What are the advantages of knowing the Earth is round?

  • What are the advantages of knowing the Earth is round?

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    Let me list a couple of tangible benefits that I can think about:

    1. We understand that the fastest route in between two remote locations is not a straight line but a terrific circle.
    2. We understand weather condition patterns. In specific, we comprehend the role the Coriolis result uses air and sea currents.
    3. We need not worry about reaching the edge of the world and falling off into the void when planning a voyage by air or sea.
    4. We comprehend orbits around a round Earth, and it enables us to place satellites up there for functions of communication or Earth observation.
    5. Understanding the geometry of the Earth and using the abovementioned satellites, we can have a highly precise global navigation system.
    6. High frequency traders may one not too distant day utilize beams of neutrinos that travel through the interior of the round Earth as a method of interaction between remote markets, shaving off a couple of milliseconds.

    OK, that has to do with all I can think about right now. In many methods, however, a round Earth is dull. A flat Earth would raise some fascinating concerns … such as what is beyond the edge? Or what takes place if you dig/drill deep enough?:–RRB-

    It is utilized in flight all the time to discover the quickest distance between two cities. The flight from San Francisco to Munich takes you from San Francisco over to Eastern Canada, then the UK and down to Germany. This is a much shorter distance than flying to the US East Coast (say NY) and after that crossing the Atlantic to Europe.

    Flight course created utilizing Lufthansa’s flight-path generator: Lufthansa Group Route Map

    This course makes good sense only because Earth is round.


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    There is no benefit of understanding the Earth is round since it’s NOT round. All genuine images of Earth show that it’s flat, which’s how we know the Earth is not round.

    Individuals that think the Earth is round are oblivious and know very little about science, and can’t accept the real shape of Earth. Researchers have actually had the ability to prove that the Earth is flat for many years. Believing the Earth is round simply increases your possibilities of falling off the edge if you sail too far in a ship.


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    Most likely the first big benefit was navigation at sea.

    In the future, we might develop through-the-earth transport that benefits from gravity. Basically, an elevator that falls through the earth’s crust and back out. Not always through the core and out the opposite, since that would impose some substantial technological challenges. Deep sufficient to, state, link New York and Los Angeles. Or New York City and London. If you do the mathematics, it turns out the travel time in between any two such linked points– whether through the core or not– is precisely 23 minutes. If the earth were not a spheroid, this would not be a possibility.

    The NASA is likewise delighted by the fact that the earth round! They have this device called the ISS, which is now making it’s orbit for more than 10 years. It likewise makes it more simple to spread the other satellites in the space surrounding Earth. If Earth were to be flat, a lot of satellites would be cirkeling the rim …


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    What goes around comes around!


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