What does ‘to give the benefit of the doubt’ imply in the …

  • What does “to offer the advantage of the doubt” imply in the list below sentence?

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    To offer somebody the benefit of the doubt indicates to presume that what they say may be real, despite the fact that it seems unlikely. It’s an idiom that means almost the reverse of what you may expect, due to the fact that in fact you do doubt, or suspect, “him”. You decide to set your skepticism aside and continue as if what “he” states holds true.

    What you choose to doubt is the evidence that says “he” is wrong.

    Initial concern plus explanatory remark: What does “to give the advantage of the doubt” imply in the following sentence?

    His story was a little difficult to think, however I provided him the advantage of the doubt.

    Does advantage mean “I” didn’t doubt him so that is a benefit for him?

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    It really implies that while you are not 100%sure of the situation that you are providing the scenario enough doubt that it is believable enough that you can at least amuse the description as a possibility.

    Example: Rory told me he did not touch the vase that was broken, he was not throwing the ball around in the living-room and the dog had been within when he got house so I offered him the benefit of the doubt and swept up the pieces without punishing him. It truly did not matter – it was just an old flower vase and nobody was injured.


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    Some of these idiomatic expressions are used to suggest a or judgment on a person as much as to make useful significance. To dissect and explain the meaning of this old expression would be challenging.

    If you “offer a person the benefit of the doubt”, you are accepting a reason they provide but you are also symbolizing that you are not totally convinced, i.e. there is an absence of rely on them as a person.

    As an example, if an often misleading trainee informs you, as his instructor, that he hasn’t done his research since the family computer broke down, and you accept his reason, you may say, “Well, fine, I’ll offer you the advantage of the doubt this time.”

    to give the benefit of the doubt = a person keeps breaking things. You enter a room and there is a broken glass jug on the flooring. The individual says that they did not do it. It might be real. It could be a lie. However you provide the advantage of the doubt and think them.

    His story was a little hard to think, but I provided him the advantage of the doubt.

    Does benefit imply “I” didn’t doubt him so that is a benefit for him?

    No, it does not. “benefit” here is something like “grant”. The sentence implies: “Although his story sounded to me as unlikely, I decided to believe him”.


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    It indicates: “I did not assume he was a liar.”

    It indicates: “I don’t believe the story, but I will consider that maybe it really did happen.”

    To give somebody the benefit of the doubt implies you presume that she or he is informing the reality until tested otherwise.

    And my last word of this response, my good friend, is wind, since the response is blowing in the wind.


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    You’re almost best! Although his story that he saw a murder occur (for example) was a bit hard to believe, it is possible that it’s true – that’s what doubt indicates in this case – you can not be sure. So you select to think him, giving him the benefit of the doubt – it could be true, and you understand that he is an honest individual.

    ( The alternative would be if you decided that his story was doubtful, so you wouldn’t believe him)


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