What is health psychology?

  • What is health psychology?

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    A health psychologist, also called a medical psychologist, helps individuals explore the link between emotions and physical health. The health psychologist also helps physicians and medical professionals understand the emotional effects of a patient’s illness or disease. These experts practice in such areas of health as chronic pain management, oncology, physical rehabilitation, addiction treatment, and eating disorders, among others. Health psychologists can be found in clinics, hospitals, private practice, and public health agencies. Some also work in corporate settings to promote health and wellness among employees, engaging in workplace policies and decision-making.

    Well , honestly, i am not an expert in this area at all ,however, as i guess from my personal experience,health psychology maybe mainly about the definition of mantle health and how to develop a healthy psychology,and , perhaps make some contrasts between healthy and unhealthy psychology.we majority of people are always living under great pressure and with other people’s expectations , so , it is crucial for us to learn something or equip ourselves with such field knowledge for sake of our mantle health or helping others.

    Health psychology considers questions such as:

    How are behaviors, emotions, and personality related to risks of various health outcomes and diseases?

    How are stress and coping related to health?

    During the treatment process, what aspects of practitioner-client interaction tend to be associated with the best outcomes?

    How does the experience of disease or injury influence emotions and behaviors?

    There are many specific topics, such as psychological treatments for chronic pain, mechanisms of placebo effects, and so forth.

    A good resource for information about health psychology is Health Psychology

    (the home page for the Health Psychology division of the American Psychological Association).

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    The main focus of health psychology is in the connection between the body and the mind. This mind-body connection suggests that physical and emotional health rely on each other. In order to achieve maximum healing in either of these areas, both must be targeted.

    For example, health psychology concerns itself with the effects of chronic stress on the body, and likewise the effects of terminal cancer on psychological health. Studies have demonstrated that individuals with a more positive mindset post-cancer diagnosis live longer than those with pessimistic mindsets. By addressing both the mind and body, clinicians can provide better care for their patients.

    Psychology starts with a thought and if possible converted into action,depending upon individuals. Psychology also deals with the self awreness of individual. Awareness has four quarters . 1 . MIND 2.BODY 3.EMOTIONS. 4SPIRIT. So awareness starts with the clarity of mind,which is directly related to individual thoughts.

    After mind,when you know about the truth of life,truth about yourself,a way of living life, then comes the body. Healthy mind leaves in a healthy body. So to be healthy by following proper diet plan,exercise,taking proper sleep, your body starts to coordinate with your mind. So, keeping your body healthy with healthy thought is called health psychology.

    It is a branch of psychology which focuses on health behaviours such as eating disorders,smoking, alcoholism,sex behaviour and more.

    They have several theories which can predict those behaviours (theory of planned behaviour,theory of behaviour,self-efficacy theory etc)

    Although there are many different areas they work in,so think this post as a very very brief description of it.


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    The main aim of health psychology is to use psychological techniques to improve physical health. In this instance, improve healthy eating, cease smoking, improve compliance with diet/exercise for diabetes, etc.


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