What does depression appear like in an INTJ?

  • Life has lots of ups and downs. Small accomplishments. Small problems. As we grow up, the little things doesn’t actually phase us.

    I can’t speak for every INTJ. for me any extended feeling of insufficiency, or having my long term strategies being stymied by things beyond my control spawns a disappointment that eventually manifests into depression. All of those silly roadblocks conspiring to interfere with my sense of function and the momentum of confidence enhancing progress I make towards attaining essential objectives? The disappointment of others not seeing the very same vision or course towards getting somewhere just totally drains the spirit from me.

    What’s the point in compromising for the higher excellent, or doing even more than what is expected, when those who stand to get have no regard or gratitude, and no interest in reciprocation?

    Depression is a valuable asset. Knowing something is incorrect and knowing something needs to alter to correct the issue is a better alternative than to sink further into the quicksand of negativeness with denial or blame.

    So what is depression? A noticable sensation of extended discontent? What is the solution? Acceptance.

    For an INTJ, depression instigates or revokes all that things that we naturally suppress. Emotions. Sensations. Links. Interaction. We can’t merely go to a therapist or take a seat with a buddy, have an ice cream consuming contest and amazingly walk away feeling better. Why? Because bandaids don’t fix damaged arms and interruptions do not solve problems.

    We have to think our way out of that hole. What went wrong? Why did it fail? How can I customize this strategy? What can I do about this? Is there anything salvageable here? Should I chalk everything up as a lesson found out and just start over?

    Denial isn’t an alternative. Blame isn’t an option. Personal accountability and acceptance is the only escape. And, often that implies we got ta confess the dreadful fact. We betrayed ourselves. We were incorrect. Ugggh. Makes me wince to write it!

    Things aren’t going as planned? Instead of sink, alter the plan. Modification something. New enviromment. New place of employment. New pastime. Develop distance from the drama.

    Naturally there is always those negative tension response diversions for a mirage to stick on to. Self medicating. Gaming. The careless extravagance of spontaniety. May feel great to dabble at the extremes of stimulation. Be numb, be overwhelmed, be unconcerned. Sorry. it definitely isn’t going to repair anything.

    Depression for me is to be a lot more withdrawn than my normal standoffish self. Rather than perky argument, I have just silence to offer. I simply wish to be left alone. Nothing matters. The enthusiasm fades. I dislike all of the important things that typically motivate me. I can’t be provoked. I do not care. And, not only that. I don’t care what any person thinks or feels about me not caring. Attempt to coax me out of my torment and I will rigorously defend my right to be undetectable.

    Justification and discipline end up being the ladder. How do I receive from where I am to where I wish to be? A trigger of inspiration? A strategy forms. Confidence grows. Things establish potential. Self-confidence grows. Development comes. Confidence grows. Things enhance further. Self-confidence grows. A moment of introspection as it becomes possible to reflect back on what the problem was and what modifications were necessary to turn things around? The lesson is found out. Confidence grows.

    Depression is a valuable possession because it is something that has the capacity to teach us a crucial lesson in what works, and what does not. For a personality type that sees whatever in patterns, and performance, and enhancement, and progress, by discovering our vulnerabilities, we find our strengths.

    Among the best properties of the INTJ mind is the storage capacity of instinct. The next time we deal with any comparable fork in the roadway of life that formerly led us down that dark, complicated, and discouraging course towards anxiety? Oh yes. we will see it coming.

    The infamous INTJ doorslam goes hand-in-hand with this concept. Won’t deceive me twice. Self-confidence builds.

    All of that treatment gobblygoo about. “Reach deep within your soul and tell me how this circumstance makes you feel.” Well hello doorslam! So much for that concept! A notebook costs a dollar at the store. Best therapist ever.

    Medication? INTJs are currently wandering at the extreme edge of mental normalcy. They believe in a different way. The see things differently. They percieve things in a different way. Sure. toss some synthetic chemicals in there and take your chances. 2 alternatives. Medication will press a person beyond the fringes of peace of mind or they will reel them in to the point that they become a zombie. For me, neither was an acceptable option.

    All I needed was time. Time to determine where I was. Time to determine where I wished to be. And, time to find out how to get there. The rest looks after itself. Approval and discipline.

    Think. Plan. Do.

    Medication and/or therapy. lots of will call it a lifesaver for those with psychological health related concerns. Numerous will say it is toxin for revenue. Lots of will say it is worthless. Numerous will say smoke cannabis instead. Many will say attempt the holistic technique. Numerous will state diet plan and exercize. Get a dog. Go skydiving. Whatever.

    I say modification something. We are all people that get pressed in various methods by different things. Find what works for you. Drop. Get up. Try something different.

    No Matter what the TELEVISION leads us to think, any person who sits on the couch passing blame while grumbling about how depressed they are, isn’t doing themselves any favors. Life is what you make it.

    And, yes. I have squandered much more of my life to doubts, fears, frustrations, and insecurities than I care to admit. Time. Got ta maximize it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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