My oxygen levels is 97%why am I brief of breath?

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    You will be near death before your blood oxygen goes listed below ninety. Our breathing is so effective that the blood is 90–100%oxygenated even in seriously reduced health and wellbeing.

    Shortness of breath occurs not because there is inadequate oxygen in your blood, but because you aren’t breathing sufficiently to clear CO2 from your body. Excessive CO2 keeps the breathe reflex active, and your body “bring breath” hard, up until the CO2 is cleared.

    EDIT: COVID19 has actually revealed an ominous symptom that shows how breathlessness and low oxygen are not straight connected. Victims of that syndrome have actually been understood to suffer from “silent hypoxia”– an extreme absence of oxygen, down into the 70 s, WITHOUT feeling brief of breath.

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    You might have great oxygen saturation, but if you are burning it extremely quickly like running or cycling hard, you will need to breathe quickly to be replacing the oxygen utilized.


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    Your oxygen level is not 97%. The screen of pulse ox is constantly wrong, as it constantly overstates the actual oxygen saturation by the level of carboxyhemoglobin it reads as if oxygen.

    It could be 87, 77, 67 or57 You have no concept.

    Read the handbook.


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    Hi … I was suffering from shortness of breath and burping … And i was very affair that time due to the fact that I am an athlete and I don not have asthma or any sort of breathing concern given that birth …

    So I chose to go to a lungs doc. And their i found out that the level of vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 was low in my body which was the primary factor for my shortness of breath …

    Doc. Offered me couple of medications … Which lasts for 2 months … AnAnd now I am completely okay …

    So keep in mind something, that any sort of problem associated to breathing is not major everytime … So Please remain calm and concert a doc. Before taking any kind of depression …

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    You may have ended up being deconditioned due to the fact that your refraining from doing as much physically as you were in the past so when you go to do regular things or workout like prior to your body isn’t as used to it and has to work more difficult to get back to typical. Attempt light workout and work your way approximately harder exercise and you must be back to normal quickly. However if this continues or it’s not from being inactive for a while then speak with your GP.


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    Other term for burping is burping,

    Eructation or Aerophagea.

    Common symptom for this is burping air from stomach approximately the throat.

    The normal cause for this is raising air that was swallowed with the food and beverage taken in. This is called eructation.

    When burping occurs repeatedly, throughout the day brought on by unconscious, repeated swallowing of air, this is called aerophagea.

    We typically have 1 cup of air in our stomach all the time.

    Each day, we swallow air and make some in our stomach about 10 cups in 24 hours. 9 cups is too many, so we burp sometimes.

    Some treatments:

    – Do not gulp down air as you consume.

    – Chew with your mouth closed, do not talk while you’ r eating, or just do less talk while consuming.

    – Do not consume food that produce gas like beans, carbonated drinks and beer.

    – Do not consume in odd methods, out of cans, bottles, or through a straw.

    – Prevent foods with high air content like ice cream, omelets, and whipped cream.

    – Make 1 cup ginger tea – make sure it’s from ginger plant, it eases burping. Take it prior to your meal.

    – Add 1 tsp cardamon to 8 ounce water, boil for 10 minutes, drink it hot. The herb minimize the muscle spasm in the stomach which trigger the burping.

    Domperidone is antiemetic while Omeprazole is antacid.

    These 2 are
    commonly given to patients with GI issues.

    These two medications do not promote in alleviating the air from stomach.

    I don’t believe they relate to burping,
    so please check.

    No. At least a few of the blood in the lung veins was not oxygenated. It is not draining from alveoli, where gas exchange took place: it is draining pipes from muscle, cartilage, mucous glands, lymphatic tissue. So even if the blood leaving the alveoli is 100%oxygenated (implying that ventilation and perfusion are completely matched all over) there is a small mix-in of venous blood. Regular saturation is 95–98%. A saturation of 100%is not typically attained.


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    This is an unusual question, since you are having severe breathing problem and you haven’t seen a doctor? If you have, you will not ask this concern here.

    You also say that it could be VCD. Do you indicate VSD? How do you know?

