What are four contributing factors that may lead to an …

  • Peer pressure

    Home/school bullying

    too much criticism from teachers and or parent

    stress/worry about not being good enough, or other family problems or outside school problems

    too much pressure on them, or pressure to do well when they don’t think they can so lack of confidence.


    1. Lack of thorough, unbiased, and accurate education on different types of substances and their individual associated risks, including alcohol.
    2. Illegal/restricted/unregulated status of substances which incentivize & empower black markets. Easier for youth to access than alcohol.
    3. Entertainment (movies, music, tv, etc.) inaccurately portraying or glamorizing substance use & partying (also including alcohol).
    4. Propaganda and false information spread about substances which blurs the line between fact and myth surrounding any substance, diminishing trust in what can be believed to be true from any figure


    1. Lack of prayer
    2. Lack of creative classes as music, drama, writing skills, and free thinking out of the box.
    3. Teaching to fit in the box
    4. Tests which produces the feelings of being a failure
    5. Lack of individual expression instead of being forced to learn from the books that are not teaching truth or real skills, but program the mind of the student.

    Circle of friends/peer pressure, problems at home/environmental, accessibility & family history/genetics are the things that come to mind,

    Elaborating this answer means time wastage & misuse,hence certain point may be the reason-:

    -Indiscipline among students.

    -educator carelessness.

    -parents losing control.

    -personal stress.

    -alot of indifference among student

    -presence of bad guys in the classroom.


    The child experiencing a traumatic event without emotional support. Malnutrition, food disparity, poverty, Little to no extended family structure supporting healthy living.

    Peer pressure to use drugs, easy availability, parents that use or drink to excess at home.

    Lack of community organized activities for youth, of various types.

    High school with clicks, and gangs.

    Parental involvement with DCFS. Even when there has been a positive outcome, children are stigmatized, and shunned by peers frequently.

    Poor grades, family fighting, abused parent or sibling, depression, RAD, ODD, involvement with polic


    The leftists that want to destroy their mental health is what is causing it.

    Too many lies, that even kids can see through, along with all the attacks against them, like trying to tell them they are racist if they born white.

    Girls now being too afraid to even use the school bathrooms with the boys in there especially since they are now being gang raped in there, are getting bladder infections etc.

    Turning kids into such mental cases that they are even becoming killers…their suicide and addiction rates are going up too.

    when someone is under peer pressure,they are forced or persuaded or dont want to be left behind or want to prove they can be part of the gang/It is used under depression,like parent breakup,divorce,school etc/some teenagers use it during thier experiment stage

    Seeing that this is getting many I would like to educate you’ll further

    So as you know I mentioned depression and parent divorce ,and this leads to worse things which is gang abuse.Many teens who come from violent backgrounds and suffer from severe emotional instability join gangs to have a sense of belonging. The members of the gang


    Troubled family life

    Pressure to be notable student

    Pressure to fit in

    Easy access to substances within the school

    If we are interested in what happens in the unconscious of people, there are more than four. Although it depends on each individual, we can say that the common point is: An inner malaise (feeling of inner emptiness, due to a lack of attention / love from parents, which causes anxiety, a feeling of helplessness, of inferiority, of guilt, aggressiveness sometimes, etc. …. ).

    Off the top of my head, I would think the leading issue would involve competition for a limited number of spaces in a popular program that paves the way for higher earning capacity after graduation.

    Exchange students are particularly vulnerable to depression because they already lack a familiar support system being out of their own country and away from family and friends.

    First and second year undergraduates are probably more at risk because they’re immature and must cope with a significant amount of stress on starting their scholastic careers. Undergraduates may be disillusioned by the univers


    Well it doesn’t always happen IN schools, sometimes after or before school. What country did this question come from? A pretty good try! I tried pot when all the things said about (what it did to people, how they would act/treat others), almost everything about it was a lie! Almost every source that talks to youth lied in some way shape or form about it(addiction, overdoses, ruin your life). Fucked up thing was, after getting high a few times, I was able to spot other high people, and depending on a few factors, not many non users knew who was or was not high, this was FACT with the people who


    Failed Legislative drug policy and laws.

    Availability of substances.

    Media glorification of drug use.

    Society’s use of mood-changing substances particularly alcohol.

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