What happened to Gary Busey’s face?

  • Busey suffered a couple of traumatic cranial incidents in his life that have noticeably changed his appearance, including a helmetless motorcycle accident in 1988 that severely fractured his skull (for which he underwent facial and dental reconstruction), as well as surgery to remove a large, cancerous tumor from his sinuses in 1997.

    After six weeks of radiation therapy following cancer surgery, Busey was horrified by his appearance:

    “The man in my reflection was a stranger with a crooked face. There was an abnormal pull on my face like a bad doll head. My left eye was yanked down and open more than the right one, and the left side of my nose was jerked up. The radiation disfigured my face.”

    He immediately opted for massive reconstructive surgery in an attempt to restore his features, and he later said that he was satisfied with the results of his makeover (which tells you how bad he must have looked before).

    While perhaps not as obvious 20 years ago, his facial deformities have become more pronounced with age. Busey is now 75 years old.

    It’s always tragic to see someone decay mentally. And it’s very common. Alzheimer’s, for example, has no cure. It gets everyone, rich, poor, successful, unsuccessful. Bruce Willis having to retire due to increasingly worse aphasia is sad. You become a prisoner in your own body. Before Willis, it happened to none other than James Bond himself… the great Sir Sean Connery.

    He was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s but his family kept it quiet. He insisted on continuing life as he alwasy had — playing golf, swimming, spending time with his grandchildren. But he became more and more frail. Pictures kept coming out. Sad pictures, of Connery looking dazed, and confused, a handler attending to him. Sometimes he would act oddly, out of character. Forget who he was, or who he was with. Get angry, sad, lash out for no reason. Accuse his loving wife of kidnapping him, his own children now strangers to him. I hate dementia with a passion for stealing beautiful people away from the world and imprisoning them in a body that’s barely theirs any longer.

    And this is the saddest thing, for me. A fine man or woman lives a fine life… makes meaningful connections throughout it. Movies that mean the world, to people all over the world. And a disease cruelly robs you of your dignity in your last decade or so. All your highs and lows, the very core of your being… forgotten. You die, long before you die.

    Are you talking about his usually bizarre behavior? If so: he’s brain damaged. That’s what’s wrong with him.

    That’s not a figure of speech or a joke; Busey had a very serious motorcycle accident in December of 1988, when he was 44. He was not wearing a helmet, and hit the concrete head first. His skull was fractured and he suffered permanent brain damage, which is likely why he has poor impulse control and tends to speak off the cuff without a filter, often saying bizarre and offensive things. That he survived at all is kind of amazing; I remember hearing about it (I was a Busey fan as a teen, as Silver Bullet was one of my favorite movies back then) and being really upset, because I was sure he would die.

    Busey’s son Jake, also an actor, has said that the brain injury “turned my dad’s personality up to 11”, and — this is incredibly sad, for the record — “I feel like I lost my dad on December 4, 1988”.

    Even if I say it myself, I’m quite good at spotting actors wearing hairpieces – or dead animal hair as my brother would say. However, I didn’t catch on for years that James Stewart wore a hairpiece on-screen and for quite a long time! Here he is with a full crop of hair:

    There James Stewart is, with toupee:

    That became his regular look on film. Now here’s a photo of him minus hairpiece:

    The gentleman doesn’t look particularly bothered by his baldness!

    Thanks for reading.

    On December four, 1988, Busey was severely burned during a bike accident during which he wasn’t sporting a helmet. His os was broken, and doctors feared he suffered permanent brain harm. … Sophy suspected that Busey’s brain injury has had a larger result on him than completed.

    Well…. I’m not personally friends with Gary… BUT

    I AM friends with his son Jake

    and he is a solid guy….

    Gary has it rough …. In the early 90s he had a horrible motorcycle accident …. Jake has to quit school just to take care of him… and I mean… like had to TEACH HIM HOW TO SPEAK again… and how to WALK again…

    Gary’s done something outlandish stuff sure… but he plays up the whole “crazy” bit for the cameras.

