What happens when a foot has no pulse?

  • They all are very virtuous. As there are so many, I’m going to narrow my list down to only ten.

    1) Steve Rogers/Captain America : Strength

    After everything he’s endured, after all the hardships that have crossed his path, Steve Rogers remains strong. He does not give up; not because he knows he can win, but because he knows that it is not an option. He is strong enough to admit to his faults and weaknesses. He knows that Captain America is more than just a title. It’s a beacon of hope. His strength leads. His strength perseveres and prospers and is always seeking a resolution. He puts everyone before himself. No other Avenger can match his strength in the face of defeat. Not one. He is a leader and a fighter. And a strong one at that.

    2) Tony Stark/Iron Man : Perseverance

    Tony Stark is constantly teetering between selfishness and selflessness. His personal battle between good and evil is everchanging and never quite clear. One thing he does do well is persevere. He rises above. He gets the job done so that at the end of the day, everyone can go home. He binds the Avengers together by a very thin cord, but a cord nonetheless. He is a difficult, conflicted man, though he is a man who would do anything to know that the people he cares about are safe. Tony Stark always means well. He is flawed. But in the end, he will always make the right decision, and he will always overcome any obstacle that comes his way. He may not be conventional, but he will always be a hero.

    3) Peter Parker/Spider-Man : Hope

    I believe that Peter Parker’s best feature also serves as his fatal flaw; he’s simply too hopeful, and it’s gotten him killed on several occasions. He always hopes for the most beautiful outcomes. He always hopes for a better tomorrow. He always looks towards the future, and never remains tethered to the past. He hopes to win battles; he doesn’t expect to win. He hopes to win. He hopes he comes home. He hopes for everything. And I love that about him. He’s so hopeful and so innocent and so heroic. He is the hope of the Avengers. His hope makes everything okay.

    4) Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow : Reason

    Natasha Romanoff is perhaps the most reasonable, wise character in the entirety of the MCU. She is just and fair. She knows that there is a very fine line between right and wrong. She always takes into account the reason behind an action, never allowing her emotions to cloud her judgment. Natasha is the glue of the Avengers. She cuts people slack when she knows they deserve it. She is never biased, only reasonable. She is both intelligent and clever. She remains level headed, even through the most difficult times.

    5) Peter Quill/Star-Lord : Empathy

    Peter Quill understands. He empathizes with everyone he meets, and forms a strong emotional bond with many of those he comes across. Peter Quill leaves a mark. He’s been through a lot, and instead of running from his problems, he faces them, and helps others with similar ailments. He gets it. It doesn’t matter what you did, he’ll understand you and won’t pass any unnecessary judgment on you. He knows who people are; he sees them. Star-Lord is possibly the most important character in the MCU for this exact reason.

    6) Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch : Faith

    One thing that Wanda does not ever lack is faith. Whether it’s faith in a person or a plan, she always is confident in what she believes in. She was and is faithful to her brother and his memory, and she is now compeltely faithful to the Avengers and what they stand for. She’s a believer and a fighter, traits that many of the other Avengers possess as well. She is powerful in mind and ability. She has come a long way and has learned to have faith in herself, which is the most vital part of her character.

    7) Stephen Strange/Dr. Strange : Fortitude

    Dr. Strange has courage through pain and adversity. He embodies the definition of the word. He can endure through anything if he knows that the outcome will be beneficial for everyone else, even if it doesn’t include himself. He has spirit. Grit. A sturdy and unmoving backbone. Strange has a set of morals that are solidified and constant. Never changing. He sticks to what he knows is right. He challenges those who are wrong, and even if he doesn’t conventionally “win” the battle for himself, he wins it for everyone else, and that’s all he cares about. He is the most dangerous character because of his fortitude; he will literally withstand anything to ensure the safety and security of those he cares for.

    8) Scott Lang/Ant-Man : Dependability

    Scott Lang is a man you can rely on, someone you can both respect and lean on during difficult times. Though he has committed crimes in the past, he is undoubtedly the most trustworthy and dependable Avenger in the lineup. He will sacrifice himself for what he knows is right. He is the man to have around when you need someone. He’s there when you need him and when you don’t. Scott only makes promises he knows he can keep. He doesn’t cut corners; if he sets his mind to do something, he will always come through.

    9) Bruce Banner/Hulk : Trust

    Bruce Banner and the Hulk are polar opposites. This virtue is a bit of a wild card, though it does suit both Banner and the Hulk. They are to be trusted. Yes, granted Hulk is a crazy maniac, but as of late, he has become (dare I say it), more grounded. He can be trusted as much as Banner. Banner knows how to keep a secret. He tells you all of his. He does not need to be watched, or babysat as he has been in the past; you can trust Bruce Banner, and you can learn to trust the Hulk.

    10) Thor Odinson : Honor

    Thor’s defining trait from the beginning has been his honor, and the protection of that honor. Though his character has been altered immensely, one thing that has been continuous is his honor. He has a need to do the right thing, always. He is a man of virtue and of honor to the highest regard. He cares about his honor. He lives by it. Without his honor, Thor would be nothing. He protects it because it’s a piece of him.

    ~ Edit : Bonus Round ~

    11) Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier : Devotion

    12) Gamora : Discipline

    13) T’Challa/Black Panther : Dignity

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