What are some sample research titles about STEM strand?

  • It is better for you to go through the letrature of the field , read related papers, concentrate on the conclusions and suggestions, then select the topic that you have interest in ,with advisor consultation.

    STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is such a wide field, you should have fun picking and running a research project.

    STEM is based on the scientific method. On replicable studies and supporting hypotheses. Numbers make sense.

    1. The effects of malnutrition in today’s youth.

    2. Digital Age: The influence of ICT in Millennials Today.

    3. Working With Technology: The Pros & Cons of Having Technology in The Workplace.

    4. Humble abode: The Importance of Innovative Aspects in Home-Building.

    5. Futuristic: The World Ruled by Robots.

    6. Future Demand for Artificial Intelligence?

    7. Current Position for Artificial Intelligence?

    8. Virtual Reality?

    9. .Human Health: What Are The Main Factors to Effect Human Health? & How to Reduce Them? How Technology has Improved Medicine?

    10. Life Changes.

    11. Stent Use in Heart Operations: How they Improved Longevity & Daily Functioning.

    12. Added Features of Computerized Conveniences in Passenger Vehicles: How The Improvement of Human Lives Are Affected?

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    I think you’re missing the point of your assignment.

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    Because STEM is such a broad field, research paper topics written in the field will cover a wide variety of subjects.

    This question seems to be asking for a straight list, so here’s a summary of this natureindex.com article about the top five scientific papers from January 2020. I could try to come up with some titles on my own, but I feel that getting to read the titles or real, published papers will be more beneficial, so you get to see real-world examples.

    I’ll provide two things in the list; the name of the paper or study, and the name(s) of the researchers and universities involved:

    1. Hyperactivation of sympathetic nerves drives depletion of melanocyte stem cells – Sign Zhang, Harvard Stem Cell Institute
    2. Evaluating the Performance of Past Climate Model Projection – UC Berkeley Climate Scientists (led by Zeke Hausfather), MIT and NASA reports
    3. Genome-wide CRISPR–Cas9 screening reveals ubiquitous T cell cancer targeting via the monomorphic MHC class I-related protein MR1 – Cardiff University, United Kingdom
    4. Parrots Voluntarily Help Each Other to Obtain Food Rewards – Désirée Brucks (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich) and Auguste von Bayern (Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, Germany)
    5. Tobacco smoking and somatic mutations in human bronchial epithelium – Peter Campbell (Wellcome Sanger Institute), Sam M. James (University College London), et. al.

    As you can see, STEM papers are written on have a wide variety of subjects, and then to have descriptive titles that give you a pretty good idea what the paper is about or what the researchers worked on eve before you read it.

    Please reference the link to the source article so that you can read more about these papers and what was found in the studies they were written about. Some of this stuff is pretty interesting. I hope this gave you some ideas as to what STEM research paper titles look like.

    What are 3 research titles related to STEM? What are 3 questions for each title?

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    The best way to get answers to your question (which sounds like a homework question) is to Google “stem strand research topics”. Then you can explore the specific areas of STEM research in which you have an interest.

    The Effects of Hand Held Devices, and Social Media on the Human Mind. You could use your own peers as test subjects, look at the attention spans, study habits and grades of people who are heavily involved in social media and who are not. Here’s a good place to start… Social Media and Teen Anxiety

    While I cannot suggest one to you, I can tell you how to get there. For one thing, if your interest is in chemistry, it would do you absolutely no good for me to suggest a research project in electrical engineering (though both are STEM fields).

    Look at the table of contents of perhaps the second tier of academic journals in your field of interest.

    Find a few articles that sound interesting and read those.

    Some of them will have a section towards the end that talk of ideas or directions for future research. Use those.

    Or, if the article itself is interesting, find a different twist or slant to research.

    Remember to follow all rules of attribution, quoting, referencing, etc.

    I would say no, at least not for me. I think that being creative is more difficult for me. The arts like music, and drawing and the performing arts, sculpture and other art forms is more difficult as I am the least creative person on the planet. I think the arts is largely underrated as a demanding area of study and performance. Math, the sciences require study yes, but the answers to those subjects are pretty cut and dried. Math requires some creativity in solving problems but not compared to the arts.

    If you are interested in math, you could look into non Euclidean geometries (geometry, except on a sphere or another model, which results in weird properties such as triangles with angle sums greater than 180 degrees total). You could also look into RSA cryptography, which is a method used to encrypt information (such as credit card numbers). Both of these topics should be approachable and interesting for high school students, though I’m not particularly sure of references/readings that I could give you off the top of my head.

    imaginative, her almost every single meal you would ever eat, somebody else decided what you would eat. Then one day, someone asks you what you want to eat. How would you respond?

    For the vast majority of your professional and academic life, well in excess of 95% of the time, you will study what other people tell you to study. You will research what they tell you to research.

    You’ve been given an opportunity to research something you find interesting. It’s normal to throw up your hands and ask for help, because you have so little experience thinking of your own ideas. Even at its best, our educational system isn’t great in helping people prepare for this.

    However, I’m not going to give you any topics or ideas, because you’ve been given a wonderful opportunity and I don’t want you to squander it.

    Think about what interests you. What questions do you have for which you don’t have answers yet? It’s fine to not have an answer yet, but keep thinking about it. Take a few minutes every once in a while, reflecting back on everything you’ve studied. Don’t give up and don’t except somebody else’s idea.

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