    I’ll share this fun story

    I’m not a celeb by any means…. But for playing monsters in films I have a bit of a fan base (please see my credits on IMDB.com)

    that has gotten me invited to horror movie conventions around the world, and…. I’ve been lucky enough to spend more than a few with Gary

    ok… so at these weekends… all of us actors are contractually obligated to go to these things called … well what we call “ice cream socials”

    I s like a meet and greet for VIP pass holders…. Most just rush in.. take a few pictures (proof we were there) and take off

    there’s food…. Ice cream… yata yata

    Gary walls in….. goes over to the food table…. Where there are three GIANT vats of ice cream

    vanilla .. chocolate and strawberry

    with a huge spoon to scoop it..

    Gary picks up the ENTIRE VAT OF CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM….. and casually walks out of the room and back upstairs to his room

    it was fucking hilarious

    Gentleman, Patriot, Humble, War Hero, Pure Class and Talent—-—James Stewart—

    Never a hint of scandal.

    Next door neighbor to Lucy and Desi on North Roxbury Drive.

    Even his wife, Gloria, praised him. Walked his own dog. Lived in the same house for 50+ years.

    Kelsey Grammer

    In 1975, While Grammer was studying at Julliard, his younger sister, Karen, was abducted, raped, and brutally murdered by four men. The men had attempted to rob a Red Lobster restaurant where she was waiting for her boyfriend to finish work. Fearing that she could identify them, they took her to their apartment and repeatedly assaulted her.

    Her abductors then told her that they were going to let her go. She was put in their car with a pillowcase over her head and driven to a mobile home park, where she was let out. One of the men then stabbed her repeatedly in the neck and back and left her for dead. After they drove off, she tried to get help at one of the trailers, but no one was home, and she bled to death.

    A 20-year-old Kelsey had to identify his sister’s body.

    He attributes his later problems with depression and substance abuse to the trauma of his sister’s murder.

    The producers of “Big Valley” screwed him. The show was cancelled and Majors was in line to play “Joe Buck” in “Midnight Cowboy”. Fans howled to the high heavens about “Big Valley” being cancelled, so the network brought it back. They had all the actors including Lee Majors and Barbara Stanwyck under contract for one more season. Majors wanted out to do the movie, but the producers said they’d sue him if he didn’t do the season. The role went to Jon Voight, who won an Oscar and became a big star. If Majors had played that role it’s likely he would have won as well. He did quite well in TV work though. He was “The Six Million Dollar Man” in the ‘70’s and he had the hit show “The Fall Guy” as Stunt Man / Bounty Hunter Colt Seavers in the ‘80’s. And he was married to Farrah Fawcett and Penthouse Pet Karen Velez. I think he did alreight.

    Oliver Reed, Death by Drinking Contest.

    Oliver Reed wielded a magnetic presence on screen, commanding attention while playing many iconic villains in his day, known for his piercing blue eyes, facial scarring (from a drunken bar fight), and prodigious versatile acting talents, which many, including Ridley Scott, considered wasted by Reeds addiction to alcohol.

    Oliver Reed is most famous for his roles in The Three Musketeers trilogy, Oliver Twist, Treasure Island, and Gladiator, along with another 120 movies.

    Oliver Reed died after filming Gladiator, being challenged by some RN sailors to a drinking game in a pub on Malta.

    Ridley Scott had personally cast Oliver Reed for the iconic role of Proximo in Gladiator, but not before Oliver promised to not drink during filming.

    Oliver Reed’s close friend Sir Christopher Lee stated [ https://www.quora.com/Who-is-was-the-genuinely-toughest-actor-in-Hollywood-movies/answer/Henrey-Bradley-1 ] – “When he started, after drink number eight, he became a complete monster. It was awful to see”

    > When Oliver Reed was 35 years old he got into an argument at a nightclub with a group of men that ended with Reed walking away with a dismissive remark. They waited until he went to the toilet, followed him in, and attacked him with broken bottles. Reed required 63 stitches for a series of deep gouges to the side of his face, leaving him …

    I can’t think of anyone in Hollywood more reviled and hated around the world than Amber Heard. We’re about a week into a trial between Heard and her former husband Johnny Depp — hes suing her for fifty million dollars. Excessive? I think not. Just yesterday I read a witness statement from an eomployee of Depp having to help the actor search the kitchen for his severed finger so they could reattach it.

