What does OP mean in chats?

  • original poster,

    On internet forums and message boards, OP is short for original poster, or the person who started the thread that users comment on.

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    Overpowered – nowadays these can be seen in every stream chat [game streams]

    and some other meanings are outperformed , Out Played


    He is too OP

    that gun is too OP

    But this phrase has different meanings on different platforms let’s take the case of popular site Reddit . In Reddit or any other forums OP means Original Poster.

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    OG = original gangsta. The term started on the streets and references somebody who is older and more accomplished than you. It’s since been co-opted to mean anyone original or old school.

    For example, Lebron James is great but Michael Jordan is the OG.

    OP = “original poster” on social media, or “overpowered” in gaming.

    For example, if you and I are arguing in the comments of someone else’s post, we may say OP to reference the point of the original post that sparked the conversation.

    Similarly, if we’re playing a game that is unbalanced because one weapon beats everything else, we may complain that the weapon is OP.

    OP stands for “original poster.” In chats, it is used to indicate who started the conversation.

    foa- first of all

    mfw- my face when

    bae- before anyone else

    asap- as soon as possible

    iykyk- of you know you know

    twss- that’s what she said

    ffs- for fuck sake

    iykwim- if you know what I mean

    lmao- laughing my ass off

    lol- laugh out loud

    ngl- not gonna lie

    rofl- rolling on the floor laughing

    tbh- to be honest

    jk- just kidding

    wbu- what about you

    hbu- how about you

    ily- I love you

    ootd- outfit of the day

    4eae- For Ever And Ever

    asaic- as soon as I can

    cya- cover your ass

    btw- by the way

    bion- believe it or not

    fml- fuck my life

    fyi- for your information

    ftw- for the win

    fwb- friends with benefits

    myob- mind your own business

    tba- to be announced

    yolo- you only live once

    xoxo- Hugs and kisses

    ttyl- talk to you later

    ttys- talk to you soon

    tia- thanks in advance

    smh- shaking my head

    snh- sarcasm noted here

    sys- see you soon

    will update as I remember more;)

    //thanks for reading:)

    Original poster

    On internet forums and message boards, OP is short for original poster, or the person who started the thread that users comment on.

    What does OP mean in texting?

    • OP can mean either “Original Poster’ or ‘overpowered’, depending upon the online context.
    • While the internet slang term ‘OP‘ could stand for being overpowered in a game, it usually means something else. The original poster is the person who started a discussion thread, and OP is used to refer back to that person as the responses grow

    ‘OP’ can mean/stand for two things. One thing it stands for is ‘original person’ and the second thing it stands for is ‘original post’!

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    The most general use of “OP” is “original poster.”

    This phrase has several uses on the internet. This is used on social media and internet forums to talk about the person who started the conversation thread or discussion. They were the person who originally made the post, so they are called the “OP.”

    Other Meanings of OP.

    Besides “original poster,” there are a few other meanings for this acronym. Especially in gaming, “OP” can mean “overpowered.” This means that a certain character, class of character, or ability is substantially more powerful than it should be. It also means that something is so strong that it has an unfair advantage. Another use in games can mean “operations.” This is commonly used in military games.

    Other meanings include:

    • Overpriced
    • Original Post
    • Operator
    • Old Person
    • Other People
    • Opinion
    • Ocean Pacific
    • Opera
    • Out of Print
    • Output
    • Office of the President
    • Opportunity
    • Optical
    • Output
    • Oak Park
    • Oral Presentation
    • Operating Procedure(s)
    • Overpowered (gaming)

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    .. may mean, ‘and so on’, ‘i will continue later’.

    When ‘..’ precedes as in this case:

    ..so we spoke for the rest of the night and flew off the next morning.

    This shows that a preceding part of the message has contents that have been trimmed probably to spare the second party the details.

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