoiding toxic products as medication. If you see the literature in the carton of meditation you will be frightened to use any medicine.

    Avoiding overloading the work of heart by stopping the addition of salt and avoiding all frozen foods or foods with chemical colours even if they are declared ‘safe’.

    While advancements have been made, 50% of patients will have an average life expectancy of five years. For those with advanced heart failure, up to 90% will pass away within one year. When asking how long can you live with congestive heart failure, those at a moderate stage will average ten years.Feb 17, 2015

    4 Things to Know About Congestive Heart Failure in Older Adults


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    Many factors are also at work along with the ejection fraction of the heart. This includes concurrent disease, especially congestive heart failure and/or diabetes, medication management by the physician, and health promotion by the patient and family. The only way to answer a question like this, is if healthy enough, enjoy the day, today that you are given, and cross a couple of things off your bucket list.


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    It’s difficult to say exactly how long you will live with systolic heart failure (HF) and a 30% ejection fraction (EF).

    The data suggests that people with HF with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) (EF > 45%) tend to have similar life expectancy as those with reduced EF (HFrEF) (EF < 45%).

    Studies suggest that other factors other than EF play a more important role in mitigating survival rate. These include management of co-morbidities such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

    The following graph depicts 10 year survival rate for HF patients with preserved EF and reduced EF.


    Chun, et al. Lifetime Analysis of Hospitalizations and Survival of Patients Newly Admitted With Heart Failure. Circulation: Heart Failure. 2012;5: 414-421.

    Life expectancy for any individual is hard to determine. Statistics are good at predicting mortality for groups of people using actuarial science, but not so good at predicting for an individual.

    I am assuming that you mean by “30 percent pumping function of the heart” an ejection fraction of .30. An ejection fraction of .30 or below is one of the criteria used to indicate the need for a heart transplant. I am also assuming that all the usual heart failure interventions have been done and the ejection fraction has not improved and the patient condition continues to deteriorate.


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    We can’t predict it. But definitely the activities will be restricted unless the cause for decreased ejection fraction is found and treated.


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