    Because this woman ruined his life, his career, his reputation, his sanity… And the more news comes out about this sad and shocking case, the more shocked people become. The more they grow to despise her. To sum it up…

    1. She verbally and physically abused Johnny Depp
    2. She accused Johnny Depp of assault when she was the one attacking him
    3. She cut off a tip of his pinkie finger — a chef employed at the time by Depp and Heard testified watching this go down and later “helping Johnny Depp collect his finger from the kitchen” so they could ice and it have it re-attached in the hospital
    4. She plied her recovering addict husband with drugs and liquor, filmed him while intoxicated and released the footage of him soiling himself to humiliate him
    5. She took a literal shit on his bed, next to his pillow, in some sort of creepy power move

    And the testimony just keeps, pouring in. From doctors. Medical experts. Psychologists. Nurses. Nannies. Family friends, neighbors, fellow actors… there are witnesses and there are piles upon piles of evidence of Amber Heard being an absolutely despicable human being.

    And yet he is the one who got ‘cancelled’. Not the woman with a history of domestic abuse and depraved violence, but the actor with a heart of gold who just happens to drink too much. She took advantage of him. Damn-near destroyed him as she cried crocodile tears about how he slapped her… now it’s all coming out in the open. She cannot run from her behavior any longer. She’s done for.

    ———Sammy Davis Jr and Clint Eastwood with the six-gun backstage at The Sands Hotel, Las Vegas, 1959.

    In a 1992 “New Yorker” article, Bob Munden who was the world record holder for fastest draw, ranked the 4 “fastest gun drawers in Hollywood”.

    4th Place went to———Glenn Ford

    3rd Place———————Clint Eastwood

    2nd Place———————Sammy Davis Jr

    and, the fastest draw to———Jerry Lewis

    Didn’t see that coming. You never did in a shootout with Jerry.

    On February 2, 2014, respected, acclaimed, Oscar winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in NYC.

    A syringe still stuck in his 46 year old arm.

    The father of 3 died from a cocktail of heroin, cocaine, Valium and amphetamines.

    A cocktail of circumstances contrived to make Brendan Fraser one of the most universally liked people on the planet right now.

    Firstly, in his career he literally came out of nowhere and starred in a run of some of the defining movies of many peoples childhoods. In those movies such as ‘George of the Jungle’, ‘Dudley do-right’, ‘Blast from the Past’ and of course the ‘Mummy’ franchise, he almost invariably played the intensely likeable, funny, often naive, handsome, hero role. As a result people still mainly remember him in those terms.

    Secondly, he has a tragic backstory. After his prime in the early naughties, he more or less disappeared off the face of the earth, appearing in less and less movies and becoming more famous for his dramatic weight gain than any acting roles:

    For a while he was mocked for this in the press, however it has since come out that in 2003 he was the victim of a sexual assault by a very senior Hollywood player (allegedly Phillip Berk, the head of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association). At around the same time, his wife divorced him and the judge imposed crippling $900,000 dollar per year alimony payments on Fraser, which he was unable to make, and his mother died. He also suffered serious injuries from the many stunts he had performed over the years, leading to a knee replacement, major spine surgery and vocal chord surgery (he legally died for 18 seconds on the set of ‘The Mummy’ when a hanging stunt went wrong and he was hanged for real). All of these events sent Fraser into a deep depression which caused his weight to spiral out of control and his choice to speak out against his powerful abuser caused his career to stall. With this outrageous run of bad luck, it’s not hard to see how Frasers story inspires sympathy.

    Thirdly, perhaps surprisingly considering his experiences, he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Despite his financial troubles, he donated his entire salary from the 2013 film ‘Gimmie Shelter’ to the woman’s shelter featured in the film, he always seems to have time for fans and no one ever seems to have a bad word to say about him, which is quite an accomplishment for someone who has spent 30 years in Hollywood.

    All in all, Fraser comes across as a nice guy whom a large majority of people think fondly of whom has had an amazingly bad run of luck, and obviously many people are happy to see him come out the other side of that. The fact that he’s still a pretty great actor with a charismatic screen presence helps as well. He’s currently experiencing a strong career resurgence on TV with more movie roles coming along the tracks, and he actually seems pretty happy. People like to see people they like coming back from adversity, it’s like watching a friend or family member you had been worried about finally sort their life out and seem like everything is going to be ok.

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