What are the ways to get rid of Arthritis pain?


    There are several types of arthritis. The most common are Rheumatoid, Gout and Osteoarthritis.

    The main causes are difficult to explain but lack of proper diet, exercises and lack of hygiene are known cause in physical level. Imbalance of Endocrine secretion is also a big cause of it. Swelling, redness, pain, stiffness, are the main symptoms in joints.

    Wind is the controlling power of our physical organs. With the veins and sinews the wind sends the essence of food to the different parts of our body and excreting the waste through stool, urine, and sweat. Thus it makes our body healthy, strong and beautiful.

    By any reason, the waste of metabolism are retained in the body for a long time- decomposition started and poisonous gas is formed. These poisonous gas and been vitiated wind are deposited at the joints of the bones.


    It is a chronic degenerative disease of joints with exacerbations of acute inflammation. Studies have shown that in the united kingdom, three and a half million people over the age of 65 suffer from the condition. Many working days are lost due to effect of osteoarthritis. Both men and women are affected but the joint distribution pattern is different. In men- the order of affected joints is hip(most common), knee, spine, ankle, shoulder, fingers. In women- the order is knee, finger, spine, hip, ankle and shoulders.

    There is no obvious cause of primary OA but secondary OA are caused by: Trauma, dislocation, infection, deformity, obesity, haemophilia, acromegaly, heredity, hyperthyroidism, poor posture, aging process, defective lubricant, crystals etc.

    Pain, muscle spasm, stiffness, loss of movement, muscle wasting and weakness, joint enlargement, deformity, crepitus and loss of function. During active inflammation- heat, redness, swelling and pain are found.


    It is a non suppurative, systemic inflammatory disease of unknown cause characterized by a symmetrical polyarthritis affecting peripheral joints and extra – articular structures. It is an autoimmune disease . There are around 1.5 million people affected in the United Kingdom. Women are affected more than men in the proportion of 3:1. The age of onset may be as young as 16 years but is generally in the 20-55 age group.

    There is generally a symmetrical peripheral polyarthritis with early involvement of the small joints of the hands and wrists. The cervical spine, elbows, knees, ankles, and metatarsophalangeal joints are often affected. The main features are pain, tenderness, swelling, warmth over the joints, loss of movement, muscle atrophy and deformity.

    Morning sickness, pain on movement or tenderness at least one joint, swelling of another joint within three months, symmetrical joint swelling, subcutaneous nodules, Typical X-ray changes (loss of bone substance), positive SCAT, latex fixation: seven, five or three criteria present.


    It is a form of inflammatory arthritis that develops in some people who possess a high level of uric acid in the blood. The acid can form needle like crystals in a joint and cause sudden, severe episodes of pain, tenderness, redness, warmth and swelling. In acute case metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe is involved.

    When Lumbar joint is affected called “Lumbago” and when muscles of neck are affected called “Torticollis”. In all cases the bowels of patient should be clear. Bhastrika Pranayama, Isabgol bran, Triphala powder (Amla, Harday, Bahala) are very useful for evacuation. Frequent cold or improper digestion damages the hormonal balance of thyroid, parathyroid and sex glands. Calcium and phosphorus are not digested in the body. As the internal heat is reduced so the water level increases and it is suppressed by more and more powerful drugs. Nervous system involves and create less oxygenation in the body. It may also cause stroke and paraly


    Bhujangasana, Salabhasana, Pawanmuktasana, Uttanpadasana and Pranayama (Nadi Shodhana, kapal bhati, bhastrika), are very useful in arthritis. The patient of a particular disease should practice according to comfort level. After a time being or within a month or two patient gains strength. As the disease cures, they can add more asanas, pranayama, mudras and bandhas.

    Vayu mudra is beneficial in all kinds of arthritis (cervical, gout or rheumatoid), Parkinson’s disease, blood circulation defect, paralysis, gas problem etc.The index finger should be touched at the mount of Venus and press it with the thumb. Chanting of y-a-a-a-m will increase the power of anahata chakra to cure arthritis.


