My neck popped, and now it hurts to look up and turn my …

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    I see that you have been given many different treatment options mostly by unqualified people. Everyone wants to help but some can help better. The pain you describe is likely due to facet joint injury (check a picture). This a small pair of joints at each vertebra which is the only place where the bones of the spine connect; disc rupture seems less likely.

    It would be best to see someone who can give you an exact diagnosis, knows any differential diagnosis and knows all treatments. The only person who fulfills these criteria is a spine surgeon. If time is important or the problem is getting worse, the quicker you should proceed.

    Chiropractors can help many problems but I have seen neck manipulations and they concern me. One Sunday afternoon I was called to the hospital to biopsy lymph nodes on a young lady for tissue typing for organ donation. She had had a neck manipulation and was now brain dead.

    The “pop”feeling may be cause by a disc or facet joint in the neck. It seems that you have pain and limited range of motion in your neck. I believe the best options is to seek a medical attention. Your primary doctor or chiropractor should be able to diagnose the source of the pain. One work of caution, there are many “proceduralist” between doctors. If the doctor does not tell you exactly why you hurt and offer you immediately manipulation, traction or any other forcible treatment, leave and seek another opinion. You need to what why you hurt first before you get any treatment. You do not wan to get cervical manipulation just to learn that you have ruptured disc and instead helping this made you worse.

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    Try soaking in a hot tub with your neck parallel to the bottom. Try to wiggle it gently side-to-side to see if it goes back into place. (I have to do this all the time because my neck is fused.)

    Ice may help your inflammation.

    Go to a recommended chiropractor, but make sure they will take x-rays at your first visit.

    If this type of intervention does not help you, insist on an MRI from an orthopedic doctor or neurosurgeon. INSIST—don’t stand on your head, but insist.

    You have to know what’s wrong, and x-rays are just preliminary. I had a myelogram because an MRI was insufficient to diagnose me. I hope you don’t have to get that test.

    My MRI was delayed for far too long and my cervical fusion results have been disappointing. Fusion was necessary, due to spinal cord compression.

    Don’t play around with a neck injury—it can ruin you.

    Good luck. Get film copies of all your tests, not just the reports. You can’t imagine the potential pain in the arse it is if you neglect this.

    I had similar sensations and feel i would like to share mine with you. This is my opinion, not a recommended route.

    After my car boot (trunk) fell on my head, I have been experiencing cracking, crunching sounds from neck that hurt quite a lot. Everytime I looked to my left it would click or crack. I had severe headaches and a really sore neck. I also work in front of a computer a lot and this clearly wasnt helping me.

    After numerous visits to doctors, specialists and chiropractor and a lot of medical bills I still wasnt able to get any relief. Long story short, I was tentatively diagnosed with Occipital Neuralgia. I found a daily exercise that alleviates the ‘pinched nerve.

    i can happily say it has helped me tremendously. There various videos on YouTube by doctors on these exercises.

    Good luck.

    Traction may help tremendously. Most Parmacies have a home traction kit that allows you to apply traction for about 20 mins. A day. If it hurts to apply traction, I would suggest going to the doctor. I would ask him, after he has determined the cause for your pain, if you could go to physical therapy. Only after he has determined the cause. You may have a situation wear you have fuptured a disc in your neck, that may need to be evaluated by a Surgeon. Doesn’t mean you have to have surgery, but he could offer different procedures to alleviate the problem. If it is as bad as you said, I would skip the traction and go straight to your Doctor. You don’t want to make it worse if it is Pathelogic. Hope that helps. Let me know how it turns out.

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    You probably blew a disc. Quit battering it for A while BUT do not stop moving all together unless it’s ordered by A doc. Few are that weak minded, as That you would regret, The body cannot easily repair this, there are all sorts of patches but none are perfect, you likely blew the cervical C6-C7. Do not wear a hat, or push down on your head/ neck. A pillow is now to be a thin one, don’t sleep with a bent neck, you will make it worse.


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    Most likely a “pulled” muscle which is now inflamed and pressing against a nerve. Rest it, anti-inflammatories, and for a few minutes at a time, use cold packs for the first day then hot packs.

    If it persists see a physician to rule out any sort of cervical spine issue.


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    Im sure you pulled a muscle. Ive done it many of times. Ive gone to the doctor and they’ve given me muscle relaxers and Vicodin but it really didn’t help much. Just made me really tired. Give it a couple days. Try to keep your neck relaxed. Try heat and ice.


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