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  • Depression and Anxiety disorders are growing every day. More and more people suffer from them on a daily basis and the numbers have never been so high in the entire history of time.

    It is estimated that around 6% of all people are depressed during any given year.

    Depression is currently the most common psychological illness in the world, and it is not a good one…

    Research has been done in countless ways to fight Depression and a lot of people have found out different ways to deal with it, but before I go into them you must know that Depression is very serious and different for everyone.

    That is why the best thing you can do is go and talk to someone who knows about it, preferably a psychiatrist or therapist (80–90% of people that talk to someone find their depression decreasing after just a couple of weeks.)

    That being said, here are the top ways you can deal with your depression or anxiety:

    1. Think less and do more. Most depressions arise from us not being able to do what we want or us not being able to do what we used to do, which leaves more time for thoughts.

    Yet, since most people are not totally enlightened, in love with themselves and the world as 100% positive, having time to think causes mostly negative thought spirals.

    When these get really bad, depression may be just around the corner.

    Instead of thinking so much: Do something.

    This is incredibly difficult for people suffering from depression but it is also one of the best ways to get out of it.

    Work on something you love, force yourself into action, and you will always feel better, even if only by a little bit.

    2. Analyze your thoughts. Depression is a mental disorder and therefore we have to work with the brain to deal with it.

    Martin E. P. Seligman wrote a book on Depression after many decades of research.

    During his research he found out about “learned helplessness” which is one of the leading causes and symptoms in depressed people.

    To deal with this he developed a strategy called the ABC (Adversity-Belief-Consequences).

    The general idea behind is that you record the adversity you faced, the belief that is connected with it and the actual consequences.

    For a more detailed overview go here: The ABC Technique: Overcoming Pessimistic Thinking

    If you want the full experience then get Martin’s book: Learned Optimism – How to change your mind and your life.

    3. Talk to someone. Talking it out often helps more than you believe it will.

    You want to uphold a specific image among your friends and family, even with your partner, so you cannot just let loose and tell them everything that is going on.

    It is precisely for that reason that you need someone that is unbiased but still understands you and is there for you.

    With that person you can tell them everything you think and feel and just lay your thoughts on them.

    This gets them out of your head, into the open and ready to be dealt with.

    Find a therapist, psychologist or a life coach to help you with this.

    4. Be aware of minimizing and maximizing your problems. The most difficult thing for people suffering from Depression or Anxiety disorders is keeping a real sense of the world around them.

    Most of them are so high up in their thoughts that they cannot stay grounded on what is truly happening.

    The biggest problems occur by them making their problems either too big or too small.

    They minimize the big problems, justifying them and brushing them off as nothing important when, in fact, this is where most of their problems come from.

    And they maximize the small problems, giving them more value and trying to work them out, spending all their time on them and then realizing that it didn’t change much.

    Doing both of these things they get stuck in a loop of always focusing on the small stuff and getting upset that it doesn’t help while ignoring the big problems.

    It’s like trying to cook a strawberry cake and adding more strawberries to fix the fact that the cake is more liquid than solid, and then getting angry and depressed about the fact that it is not a real cake, when the real problem has nothing to do with the strawberries.

    For more tips and some motivation check out the videos below:

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