LGBTQ+ Mental Health

  • Not constrained by antediluvian ideals. · Nov 21 ·

    This is just a concept. I’m not sure where or if this will continue. The simple idea is a space to specifically focus on LGBTQ+ mental health. This is not a space about self harm, but identifying and combatting depression, the low moments, the lonely moments, the self. And actually it’s okay not to…

    My head races, I am my own worst judge! · Wed ·

    Sadly a familiar life echoed in many ways to my own. We are not alone.

    Do you still hesitate coming out in a still very homophobic world?

    Hello Andrew. We are all familiar with the cliche “look on the brighter side of things.” I think that is a bit too idealistic. In recent years what I have aimed to do is to look at the reality of the world and accept that there is, always has been, and always will be Good and Evil. Love and Hate. I s…

    Yes, the school administration should do that. If a transgender person doesn’t feel safe at home, it’s actually even more important to provide them a safe, supportive environment elsewhere than it already would be! If their parents withdraw them as a result, at least you tried to help (and probably…

    Psychologist (2010–present) · 2m ·

    MENTAL HEALTH AND ILLNESS Our minds cannot be studied in a mirror. It cannot be groomed and maintained by recourse to cosmetics, exercise or dietary supplements. How then, are we to know it and maintain it in a desirable state of well-being? How will we recognize mental disability and incapacity? How…

    My head races, I am my own worst judge! · Tue ·

    Good insights

    Do therapists treating people with borderline personality disorder need to be “colder” in their approach? Is there a concern that being warmer and more caring will cause the client to become overly attached?

    No, there is no such concern. Just like there is no such thing as being ‘overly’ attached. ‘Overly attached’ has been coined by the therapists who lack: clinical skill, and education – as well as the necessary intelligence with which to comprehend clinical concepts, and the necessary depth of a perso…

    I would say no, the fact that they don’t agree with your ‘choice’ to be gay means that it may cause some problems and I do not think it’s a good idea in general. Also, being gay isn’t a choice, please don’t forget that.

    Psychologist (2010–present) · Dec 17 ·

    Mental health and the LHBGQ+ Community – It’s often said that depression results from a chemical imbalance, but that figure of speech doesn’t capture how complex the disease is. Research suggests that depression doesn’t spring from simply having too much or too little of certain brain chemicals. Rath…

    My head races, I am my own worst judge! · Dec 16 ·

    Be authentic, when you are ready.

    If I know I’m gay, do I have to tell anyone else?

    The only person who needs to know is yourself. As time goes by and you start to mature, you will probably feel a need to live a more authentic life, to live transparently and openly. There’s nothing shameful or unhealthy or improper about being gay, and it is just another trait that goes into making…

    My head races, I am my own worst judge! · Dec 15 ·

    This has been shared elsewhere, but its the words which are important. Please hug, please take time, please reach out… …

    My head races, I am my own worst judge! · Dec 18 ·

    It does not help when people assume! We can all listen more.

    How do I talk about reconciliation of my unpopular feelings towards transgenderism without subjecting myself to crusifixion and gaslighting? Please, I’m asking for your help – not for misguided outrage; I wish to deny happiness from no one.

    Not long ago I had someone arguing with me about whether us trans folk are mentally ill. I pointed out that it is no longer considered a mental illness by the majority of doctors, mental health professionals and mental health organizations yet he continued to argue that point because he didn’t agree…

    Depression is often not talked about. Therapy does help, but also sharing, discussing the myriad of triggers and events and emotions which make this unique to everyone. I do not presume to have the answers, I wish I did, but I have found the more I have opened up the more I can manage it.

    So I have no agenda, only the focus to help LGBTQ+ face mental health. To know that actually it is okay to not be okay. This is a reality, its not attention seeking.

    So please join in and see if we can try and make our unique world a little better.

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