    Your condition requires medical evaluation. Without evaluation of your heart and lungs it is not possible to address your question.

    Do you have a difficulty in seeing a medical professional? It is strange to see concerns like this on Quora because this is not a medical service.

    If you have any breathing difficulty, please see a doctor urgently.

    Be safe and well.


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    This physician is unsatisfactory for you. Unless you have actually been formally identified with stress and anxiety, and he is attributing your issue (not your signs, however you believing you have signs at all) to it, he might want to do lung x-rays next, and doing a stress EKG on you for heart function. Now, I’m clearly not a doctor, yet this is what I have read would be suitable before I ever read your concern.

    If you take place to be female, welcome to the club that is underdiagnosed due to medical professionals decreasing female grievances and associating them, particularly heart-related signs, to “their condition,” (of being female and for that reason, in this line of thought, mentally unstable).

    Return, or get another medical professional. As soon as you bring it up, and you say you desire specific tests (especially if you put down your issues and your ask for tests in a great handwritten note to the medical professional, that you have made two copies of), it will put a little pep in your medical professional’s step and you’ll get some better care.

    Sometimes, there’s not too big a preparation for heart and lung issues when you have tiredness and shortness of breath that you did not have in the past.

    I’m thankful you asked this. Act now. Best of luck!

    There are a number of reasons why you can be short of breath with an oxygen saturation of 100%. The previous responder called one– anemia. If there aren’t sufficient red blood cells to bring the oxygen needed, your lungs will breathe quicker trying (unsuccessfully) to get more oxygen to the tissues.

    Likewise, hyperventilating (shortness of breath) is better at blowing off excess co2 then it is at increasing oxygen. This is why anybody who is performing exhausting workouts becomes brief of breath. If you inspect the oxygen saturation of the majority of people with healthy lungs while working out, typically, their oxygen levels will be regular (93–100%). They are breathing faster to blow off co2 created by the working out muscles. If you are truly reconditioned, this can occur with extremely little activity.

    Hyperventilating can take place when you are having a heart issue, consisting of cardiac arrest and cardiovascular disease. Lungs in this case are still attempting to get more oxygen to a struggling heart. Once again, hyperventilating is not an excellent method to increase oxygenation. The faster you breathe, the less time during inhale you need to entirely fill your lungs prior to breathing out. Hence, you tend to breathe shallower and utilize less of your lung tissue.

    There is likewise a scenario with individuals with COPD (chronic obstructive lung disease). People with this condition have a more difficult time exhaling as their air passages collapse and trap air in the lungs. This also causes co2 to build up in the blood. This can trigger hyperventilating.

    Anything putting pressure on your lungs that do not enable them to broaden fully (I.e. abdominal hernia, pregnancy) will cause shortness of breath because the lungs can’t expand fully.

    These are just the ones that enter your mind. There are more. With any of these conditions, your oxygen saturation could be fine.

    You most likely need a good medical check up from your medical professional to figure out why you lack breath.

    The oxygen saturation is a procedure of the quantity of oxygen the blood is holding compared to the maximum quantity it can hold. Have you tried strolling then examining your saturation? It is a ratio, not an outright measure of the quantity of oxygen present. It is a fast and easy test, however does not give all the answers, especially at rest. It might drop with exercise and not quite workout.

    Feeling brief of breath can be brought on by lots of things. I’ve said regularly on this online forum there are more illness than symptoms.

    You may not be able to move enough oxygen, despite the fact that at rest your saturation is excellent – again check your saturation after and throughout exercise.

    You might feel brief of breath if your longs are stiff, from scarring, infection, increased high blood pressure in the lungs, fluid in the lungs. You might have lost practical gas exchange location emphysema or other form of COPD. It might be an understanding from perhaps irritation of the stretch receptors in the lungs.

    You may feel short of breath in cardiac arrest, when you can’t increase oxygen shipment as needed, or other heart problems.

    You might feel brief of breath from anemia. Even if you just have 6 grams per 100 ml of blood at rest your saturation might be normal, but you have less than half the hemoglobin needed to bring blood.

    Discuss this with your doctor, who may be able to discuss it to you in your particular scenario.

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