What are the benefits of health & wellness?

  • The benefits of wellness for health

    Wellness is booming. A fact that we are aware of because we are the addressee of various wellness offers every day. Whether while surfing the Internet or through advertising on TV – the market for wellness is large, which is why advertising is carried out on a large scale using various media. But what is the concept of wellness and what are the actual health benefits?

    The term

    wellness as a term is based on the English words well-being, fitness and happiness or see also . It basically stands for being pampered. This takes place in the form of massages, pleasant smells and various benevolent treatments in a short-term process. Wellness also means, for example, a stay with an overnight stay in a thermal bath or a wellness hotel. During this stay, you have access to an individual range of treatments.

    The purpose of wellness wellness is short-term regeneration. It has to be distinguished from medical wellness, which can be compared to a stay at a spa to regain physical health. Those who use wellness wellness are usually physically healthy, but take the opportunity to relax and thus improve their general condition.

    The treatments

    Basically, the various wellness treatments can be divided into the categories of massages, body treatments as well as sauna and steam bath. There is now a multitude of different applications in each category. Various wellness hotels even let their experts create them from scratch.

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    The massage is probably the most basic of all wellness categories. If the layman thinks of wellness, he connects it directly with these beneficial treatments. It is precisely this branch that is therefore the most varied and the range of massages in most wellness temples is very large.

    Relaxation guaranteed with the hot stone massage

    A basic distinction is made between a full body massage and a partial body massage.

    The partial body massage only deals with a very special area, such as the face or

    back .

    Furthermore, different aids are included depending on the type of massage.

    The aromatic massage uses a wide variety of essential oils and the Ayurveda massage, for example, uses silk gloves.

    The so-called “hot stone massage”, in which small stones are placed on the body to give off heat, has also become popular.

    The Swedish massage

    The most classic of all massages is the “Swedish massage”.

    Most modern forms of massage are based on this massage technique, which is also the oldest healing art on earth.

    It usually consists of a mix of techniques of brushing, kneading, rubbing and tapping.

    It is primarily used to relieve tension.

    As a partial body massage, it is usually offered for the back, shoulders and neck.

    A full body massage, on the other hand, usually refers to the back, shoulders and neck, feet, arms, hands and possibly also the head and face in Swedish massage.

    The duration of the application can vary, but is usually between 30 and 60 minutes.

    As a rule, the masseur works with the help of oils.

    The head massage makes headaches go away immediately

    The positive effects on the health of Swedish massage are manifold and go beyond the well-known release of tension. Of particular note is that

    • Muscle hardening and
    • Headache is prevented,
    • Waste products are flushed out ,
    • Pain alleviated and tensions are released and

    the function of the internal organs is stimulated.

    It is also worth knowing that the classic Swedish massage is recognized by conventional medicine and is even prescribed by doctors if necessary. Their effectiveness is therefore undisputed.

    The wellness massage

    This type of massage is mainly used to relax from stress and tension. Adhesion of muscles is loosened and eliminated. The result of this massage is the feeling of pleasant relaxation.

    The verifiable effects of a wellness massage are:

    Heart rate and blood pressure drop, which is why stress hormones are broken down. This has a positive effect on sleep, concentration and metabolism.

    The blood flow to muscles and skin is stimulated.

    Body treatments

    Body treatments are various baths , wraps, peelings or packs.

    The different bathrooms are primarily used to relax and escape from the stressful everyday life. Aromatic oil baths are often offered, which add pleasant smells to the wellness experience.

    Algae packs, which can be added to the bath water as a possible variant, contain important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In addition, they contribute to the drainage and detoxification of the body.

    A mud pack is good for the skin and makes it softer

    The hay pack has also become popular. This consists of hay, which should be composed of a minimum number of different plants. It is said to alleviate body aches and lower back pain.

    Apart from baths in the classic bathtub, there are also those in the whirlpool. Rose blossoms, juniper or thyme, for example, are then added to these, which are primarily intended to relax again and also to relieve tension through the water fizz.

    The effect of wellness baths in general

    Apart from the individual purposes pursued by the different baths, they of course always bring the positive effects of bathing with them in general. These include:

    • The beneficial increase in body temperature,
    • Detoxification and purification,
    • better blood flow to the tissues as well
    • Relaxation for muscles and spine.

    Sauna and steam baths

    A sauna and usually a steam bath are essential in every wellness temple. After a stay in the sauna you not only feel good, but also have a positive medical effect. Basically, the heat relieves muscle tension and improves blood circulation. The subsequent cold bath or shower also gets your circulation going. Those who regularly go to the sauna are hardened against infections and colds in the long term. Pathogens are destroyed by the high temperature. A visit to the sauna also has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin. The heat opens the pores and cleanses the skin. The result is a finer complexion.

    A sauna session is even more fun in a group

    In the steam bath, on the other hand, very moist heat is generated, which is often mixed with different aromas. The humidity is usually between 80 and 100%. The positive effects of the steam bath include:

    The vessels are expanded and the skin is better supplied with blood,

    the metabolism is stimulated

    In contrast to the sauna, the saturated water vapor dissolves stubborn mucus in chronic colds.

    A stay in a wellness hotel as a short-term escape from the stressful everyday life is generally only recommended to everyone. Health can only benefit from a cocktail consisting of the right treatments and relaxation.

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