What are ten examples of application software?

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    Anything that runs in computer system, interact with user, have some interface is called computer software.

    • Skype
    • MS word
    • Paint
    • Photoshop
    • Windows
    • VLC Player etc

    What is Application Software?

    Application software solutions are computing programs available in the form of communication apps or PC and mobile apps, designed for a specific business, educational or personal usage and purpose. A better way of explaining this could be by understanding the purpose it is aimed at.

    Software Definition and Examples

    Application software implies a process that is used by an end-user for communicating with the computing system. It is based on this process that a computer system gets divided into application and system software. Application software is what we discussed just now. System software is a strategy deployed by any computing device to communicate with its hardware components.

    Application software is built for specific purposes like writing documents, managing business accounts, handling customer queries, watching movies and the list goes on. Some of these come preinstalled already in your mobile or PCs while many others you have to install.

    List of application software names and their uses, more than 10 examples of application software:

    Mentioned here are the ten popular ones, but the list for more such popular applications is long.

    1. MS Word & Google Docs: Used for documentation purposes
    2. FileMaker or MS Access are popular database management systems
    3. Adobe Photoshop and Picasa used for video editing and graphics
    4. Mozilla Firefox, which is a popular web browser. Opera and Internet Explorer too could be included here
    5. Microsoft Powerpoint used as a presentation software for displaying information onto slides
    6. Enterprise software that is deployed by businesses for managing customer relations, etc.
    7. Matlab or similar such educational software solutions for teaching mathematics
    8. Microsoft Encarta used by academicians, students and professionals for searching scholarly information
    9. AutoCAD for 2D and 3D drafting and designing
    10. WinRAR that is most popular for data archiving and compression

    Example of application software: Debugger, Assembler, Compiler

    Example of system software: Word Processor, Media Player, Web Browser

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    Here are some best and more than ten examples of application software

    1. MS Word
    2. Outlook
    3. MS Access
    4. Adobe Photoshop
    5. Skype
    6. MS Excel
    7. Notepad
    8. CorelDraw
    9. Firefox
    10. MySQL
    11. Safari
    12. WinRAR
    13. Oracle
    14. Chrome
    15. Real Player
    16. Apache OpenOffice
    17. AutoCAD
    18. Media Player
    19. Microsoft Powerpoint
    20. SoundCloud
    21. VLC Media Player
    22. WordPad
    23. Microsoft Encarta
    24. Google Earth
    25. Apple Numbers
    26. Adobe Acrobat Reader
    27. WhatsApp

    Application software is software designed for the benefit of the user to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities.

    Application software is installed according to the demands of the user. They can not run autonomously. They need system software presence.

    Application software can handle user inputs and helps the user complete the task. It resides above software from the system. It can be installed, or accessed online. It may be a single program or a group of small programs called an application suite.

    There are different types of application software according to the level of language used:

    • Word processing
    • Spreadsheet
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Database
    • Communication
    • Presentation
    • Internet Browsers
    • Email Programs

    1. Oracle,
    2. MS Word,
    3. WordPad
    4. NotepadInternet browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
    5. Microsoft Power Point,
    6. Keynotes
    7. Dictionaries: Encarta, Britannica
    8. Mathematical: MATLABOthers: Google Earth,
    9. NASA World Wind
    10. OpenOffice,
    11. Microsoft Office
    12. Auto CADMySQL,
    13. MS Access
    14. Apple Numbers,
    15. Microsoft Excel
    16. Real Player,
    17. Media Player

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    Software is basically the opposite of hardware. Anything that runs on your computer, phone, tablet, GPS or any other device which takes in instructions and displays a result contains some form of software.

    I’m sure that you can make a list longer than 10 now, but I’ll make one for you:

    1. Google Chrome, the well known web browser that a lot of people use both on computers and mobile phones.
    2. Skype is another popular piece of software which allows people to communicate using video and audio.
    3. Notepad, which every Windows user is familiar with. A simple text editor which works with plain text.
    4. Microsoft Office is a software suite which is a collection of lots of tools such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
    5. Call of Duty is a popular FPS shooter game which many people play and comes in many editions.
    6. Microsoft Windows is run by over 90% of computers, so you are probably using it right now.
    7. WhatsApp is available for mobile phones, and is used for communication. It is also available for computers.
    8. iTunes is a music store which belongs to Apple. If you have an iPhone, you probably have this app.
    9. Grammarly is a tool which helps you to write high-quality text by correcting any mistakes and suggesting changes.
    10. File Explorer is built into Windows and helps users browse and manage all files stored on their computer.

    I could go on forever, since I make software too, but I think that’s enough. I hope I answered your question!

    In general, any application you run on your computer is a software application. Having said that, there are many different types of software applications. Some run on your computer, some run in the browser (which is an example of a software application).

    But software applications are not limited to computers or phones. Many factories use machines to make their products, and the machines are controlled by software applications. The US Post Office uses handwriting recognition software to route letters to the right places, game consoles use software to allow users to play games, civil engineers use software to plan the best configurations for streets in a city, and IT departments use software applications to keep tabs on the health of their networks.

    Some might contend that not all of these are technically “software application programs”, and that they fall under different types of software (Operating Systems, embedded software, etc.). My decidedly non-authoritative opinion is that any software that performs a service or purpose of some kind can be called a software application.

    Either way, I’m sure all will agree that software applications permeate our world. Without software, our lives would look a lot like our grandparents’ (or even great-grandparents’).

    Your business success depends on many things. One of them is a type of application software that can either improve or decrease your efficiency and productivity. So, knowing what application software types are there on the table and which one fits your needs best is vital.

    However, I’ve heard many times people confuse application software with programming software or system software.

    To make sure we are talking about the same things, let’s start with the basics, the fundamentals you must understand, before diving into the types.

    What is computer software?

    The word “software” was first introduced back in 1960 as an opposite to “hardware”, in order to differentiate them. Since then, the meaning of “computer software” didn’t really change. So, what is it?

    Simply put, computer software is a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do, how to do it, and when.

    Computer software, as you can see, is a very wide and kind of generic concept. Not to get stuck in a loose definition, let’s get more specific and talk about computer software types.

    These are application software, programming software, and system software.

    What is application software?

    Application software (sometimes known as just “app”) is software that end-users engage with the most on a regular basis. It is a program that performs a specific function allowing users to achieve education, communication, entertainment, and other goals.

    What are types and examples of application software?

    Depending on the task and user needs, we can distinguish different types of application software. They include (but not limited to):

    • Application suites (MS Office)
    • Database software (MS Access, MySQL, Oracle)
    • Communication software (MS NetMeeting, Skype)
    • Internet Browsers (MS Internet Explorer, Firefox)
    • Educational software (Google Earth)
    • Enterprise software (various CRM systems)
    • Multimedia software (Media Player)
    • Presentation software (Keynotes, Microsoft PowerPoint)
    • Spreadsheet software (MS Excel)
    • Word processing software (Notepad, MS Word)

    The tech world, however, is constantly evolving, and new types of software appear and will keep doing that.

    If you’re still at the stage of asking it, almost all the software you yourself used in a pc would be some application software 🙂

    The other kind – system software – are those that basically enable the pc to run. Operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, …), device drivers, etc. They have bare minimum or no user interaction, and work behind the scenes. Another class of system software is your compilers, linkers etc that translate source code into software.

    What a general user actively uses is pretty much application software 🙂

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