Is medical medium, Anthony William a fraud?

  • Tai Lopez isn’t a scam and he can show you how to get rich quick. But his program doesn’t work – it will make you poorer not richer.

    How can that be? Well, I discovered Tai’s secret and I’ll share it with you for only $49.99. Bargain right?

    Just joking, I’ll actually share it with you for free! If you like my answer, an upvote will be payment enough!

    The Tai Method to get rich quick!

    Step 1

    Build a self-help program. To do this you can copy parts from other successful self-help books and talks. Just Google “best self help books”. Try to make your program relatively long but don’t worry if it’s boring. The quality of the program isn’t particularly relevant.

    It’s like buying a treadmill for your house. Most people buy it imaging that they’ll get fit. They use it a couple of time but when they realise how much effort it takes to get fit, they stop using it and leave it in the garage.

    You program is the same. You want to get people excited about the idea of becoming rich. You then sell them the program and when they realise that getting rich takes too much effort, they will stop using it and move on. But that doesn’t matter to you because by that time, they will have paid you for the program!

    Bonus point if they subscribed to your website and forgot to cancel the subscription! You could even add a bug which makes it harder for them to cancel the subscription.

    Step 2

    Pay someone to build you a website. It needs to be capable of taking subscription payments. You will use the website to advertise and sell your program.

    Estimated cost – $3000 – $5000

    Step 3

    Make some videos. You should focus your videos on selling an aspirational message. Talk about how you were poor and how this system helped you to become rich. Talk about that for 9 minutes and talk about your program for one minute. Remember this is a sales pitch – you are selling the idea of “How to get rich quick” not actually explaining how to get rich.

    To make the videos you should hire a mansion for a couple of days. You can rent the house using AirBnB – these houses cost several thousand dollars per night. In the video pretend that this is your house. Be super casual like having a huge house is no big deal.

    You should also rent a couple of super cars for the garage. Bonus points if you film the car being delivered and pretend that you bought it!

    Get a professional camera operator and hire some models and extras. Bonus points for hiring beautiful women!

    You can also talk about things that make you seem rich. Talk about how you arrive via private jet. Talk about your other cars. Talk about how you’re pissed the Rolex you pre-ordered is delayed. Talk about how you’re going for a cruise on your yacht next week etc… With the expensive house these things will seem more believable and talking about them costs you nothing.

    Overall, this will probably cost about $15k. However, by the end you’ll have a whole series of videos that will make you look wealthy and successful.

    If you run out of ideas, just look at Tai’s videos to get some ideas. He’s the master of making these types of video.

    Step 4

    Promote the videos on YouTube. You will be paying quite a bit to advertise your videos. But it’s highly likely that you will make more from sales of your program than you will be spending in advertising costs.

    Do a test run and check that the numbers add up. As long as your revenue from sales is higher than the advertising costs, you’re in business. Keep upping the advertising budget and see the money roll in!

    People will see your videos and think that your program made you wealthy! Whereas in fact, your program IS your product.

    Does it work?

    This IS how Tai makes his money so it definitely works.

    The Tai scheme has the hallmarks of every successful business venture.

    • WORK You have to put some work in to build the program, website and film the videos
    • INVESTMENT You will have to invest around $30k in the house rental, models, camera operative, website and advertising
    • RISK You will be risking your money. If your videos aren’t good enough, you may lose money

    There is no way to get rich quickly with no investment or effort. To make money, you have to invest money and that involves taking a risk. The Tai scheme isn’t a scam because Tai is proving that it makes money! Tai’s program is useless but his system to make money is not.

    If it works, I’m sure Tai will be very proud of you… Although you will be direct competition so maybe not!

    I’m looking forward to being bombarded by your video series on YouTube shortly!


    If you’re not prepared to put in the work and risk a substantial amount of money on a venture that has been shown to be viable, then you don’t have what it takes to get rich. Tai made the investment and produced the videos – now he’s getting his payoff. If you’re not prepared to do the same, there’s nothing that Tai can do to help you.


    There is some discussion about whether Tai’s material is worth the money – maybe you should watch some of his free videos.

    You can judge for yourself, but to me they look bored. FYI, at this point Tai was talking about how wealthy he is. Remember Tai gets more wealthy the more he talks about his success but this won’t help you in any way!

    Bonus point for spotting the people who aren’t falling asleep or using their phones.

    Update 2:

    I had an interesting comment.

    Seth says:

    Ben, I understand where you’re coming from. I wouldn’t encourage people to waste money, but rather encourage people to investigate how they spend, and help re-evaluate priorities. Whether you spend $67 on Tai’s program or use it to purchase some helpful books, the point remains the same. Self evaluate and look where you spend your money.

    If Tai isn’t helpful to you, and you don’t want to dig deeper with any of his programs, then you have the freedom to choose other methods of learning. No need to discredit people who aren’t helpful to you. We all learn in different ways.

    Lots of people seem to really love Tai and they only reply to questions talking about Tai. Do I trust these people? No… Tai has enough money to have a team of people writing on Quora – I’m actually surprised he’s not more active.

    If you want to pay Tai $67 feel free to do it. Personally, I find his videos boring and I think he’s too materialistic. “Hey look at my new Ferrari…”

    I’d encourage people to go out and spend the $67 on some great self help books. Lots of these books only cost $2.99 so you would get about 20 books. I’ve been running my own business for the last 6 years and these books have helped me. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, read multiple different authors and get a broad grounding in business and how to be successful.

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