What is the best way to stay healthy?

  • 8 tips to keep health in oriental medicine

    Health is the most valuable asset in our lives. Maybe when you are healthy you will not feel valuable health, but until the illness is so thick we will regret realizing that we have not really taken it seriously. So don’t let “lose it before you know it”, take care and keep it healthy right now.

    Check out 8 tips to keep your body healthy through things that are not difficult below:

    1. Only drink water when thirsty

    Most people know that drinking water is less harmful to health, but does not mean that drinking more water is better. Drinking a lot of water will only cause more urine, according to Oriental medicine, urine carries a portion of fire and gas from the kidneys, a person who has a habit of drinking too much water over a long time will cause the kidneys to be lost. That damage causes disease.

    In the past, people who were hungry were eating, thirsty, drinking, that was the rule, they could not be full and eat more than one meal. We should only drink water when we are thirsty, but we should not be too thirsty.

    2. Eat like drinking, drinking like eating, regularly swallowing saliva

    Eating like drinking means that you should chew carefully so that food is crushed, and drinking like eating means drinking slowly, small sips. This helps the food to be crushed before going down to the stomach, reducing the burden on the stomach, in addition to providing an additional amount of significant digestive juices, including digestive enzymes for digestion. very important.

    On the other hand, according to Oriental medicine, two secretions of sublingual salivary glands are two very important acupuncture points, translated from these two acupuncture points, which are from precious kidneys, so it is also called “Jade translation” (translation precious as pearls. Eating as drinking, drinking as food will help this amount of fluid is brought up more, in the oral cavity is the germ of the mind, this kidney fluid will be delivered to the fire of the mind, help the mind to intersect, the fire hydromassage from that health is improved. That’s why, in the birth of the ancient people, the movements often move the tongue to produce more saliva and swallow.

    3. Do not eat too much, do not eat too late

    As everyone knows that eating too much will cause a lot of trouble especially in the evening. At night is the time when the body needs to rest, including the digestive apparatus. When eating too much dinner, food will not be fully metabolized into body culture substances but will produce sputum (a pathological product), sputum will cause blockage in the body, hindering the operation of blood gas as well as organs from which cause disease.

    In addition, the diet should be high in fiber, eat a lot of fruits, limit eating too much fat and starch but still need to ensure a reasonable ratio, avoiding the body is lacking in substance.

    4. Exercise with moderate intensity, suitable for health conditions

    Regular exercise will cause blood circulation to be circulated, mentally refreshed, and health to increase. However, we should only play sports at moderate intensity and choose the right sport. Avoiding excessive exercise will backfire, causing problems such as osteoarthritis pain, fatigue and difficulty sleeping …

    In addition, following Oriental medicine when exercising will make pores open, when bad air is easy to penetrate, so avoid exercising in a drafty place, do not practice outdoors during cold weather or take a bath right after campaign …

    5. Sleep on time and get enough sleep

    Getting enough sleep will help your body to rest, recreate energy.

    According to Oriental medicine, when sleeping, blood will return to the can, make the blood more sound and fresh. From about 6 pm to 12 pm is a time of sound, this is a time when the sound is very prosperous, everything should be collected. A sleep during this time is a good quality sleep, which helps the body to recover well. So should not go to bed after 12 o’clock at night and should not work, too strong after 6 pm.

    6. Listen to the signs of disease

    Some people only go to the doctor and discover the disease at a late stage. This not only reduces the chances of being cured but also reduces the quality of life for a long time. Our bodies have mechanisms for predicting illnesses that we ourselves can feel through some seemingly harmless symptoms.

    Sometimes it is just common symptoms such as lumbar pain, knee fatigue, tinnitus, dizziness, menstrual menstruation is not regulated (menstrual period, early menstruation, abdominal pain, back pain …), numbness hands and feet … When the body has any unpleasant problems, the general advice for everyone is to go to medical facilities for prompt examination, evaluation and treatment.

    7. Spirit should be comfortable, moderate emotions

    An ordinary person cannot avoid the happy, sad, angry times … According to Oriental medicine, those emotions, if overly affected, will affect the activities of the government organs like being too happy to harm the mind, worrying too badly. , fear of harming the kidneys, sadness harming the waste, anger is too damaging … So, Chinese medicine doctors always advise their patients not to let the emotions become too much, so keep the spirit comfortable, avoid stress, stress, should cultivate spirit …

    8. Do not arbitrarily use drugs

    Many people still use medicine on their own experience or listen to this person whispering. There is also a perception that tonic is harmless but the truth is not so. Even vitamins and herbal supplements can be harmful if not used properly.

    Oriental medicine has the phrase “bad then tonic” which means that only when the body is really deficient should it be supplemented and lacking, so should it be added. In addition, some types of flowers and leaves that drink tea instead of daily tea can also cause harm such as trifolia flowers, Diep Ha Chau, tea leaves, bitter leaves … These types of leaves follow Oriental medicine. , should only be used in consultation with a physician.

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