What does it mean if you sneeze blood?

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    There are various factors that may cause the mucous lining in your nose to dry up, including cold and dry weather. If the mucous membrane dries up and the blood capillaries are too close to the surface of the nose, it would be very easy for them to burst.Tissues in the nasal cavity can become inflamed due to an infection. This may as well lead to blood when blowing nose. To solve the problem, you should minimize the frequency of blowing your nose.

    Blood from your nose….if there is nothing inside your nose and you are not picking it….

    There are many causes for epistaxis (fancy word for “nose bleeding ”),

    but commonly it is due to broken capillaries (small blood vessels inside the nose) during cold/dry weather season, during a cold, allergies, or sometimes due to abuse of
    over-the-counter decongestant nose sprays.

    Repetitive tendency to sneeze more in the morning, maybe related to allergies creates congestion acute or chronic of the nasal passages and can also produce small bleeding while sneezing.

    Other important causes can be : increase in blood pressure, respiratory tract infections, alterations of coagulation, some immune conditions and other medical problems as well as medications.

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    Epistaxis & Nose Bleeds: What Causes Nosebleeds? | Cleveland Clinic

    When to see a doctor?

    If the problem persist or get worse.


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    If you sneeze blood, it could mean that you have a respiratory infection, such as a cold or the flu. It could also mean that you have a sinus infection. It’s better to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

    To be certain that it’s nothing serious consult a doctor.

    Something in your nasal cavity is bleeding. A drop or two usually means you’ve been either breathing really dry air, or blowing your nose too hard. Any more than that means you need to see a doctor to set the broken nose you got in that fight.

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    Probably that you have a simple sinus infection. It’s likely nothing more.

    See a doctor or go to a clinic. Odds are, an antibiotic will clear it up.

    Sneezing and coughing are two different processes but there is a medical term for coughing blood (haemoptysis), not for sneezing blood. Bleeding from the nose is called as epistaxis.

    There are many causes for haemoptysis.

    Tuberculosis- Pulmonary paranchyma is distroyed by the mycobacterium infection and blood from the alveolar capillary beds leaks out into the alveolar and bronchioles and coughed out. Contact history of tuberculosis, fever, night sweats plus purulent discharge of thick opeque yellowish white are common signs and symptoms.

    Bronchitis- Inflammation of the bronchioles. Common in cigarette smokers. Inflammed bronchioles are damaged and blood leak into them ultimately coughed out.

    Bronchiectasis- chronic dilation and infection of the bronchi. Due to chronic dilation damage of the bronchi occurs causing blood to leak out.

    Lung cancer- carcinoma of the cells lining the bronchioles.

    Pneumonia- due to the various microbial infections.

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    It’s not usually something to worry about, it’s probably just a nosebleed or a previous bleeds’ clot being forced off.

    If you feel like you can’t breathe or you’re sneezing a lot of blood or its a deep brown/red or is frothy, seek immediate medical attention, it could be a sign of an internal cavity bleed which is pretty much impossible for the body to fix itself and it’ll probably have to be cauterized.

    Also, quora isn’t your doctor, so I hope to god it’s just a nosebleed.

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