What is a benefit of being intelligent?

  • What is a benefit of being intelligent?

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    Nature: Ten years ago, on 16 October 1998, I presented findings that people from Aberdeen with higher childhood IQs — measured at age 11 in the Scottish Mental Survey of 1932 — were significantly more likely to survive to age 76. It was at a psychology seminar at Glasgow Caledonian University, UK. For one audience member, the finding did not go down well. “So, you’re saying that the thick die quick?” It was not a point of clarification; it was an accusation. The temperature in the room rose as the questioner railed against a result he found insulting and wanted to invalidate. Hadn’t intelligence tests been discredited?

    Actually, no. Scores from cognitive-ability tests (also known as intelligence tests or IQ tests) have vali

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    I was tested at 180 when I was 14. They thought I was actually learning disabled because I didn’t go to class and I was failing all my subjects. Actually, I had high As in all subjects, I just didn’t meet attendance criteria hence the failing grades. I didn’t need to be physically present in the classroom the whole week to score 100 on the tests. I just absorb, I guess. I’ve found out that a score of 180 isn’t even properly tested by almost any conventional testing methods.

    After 3 freshman years and a senior year, I began to notice that everything and everyone seemed a little bit, “off.” I started sitting by myself in the dark for hours, oftentimes crying or fuming with anger. I didn’t understand anything that was going on. I made my first attempt at suicide when I was 19. I overdosed on S

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    People aren’t going to like my answer, but here it goes. Read the comments as well please.

    This is a tough question, but let me try to break it down in a way that clarifies it. Let’s say that all babies are born with the exact same level of intelligence (this isn’t the case, but let’s keep things simple). None of them can speak, control their movements, have any idea of anything (all arguable, but let’s go with it lol), etc.

    However, there are unseen differences between babies that will lead certain individuals to be more or less intelligent than average. There are MANY biological traits that confer to one’s intelligence, let’s pick a common, easy one: brain plasticity.

    Plasticity is the brain’s ability to create (and destroy) connections between neurons. Our genetics determine how plastic ou

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    I have always considered that I am smart but not particularly intelligent and I am sure there is a difference but I can tell you one example that may illustrate. Some years back I worked with a highly intelligent guy who looked down his nose at me a lot as I left school with zero qualifications while he had a strong academic background. Problem was, I was his boss and that was something that stuck in his throat I suspect.

    One day I called across to him and suggested we resolve his attitude once and for all. I told him I thought he struggled with my lack of academic prowess but in reality I thought I was in fact more intelligent than him. He scoffed! Ok I said. Lets do an IQ test and compare results. I located an online IQ test where you had 30 minutes to complete a test and establish your I

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    I think you greatly underestimate the amount of intelligence it takes for a feeble, blunt-toothed, slow, clumsy biped to survive in a primeval savanna. Or do you think you’d find it trivially easy to wander around the Kruger park, naked, fend off lions and leopards, and find enough food and water to keep your newborn infant alive to adulthood?

    Ever since the human lineage came down from the trees, our defining feature has been our essential uselessness. We’re not strong or tough or armored, we can’t run fast, we have no pointy parts. The only thing our ancestors had was a certain amount of intelligence — enough to identify fruits and leaves, pick up on the odd animal protein, spot hawks and leopards, and work along with our troop. That was enough to help them stray a little further fro

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