Medterra CBD Oil Tincture 500mg 1-oz. Bottle + 4-oz. Hand Sanitizer for $28 + $3.35 s&h

Joy Organics CBD Sampler Pack

That’s $15 less than just the Mint Tincture would cost elsewhere on the site, but at 7.5mg per serving. (This one is 8.3mg per serving, and it comes with the other items also listed in the features, below.) If you bought all these items elsewhere on the site, you’d spend at least $60. (We didn’t even include the softgels in this comparison, because they’re not sold in such small quantities as are included in this sampler.) Buy Now at Joy Organics

  • To get this deal, use code “tryjoy25”.
  • Four 10 mg softgels
  • One Energy Drink Mix
  • One Mint Tincture (250 mg of Hemp Extract / 225 mg of CBD)

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