Should I say Happy Easter to my Christian friends?

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    Should I say Happy Easter to my Christian friends?

    Easter or Resurrection Day is the most important holiday of the Christian year. We are celebrating our Lord’s conquest of sin and death. He is Risen!!

    Christians love Easter! This is our leader’s moment of victory … the resurrection, for sure, but also the cross, since it was the moment that made us right with God again.

    Yes, you should say Happy Easter to your Christian friends.

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    Instead of diving so deeply into it as a historian and true origins of Easter how about a more logical answer, since not everyone is a historian and most people aren’t completely complex as that.

    People aren’t correcting you they are just responding in their own greeting. You say “Happy Easter” because that is more than likely what you grew up knowing the greeting to be, which there is nothing wrong with. They are simply replying to you with “Happy Resurrection Day” because that is more than likely what they grew up with.

    Yes, I am a Christian and I say it both ways as I grew up with it in different places and different churches so I normally respond with the first thing that comes to mind.

    I hope that helps.

    I presume by asking that question, you are not Christian. But, by asking that question, it shows that you are a caring person. If your friends celebrate Easter, then it is good of you to wish them a Happy Easter. It has nothing to do with your beliefs. It is respecting theirs. Please don’t get bogged down by some of the complicated answers I’ve seen. It’s just basic friendliness. I would hope that these same friends would honor any holidays they know you celebrate and they don’t by wishing the same to you!!! You sound like a good friend.

    Of course you should say that! If Jesus only had died, it would nor have been such a big thing right? So many other people die.

    But he died knowing and advising his desciples that he would be resurrected advising nd even visit them. This is what Christians expect to happen when the time us right with their own souls. They would live forever, no pain, no suffering ! This is something which makes you free- you don’t worry about dying.

    This is why you can say Happy Easter!

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    Of course and happy easter to all :)!

    Hello writer,

    I appreciate your enthusiasm and warm greetings, however I will share something with you.

    As a Christian who believes Scripture (not traditions of some Churches) Easter does not have a biblical origin. It is a pagan festival and the days around its celebrations (Good Friday, Palm Sunday) have no backing in Scripture. The Sabbath Jesus was killed on was a yearly “high day’ (being Passover) (John 19: 31).so He was not even killed on Friday, and Palm Sunday does not match up with what Scripture reveals about the events around Jesus’ death.

    The Easter celebration bears no meaning to the Christ I celebrate and worship. Jesus claims to be truth (John 14:6) and if I am told to worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4: 24) it would be hypocrisy for me to worship Jesus according to days that do not reflect biblical truth and accuracy.

    Thank you anyway for your kind thoughts

    God bless you

    Yes, there’s no issue in wishing you Christian happy easter if you are a non-christain friend to them. They won’t mind because you come from a different culture. Also, you can always know whether they celebrate it as resurrection day or simply easter day for easter festivities and then wish accordingly.


    It’s appropriate to wish someone “Happy Birthday” when it’s not your birthday.

    It’s appropriate to wish someone a Happy Holiday when it’s not your holiday.

    Yours is a good question and I appreciate your sensitivity. Yes, Christians will appreciate your greeting. But the celebration of Easter is not the death of Christ but his resurrection. Saying we celebrate Good Friday, his death, sounds weird. But Jesus was on a mission to redeem mankind and open a way for man to have eternal life. When Jesus said on the cross, “It is finished” he is saying Mission Accomplished! Jesus was victorious over Satan when he completed the mission. In spite of the horror he endured, even Jesus would say it was a Good Friday.

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