    Pressure on web of index and thumb will relieve pain. Corresponding point of spinal cord is shown on the back of palm. “Press it, check it, and treat it”.

    If pain is found in a particular point ; press it out for two minutes twice a day for fifteen days. Press your sole through roller in evening.

    Drink charged water(eight glasses water is reduced in two glasses with a coin of gold, silver, copper, iron). Avoid Constipation (may use isabgol )- pressure on chin two to three minutes. Deep pressure on palm and wrist to stimulate Endocrine glands activity. Tension may be avoided by pressing all the palms and soles in backward direction.


    Stop eating bananas and curd (yogurt). Reduce the intake of tea, coffee, tobacco, etc. Don’t eat again and again. Eat only at scheduled time- four times a day. Breakfast: any fruit except banana, hot milk, germinated gram, whole bread, Horlicks, nuts etc. Lunch and Dinner: mix salad, chapati, green vegetables, saag, pulses (except arhat and khesari), Afternoon: can take some biscuits, fruits, Channa, ghuguni, cake, halwa etc. Avoid excessive sugar, milk and dairy products, oil, meat and spices.

    Should not eat more than 85 percent of their capacity. The food should be properly chewed with salivation. Eat at least two hours before retiring time. Nuts and sprouts are very powerful and nutritious, full of protein, minerals and vitamins. Water should be taken after an hour of meal, when process of assimilation starts. The stomach should be given rest at least once a week. Regular sun bath, fruit juice, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, neem, amla should be included in diet. Cold food and drink should be avoided as it increases the burden on the system. “Heat is life and cold is death”.


    • Bryonia 30: Stitching, tearing pain, worse by motion, better by rest, constipation, pain swelling, mostly on right side. Sciatica and rheumatism are cured, if symptom matches.- two drops thrice a day.
    • Rhus Tox 30: It acts on fibrous, muscular, cellular tissues. The muscles are stiff and sore due to heavy exercises or cold winds in rainy cloudy weather-specific for Lumbago. Pain worse on rest, better on motion and hot formation. This strained condition may not confined to the muscles alone but may involve tendons, ligaments and membranes of the joints. Morning stiffness is a great symptom.
    • Calcarea fluor 6x: aggravated on beginning to move and ameliorated on continuous motion. Chronic Lumbago or pain at lower part of back. Chronic synovitis of knee joint. Ganglion at the back of the wrist.
    • Ruta 30: It is used on ligaments, tendons and periosteum injury. For this it is used in tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and eye strain. Pain in the nape, back and loins. pain and stiffness in wrist and hands ganglia (benzoic acid). Sciatica – worse, lying down at night, pain from back down hips and thighs. Hamstring feels shortened (graphitis). Tendons sore. Aching pain in tendo-achilles. Thighs pain when stretching the limbs. Pain in bones of feet and ankles. Great restlessness; remaining work will be solved by calcarea fluor 200 at early morning.
    • Colchicum 30: acute rheumatic pain, painful spot turns white when pressed with finger. Swelling may or may not be, stitching pain, worse at night, backache, joint stiff, gout, worse in warm weather, feverish, pain changing place- it’s tincture is used externally.
    • Apis Mel 6: Thirstless, oedematous, swelling of the painful part, worse in heat, urine scanty, stinging pain, synovitis.
    • Pulsatilla 30: shifting pain in joints, Thirstless, better in the open air, weeping mood, worse in heat.
    • Cimicifuga: muscular soreness and pain in chest, back, calves etc. Better in heat.
    • Caulophyllum: small joints of arms and legs. Changing place in every few minutes.
    • Berberis Vulgaris tincture: Lumbago, scanty urine, nausea, gallstones or kidney stone.- 5 drops thrice a day in a cup of lukewarm water.
    • Calcarea carb 200: fat, fair and flabby person, pain on knee, sweating, liking of egg.
    • Sticta 200- one dose when joints become red and painful.
    • Kali carb 200- stinging pain sharp and cutting and better by motion. No use potash in case of fever.
    • Kalmia 200: pain on knees and feet goes downward.
    • Urticaria urens tincture: ten drops thrice a day in a cup of water in case of gout .

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