What Do People Use CBD Oil For?

What Do People Use CBD Oil For?

With a major explosion in US, UK and EU CBD markets over the past few years, (with that explosion looking to pick up speed over the next 5 years), a popular question asked often by those not using it is, “what does CBD oil help with”?

This post is not some kind of recommendation, nor are we advocating CBD as a cure or ultimate answer to the various conditions we describe below. We did however want to look at current studies as well as what the expectations are for those using it, together with any anecdotal evidence that seems to be plentiful online. Below are the main issues people take CBD for. You can make up your own mind as to whether this would be something to discuss with your doctor for your own particular ailments.

There are obviously many different types of products available to consumers that will all have a different potency, as well as different dosages and ways people actually take their dosage, explained here.

Does CBD Oil Treat Anxiety?

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Anxiety seems to be a big reason many take to trying CBD. For a long time, it was thought that smoking pot, (marijuana is a relative of the hemp plant and contains far higher THC Cannabinoids causing hallucination), calmed you down. It is a common relaxant, similar in the way alcohol is for many people. There is a lot of research, however, stating that pot is responsible for quite the opposite in many people. Even going on to generate stress, paranoia, and psychosis. So is CBD the same? Well, the legal products you buy from stores will have very little THC, only enough to allow for the possibility of the entourage effect to work for those using it.

There is research, here for example,  looking at the reaction to people who suffer from high levels of anxiety and PTSD, as well as those suffering from psychosis generated from smoking too much THC rich pot. The research is very promising and the anecdotal evidence available from many who take various CBD products, for this reason, is certainly passionate and thankful in its advocacy.

It looks like a promising weapon against the stress and anxiety many people suffer and have their lives inhibited by. As more provable research comes in, it looks like a lot more people will be talking with their doctors about the possible benefits CBD Oil could offer them.

What About Reducing pain?

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Another popular use for Cannabinoid products is to reduce pain and inflammation, often from a disease like Arthritis or Fybromyalgia, this article takes a look at that. The question is , “does it work”? Well, a study from Healthline.com, here,  sees the results from testing as mixed, with more needing to be done to offer conclusive proof of its value.

The anecdotal reviews and responses online do, however, seem to speak highly of its value in the battle against debilitating pain and discomfort. How likely this consumer optimism will transfer into hard medical evidence waits to be seen.

It seems creams are very popular when it comes to application, though Capsules and other traditional products, like tinctures are still a large part of the products consumed by those using CBD as a treatment.

Can It Control My Acne?

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As well as creams being used for pain relief, as mentioned above, they are also used to control cane for many sufferers who have found nothing else to help them clear their skin. Scientifically there is research that points to positive results, like this example, meaning that the hope and faith shown by acne sufferers across the world have a fairly decent chance of being repaid successfully. There is plenty of anecdotal support too, like in this case, to help encourage other sufferers to maybe consult with their medical adviser about starting to use CBD products.

The skincare market is a competitive one, with many products making anti-aging or acne reducing claims, so how well CBD oils and products will grow in this market space remains to be seen. Current growth predictions for the CBD market globally seem to predict that it will find a successful standing within this corner of the skin and beauty market.

Rubbing CBD creams onto the skin do make it hard to be able to track dosage accurately, far harder than taking capsules or tincture droplets. This is something to bear in mind should it be something you choose to use.

What About Other Conditions?

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As with any supplement, there is a long list of conditions that it is attributed to helping, or curing. This is where people must take care of and certainly wind in their expectations in many cases. There is talk of CBD oils curing baldness, containing anti-aging elements, improving eyesight, and curing serious cancers and digestive conditions. Scientific evidence for these kinds of “miracles” is very scant and even anecdotal evidence is very undecided as to the overall value of CBD in many conditions where it is touted as a treatment. This is often where the scam artists do their worst to create unrealistic expectations to garner large profits.

So What Should We Make Of It All?

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There are a lot of ongoing tests happening with CBD, especially around the psychological and pain relief areas in medicine. The more outrageous the claim, from any supplement, the less likely it will be able to be accurate is what you should follow when deciding whether they are a solution to your illness.

Even if you are looking to use CBD Oil as a balance for the bodies, (supposed), Endocannabinoid System, to help balance it out, then you will be looking to see improvements to things like immunity, energy and overall well being.

The best advice is to talk using CBD through with your doctor prior to using it. Make sure that you are honest about why you are taking it and allow them to offer their scientifically based medical opinion. This will make sure that any decision you end up making has a basis in researched results as well as anecdotally.

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