What is a versatile benefit strategy in an income breakup? Would …

  • What is a versatile advantage plan in a wage separation? Would it be absolutely included in the wage, or is it a variable pay, like bonus offers, which depend on the efficiency of the person, team and/or the company?

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    Thanks for A2A.

    Goal of Flexible advantage strategy is to conserve tax. It generally includes food vouchers, telephone expenses & & some repayment such as fuel costs and so on

    Let’s take an example: Company provides versatile advantage of 60000 to an employee. Worker can either decline this advantage & & ask staff member to credit this quantity in salary as GROSS INCOME.


    Worker can decide for flexible advantage. In that case worker will not get this amount (60000) in his wage unless he sends costs for this quantity for repayment.

    I have personally never ever went with versatile advantage choice because of inconvenience of keeping all the costs.

    Hope it helps!!

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    Let us initially begin by comprehending CTC structures and it’s components. An ideal CTC/Salary structures is –

    Fundamental – 40-50%of CTC

    DA – 5%of CTC

    HRA – 50%of Fundamental DA if city and 40%if non-metro

    Conveyance – Rs. 1,600 a month

    Medical – Rs. 1250 a month

    LTA – No genuine benchmark, can even be utilized as a plug, however if not can set as 10%of Basic

    Out of this HRA, LTA, Medical expenditures become part of the non-taxable components of an employees’ income. The amount can be claimed against appropriate receipts sent and a staff member can minimize tax.

    To come back to your concern of whether going with Flexible benefits will lower your take-home income – No, It will not.

    Versatile advantages shows to conserve on tax and result in increasing your non-taxable income considerably.

    Hi There,

    So with the limited information what I have, I presume that you are not paid HRA and it belongs to Basic/Flexi allowances.

    So your efficient Take home would be:

    Basic Salary – 10375

    Flexi Pay – 14436 amounting to – 24811 – 1245

    You will attract PF reduction (Retirals) – 12%Fundamental. – 23566.

    You may not get any Income Tax subtracted as TDS, as estimated annual take house would fall less than taxable income, provided you take the PF contribution into account.

    P.S: This calculation was estimated with assumption that numbers given were regular monthly and you do not have any other component apart from one pointed out.

    Good Luck!

    The flexi-basket in the majority of companies is used to provide workers with tax benefits.

    So, if you offer evidence for them, you will get the cash as tax-free. Nevertheless, if you do not supply proofs, the money will be taxable. Typically, if you fail to offer proofs throughout the year, then this entire cash will be paid out to you at the end of the year after appropriate tax deduction. Don’t fret they will not withhold the cash:-RRB-


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    This is a center to enable staff members to use a part of their reimbursement to be paid in way that they can avoid paying Income Tax on it. This is not really relevant now as IT Dept have sorted out the loopholes. Whatever loopholes remain is acceptable by IT Dept and FEP facilitates that. eg You can get the reduction of the once in a 4 year Travel Expenditure to visit home town. I guess that is no longer legitimate. Or to declare Telephone/ Web expense as a Company Expense. That has actually some limits set by IT Dept too.


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    in my, you have choice of saving 1.5 lakh INR under 80 c (LIC, School charge etc) nevertheless, if you cant invest a lot and let say for example, just 1 lakh is invested then another 50 k INR can be attained utilizing FBP such as fuel bills, LTA, Medical and so on

    however my company is misconstruing this idea and subtracting great deal of cash. according to them, 1.5 lakh from 80 c and 1.3 lakh from fbP need to be showed as proof of investment or you will lose money. I had to lose about 20 k and then got refunded by income tax.

    please clarify a bit more if i appropriately understood that?


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    Flexi basket salary can be either an advantage or allowance.

    If its an allowance like gas allowance, mobile allowance and so on then you need disappoint any proofs for it and the same will be paid along with your fundamental income. These allowances might be taxed.

    On the other hand, if its an advantage like mobile advantage or gas/ motorist advantage, then you indeed need to reveal proofs of expenditure before you can get the advantages (as appropriate in the it act). these are typically tax totally free, if proper proofs have actually been revealed.

    Please ask your HR to clarify what type of component is this.

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