What does ‘PUA benefit pay date in progress’ mean? I filed …

  • What does “PUA benefit pay date in progress” mean? I filed for PUA benefits and I received this message.

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    What does “PUA benefit pay date in progress” mean? I filed for PUA benefits and I received this message.

    There’s a guide and timeline here

    Source: PUA claimants get payment status and a timeline for payment

    Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)

    · VDOL Staff continue to work and clear adjudication issues on initial claims and any associated issues, so far, the staff are able to resolve PUA issues within 36-48 hours.

    · PUA Payment Update: Claimants receiving benefits for the weeks of March 15 and/or March 22 and had filed those claims prior to May 1, received the extra federal $600 in error. The federal $600 benefit did not go into effect until the benefit week of March 29. This error required the Department to stop issuing benefits until the system’s payment calculation process was corrected and payments were reconciled. Benefits for the week of April 26 and/or May 3 will be offset to ensure accurate benefit amounts to claimants. In most cases, this will mean one whole benefit week will be withheld and the second week will be a partial payment. If claimants only filed and received benefits for March 22, then only $600 will be offset. Claimants that were underpaid due to the calculation error (did not receive the minimum $191) will be made whole in future benefit payments. The calculation error does not affect anyone who filed after May 1. PUA payments resumed yesterday and will continue next week. Direct deposits happen within 24-48 hours, and checks mailed take 4-5 days from the issuance date. If claimants have filed for back weeks and are still owed benefits, these payments will catch them up.

    Extended Benefits

    · Per federal guidance, individuals who have exhausted their benefits must first utilize Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) before being placed on Extended Benefits (EB). PEUC provides an additional 13 weeks of benefits to claimants who have exhausted their regular UI benefits.

    · We are finalizing the process for automatically moving approximately 1,500 claimants into PEUC and opening past benefit weeks. Claimants will be notified when the program is available, which should occur during the week of May 18


    You cannot file for PUA benefits. You file a regular claim first (and that is the only thing you can do). When and if that regular claim is invalid, then the department (not you) automatically files a PUA claim.

    To be eligible for the PUA claim you must not be eligible for a regular state claim.

    So, apparently your notice says that the PUA claim is in the process of being filed.

    Make sense?


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    mostly it just means the complexity of weeks and programs are being figured up and then checked on again or more if difficult so weeks match the pay amount almost always means you get paid.but if 2000claims are that difficult and 5000claims come in this week .need i say more.


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    I guess it’s not just California then. My wife’s benefits still say pending for the last week she was supposed to be paid, the 27th of Dec. We assumed it’s because the program technically lapsed because Donald didn’t sign the bill fast enough. The states didn’t have the “standing” or “instructions” from the Federal Govt on what to do. So even though common sense says send out the payments, the program ended on the 26th so payments couldn’t go out on the 27th because there was no PUA program anymore, by law.

    Congress passed the CARES act with the end date of Dec 26th 2020. That means nothing if they extend it, but if the program actually expires the legal mechanism that is used to process payments turns off.

    This is why it’s critically important to vote in Presidential elections and be careful whom you vote for. Someone like Trump doesn’t care about the people. He held up the stimulus package to “hurt” the two top senate republicans because they acknowledged Joe Biden had won. He threw a political wrench into the whole thing at the last second, demanding 2000$ checks as if it was possible. He knew it wouldn’t happen but thinks that by asking he’ll look like a savior for the people while making the senate republicans look stupid. In the end as do most of his stunts, he only hurt the people, most certainly some of whom who voted for him, signed it at the last possible second, causing us to lose one week of pay from this second stimulus and apparently the last week of pay from the first. Real stellar presidential level stuff right there. Cost the working man hundreds of dollars. He’s a billionaire. Good to remember, he doesn’t actually give two cents about any of you, unless you further his gains.

    I have no documented income because I work gigs for cash. Can I qualify for benefits?

    You have to provide documentation of your earnings.

    “You have to have some evidence,” Stettner says. “Maybe you got pay envelopes, even handwritten ones with the amount that you got paid. Maybe you got paid in checks that people wrote ‘cash’ on, but you took a picture of those checks, or you’ve got the canceled checks.”

    Successfully proving that you received income could take months, especially while unemployment offices are so overloaded, he says. But it’s worth trying because the potential benefits are significant.

    What Gig Workers Need To Know About Collecting Unemployment

    Certainly, if you are in business, you would be crazy to simply accept cash without any evidence of invoicing, pay receipts, etc. Otherwise, every person that doesn’t want to work could claim PUA.

    However, I was paid via Zelle for some of my work and it is documented in my bank account as well as I had a contract of employment to supply to back up my income. It had the name of the company I contracted with, the amount I would be paid on a weekly basis under our negotiated contract, and the amount of time for the project. So I was able to file taxes under Zelle payments and provide that.

    Seriously? You need strangers to tell you that you cannot upload something that you don’t have?!? This might explain a lot about the employment issues…

    Surely you meant to ask how you get X document to upload, how to appeal a decision or some other much more rational question? Or are you asking an obvious and insincere question as a way to vent frustrations? No one can answer the question as it is currently written other than to state the very obvious – you can’t.

    If you write a more sincere question, there are plenty of us that would gladly help advise how to proceed. But, you’d have to a) ask a real question and b) mention what state you’re in since UI /PUA processes are not the same in all states.

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    The PUA is extended unemployment benefits. So my guess is that unemployment just automatically generated their letter saying you’re eligible for benefits because you are actually getting additional benefits through the PUA. And they’ve notified you those extended benefits are not your regular unemployment but the federal PUA program that Congress had approved as part of the CARES Act.

    In other words, it’s just unemployment insurance you’ll be receiving. But it’s not the state benefits, it’s the federal extension from the PUA through the CARES Act. Thus, it generated two notifications. One to let you know you qualify for the PUA and a second for your now receiving additional weeks of unemployment benefits.

    In order to claim the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, you must file on line in your state for regular unemployment benefits. If you are eligible for regular benefits because you worked and earned W2 wages then you are NOT eligible for PUA benefits.

    However, if you were a cash employee, a 1099 employee, self employed, a gig employee, then because you are NOT eligible for regular unemployment benefits in your state, YOU ARE eligible for PUA benefits because the fact you are ineligible for one makes you eligible for the other.

    So file your claim on line in your state. You will be awarded an amount based on what you have earned. Maybe not a whopping weekly award but the point was to be ablet o pay the 600 per week.

    You may get a call from the employment office and those calls will show as blocked or unknown. They will call to get some idea as to proof of what you actually earned.

    So, file your claim and give it a shot. The worst they can say is no. The same will apply when the senate works out this current mess about who is eligible when.

    Make sense?

    You were on a PUA, you certified for week X, but then the week went to Not Paid. Or you certified on an extension that had no balance, and your week went to Not Paid. This happens if you certify on an extension that has no balance or has been suspended to switch you to a new extension. This requires you to call.


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    Depends on how the CARES/HERO’s Act is written. If it says cannot file any more after 12/31 then most likely they will be paid if they are filed no later than 12/27. If it says no payments will be made after 12/31, then that is it, no more payments. It all stops unless you are on a regular parent claim or a state extension.


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    You should get a notice in the mail tellin you the regular claim filed (which you must file first in order for the department to file the PUA claim for you) will be invalid because you have no covered wages (w2 wages) in the base period. Then you should get a notice telling you the PUA claim has been filed for you and the amount. Make sense?

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