What is the best way to bring a thc vape pen and cartridge on a plane …

  • I’ve flown with my pen and cart multiple times, both domestically in the US and internationally.

    e-cigarettes, including vapes pens, are legal to fly with. Keep the battery at the very least in your carry-on as they are explicitly prohibited from being in your checked bag (something about the pressure). Remove the cart from its packaging if the packaging has any indication that it’s THC. At this point, you could probably the cart anywhere in your checked bag, but I’ve never tried that. I usually leave the cart attached to my battery and put the whole thing in my liquids bag just in case. I’m a girl so there are other similarly shaped items that it blends in with well (mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, etc) and I’ve never had an issue. I’ve carried extra carts the same way.

    When you think about how small the screen they’re looking at is, how blurry the image is, and how small the cart is, you realize that it’s hard for them to identify it as anything other than a generic e-cigarette if they even get that far.

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    How you can you get past the TSA?

    Airport Security can be a scary barrier to penetrate, but it’s actually extremely easy to just put weed in your carry-on bag with your medical card. Yes, that’s right, simply put it in your bag and forget about it. But it
    must be in your carry-on, do not put it in your normal checked-in luggage or suitcase that goes under the plane in the cargo bay. The TSA does randomly searched checked luggage before loading it onto the flight. Also no plastic bottles.

    Legal Note: I am not promoting illegal drug smuggling by any means. I do assume you have a medical card, making marijuana legal for you or you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, such as California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, or Colorado. This article is for information or for educational purposes. For instance, in Oregon where it is legal statewide, police will not stop you. But only inside Oregon. Portland police could care less about weed and the TSA is not even going to bother calling them to waste their time. It’s fully legal in the state. While Federal laws still do not allow you to travel to other states with recreational marijuana, your state and local TSA may not care at all. They are not even looking for some random person flying with marijuana or a pot brownie. But you must follow the airline rules with whom you have booked a flight.

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    Funny story I accidentally brought some empty cartridge with me on the plane on a vacation I didn’t realize until I emptied my backpack when I got home and I found them in a pocket in my bag lol that could have been some trouble.

    I have experience doing this, flying through San Fransisco, as well as illegal states in the south. What worked for me was something I would have never thought.

    I have a dog. A small chihuahua mix who had to be inside a carrier for the most part. The carrier which we bought AT the airport was probably the biggest security risk in the entire building. Anyway, I was eating at Burger King before my flight and I had left the dog carrier at the Burger King when I finished my food.

    No big deal, right? So I go back over to the Burger King to retrieve my carrier where I’m met by an SPD officer with a dog, who wanted to have the K-9 unit smell my bag, which I agreed to.

    So the dog smells the bag and I THOUGHT he was alerted to something by his excitement, but after a quick second, the officer let me go. I had my dab pen inside the pocket the entire time and the cop was NOT interested in searching my bag whatsoever, it was just protocol in case of a bomb.

    PS, TSA never asked to look inside of that bag or attempted to search it at the checkpoint. Win for dog owners I guess!

    I’ve gotten away with packing it in my wife’s make up bag and checking it on the plane. You can also put it in your personal carry on-bag. Vape pens themselves aren’t illegal…marijuana is in most states. They wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s a THC cartridge or nicotine. But if they question you just say that it’s a regular nicotine vape. The people who get caught are people who are trying to smuggle large amounts of bud, carts, and edibles from legal states. If it looks like you have the intent to distribute, then you’re in big trouble. But you’ll get by fine with just one vape pen & cartridge.

    As one who would always burn down in the bathroom during flight and have a most enjoyable trip, but that was when smoking cigarettes was still allowed on planes. If it were me, I wouldn’t attempt it now. Not smoking, but trying to carry anything on a plane.

    With TSA now, you’re risking a lot just to get your vape pen on a vacation. Between the scanners, profiling, stress recognition equipment and whatever else the draconian bastards have now, you could end up taking a vacation alright, but doubt you’d make it to Hawaii.

    It only takes once and you’re done. But that’s entirely your choice. Both carry on or check in can be a problem. I know people do it, but 10 people could be doing the same thing, me being one of them. 9 would make it and one wouldn’t. That one would be me.

    Wrap it up and mail it to where you’re going. Use a private carrier or just the postal service, but beware of the airport Nazis. Either that or don’t vape. Just roll one and enjoy yourself. Think of standing in that security line, excited to get through and get to the terminal, then have some agent pull you aside and ruin your life.

    I’ve got lots of ideas, but they’ve seen it all.

    I normally just put it in my carry on. I put the tank and juice with my other liquids. I never had any problems however it is illegal to take vape juice containing nicotine into Australia.

    Airports in California do not interfere with people carrying vape accessories. They do not care whether you are flying within CA or out of state. Be discreet amd dont be obvious.

    Where should I hide my weed when I fly?

    Not in your checked luggage. One reason is that the TSA conducts random searches on checked luggage all the time. Do you really want to spend your whole flight freaking out that those guys in sunglasses from The Matrix are gonna be waiting for you when you get off the plane? Your carry-on bags, on the other hand, are likely to go unsearched, so long as you’re not a dipshit.

    As to how to hide it, don’t overthink things. The best, most successful lies are usually those that deviate as little as possible from the truth — elaborate yarns not only force you to keep track of unintuitive things you made up, they’re almost always less believable. In this same vein, when you’re sneaking weed through TSA you want to skew closer to “in plain sight” than “in a jar of peanut butter.” The reality is that you’ll have an easier time getting your eighth through security keeping it in your pocket than stuffing it into Merkt’s cheese spread.

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    I dont know all of the laws state to state, but in both Seattle and Portland airports, I’ve been able to freely board the plane with my vape pen and other vaporizing products. From my knowledge by having a medical marijuana recommendation will allow you to travel with your cannabis and cannabis products. However, no guarantees of acceptance of said medication after arrival at your destination. Couldn’t be a better time to travel with the United States now having well over 20 states that allow the use of cannabis medicinally.

    carry it on and let them know what’s in it if they ask

    There’s no best way to bring both a THC vape pen and a cart — that is unless you thoroughly empty the cartridge. Otherwise, you’ll end up risking having the TSA and sniffer dogs going through your weed paraphernalia.

    So if you really want to bring at least one of them with you on the plane, bring the vape pen instead.But don’t say that it’s for cannabis.

    You see, the PHMSA has a guideline that somewhat benefits cannabis users. While both passengers and airline employees (including the crew) can’t keep battery-powered smoking apparatuses in their checked baggage.

    However, you can bring your vape device (like your THC vape pen) in your carry-on baggage. Just don’t say that it’s for THC if questioned. Say that it’s an e-cigarette and you use it for nicotine and nothing else.

    Still, doing this can be quite nerve-wracking. Even if the TSA only rigorously questions and inspects atiny number of passengers, you may feel too anxious to go through with this plan.

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    Flying with Batteries and Vaping Devices

    You cannot pack vape batteries on a plane into checked baggage; this also applies to vapes containing internal batteries. This rule applies worldwide to prevent fire in the cargo hold, so all lithium vape batteries and electronic devices have to be carried onto the plane.

    If you fail to adhere to this rule, you might lose your devices if luggage handlers x-ray them. They might even decide to neglect your luggage at the departure airport. Therefore, you are advised to have your vape devices on board in your cabin luggage.

    Additional Tips for Flying With Vape Devices

    • If you are traveling with spare batteries, they must not be loose. Keep them safe in plastic battery cases; this will help you avoid accidents.
    • If your vape device uses external batteries, don’t forget to take a battery charger.
    • If you are taking a short trip, consider traveling with simple vape devices, maybe even a disposable vape. Carrying them is easier, and you won’t feel as bad if you lose them.
    • Full tanks might leak due to cabin pressures. You might get away with having the tank partially filled. But it’s best to keep them empty until you arrive at the destination.

    Traveling with Vape Juice: Essential Tips

    All aerosols, liquids, gels, pastes, and creams carried on a plane have to be in 100 ml bottles or less. They must also fit into a 1-quart plastic bag. This is a rule set by the TSA.

    If you want to carry bottles that exceed 100ml or are too large for the 1-quart bag allowed on carry-on, you will have to put them in your checked luggage. If you do this, make sure they are secure and maybe even double-bag them to ensure you don’t arrive at your destination with a suitcase full of e-juice all over your clothes – it might smell nice, but it will be a total mess.

    Fortunately, there’s no limit for the size of liquids that can be kept in checked baggage. Cartridges and pre-filled pods are also allowed.

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