Is it possible to achieve an erection after being castrated?

  • I can tell you from a medical point of as a RN of more than 30 years experience and from personal experience.

    From my personal experience and what other men that I spoke with while I was a RN told me, your male sex drive and the ability to have an erection goes away within 6 to 12 weeks after being castrated unless you take additional testosterone.

    Testosterone is the male sex hormone.

    After castration, without additional testosterone, you probably will not have any more erections no matter what you do.

    My testosterone is un-measurable at less than 10. My wife laughs and says her testosterone level is 86.

    I have become basically asexual. I have no sex drive what so ever. A naked woman does nothing for me. Nothing can excite me sexually. My penis has atrophied to the size of a prepubertal male, and has lost most of its feeling, Sometimes it turns turtle and I have to sit to urinate to keep from making a mess. I no longer even touch my penis except to urinate.

    If you have no testosterone you will be impotent, and go through hot flashes and night sweats just like a woman going through menopause.

    If your testosterone levels drop to castrate levels and you do not take supplemental testosterone, your erections will weaken. It means that there will be no morning woods, no other type of spontaneous erections. It will take muchmore time to get hard. Now people vary. Some might completely loose the ability to get erect. Some still can get erect even with very low testosterone levels. Of my own experience, I can tell that I was still able to get erect after being castrated. Only it did not get fully erect up until orgasm. Viagra helped only to het it more hard, but as I lost interest, it went back soft very quickly.

    I was castrated in December of 2007. It took about three weeks for my sex drive to subside to a very low level. It is now about 1% of what it once was. I distinctly remember my sex drive being stronger when I was six years old. Erections are very weak at best. The penis does shrink. Anyone who thinks the sex drive in a man continues after castration probably believe that folks without eyeballs can see. I sometimes have to restrain myself from laughter when people tell me it ‘doesn’t work’ to reduce the sex drive. Dumb.

    Typically, if you’re relatively young and apply manual stimulation, because the body still produces some testosterone. That’s without the administration of hormones; if male hormones are taken, then someone of any age will generally retain their sex drive.

    Yes, erection is still possible.

    The mechanism that causes erection is still in place. Testosterone from the adrenal glands is enough for most men to function, but in some, it is not.

    Erections will be less common, and won’t happen in situations that would have caused an erection before. For example, some castrated men are unable to get an erection from visual stimulation, and most will get only a partial erection.

    Some men remain able to reach climax, some do not. Sex drive is totally lost, but some men choose to remain sexual on occasion. This is most common in long-standing marriages.

    Hormonal status and sexual behaviour of 16 men after surgical castration.

    Yes. Anatomically, erections are dependent on nervous system input and blood flow, therefore erections are possible after bilateral orchiectomy (testicle removal). That being said, a man without testicles will have no testosterone unless they are administered testosterone replacement therapy. Therefore, libido will likely be diminished which can greatly affect erectile function.

    Some people have depression after castration. I had some depression but that seemed to be related to the loss of my manhood. Once I had accepted that fact I was OK.

    It took me over a year to get back to feeling what I considered to be normal. Between the depression, hot flashes and night sweats, lost sleep, and increased anxiety, and weight gain, I felt like hell.

    Today I am calm and have a lot more time and money since I no longer go out to bars at night and chase women.

    One other point is that some males post-orch are given estrogen, for either prostate cancer therapy or if the orch as done for TS/TG males. Estrogen, being a sex hormone does provide libido for men just as it does for women. Last, libido is complicated and some men (men with prostate cancer in my experience as an oncologist) retain high libido despite being castrated whilst some men with normal androgen levels have no libido at all.

    I had my orchiectomy thirty years ago.

    When I came home from the hospital I my sex drive was out of control.

    I masturbated constantly.

    I called up anyone who I thought would have sex with me.

    My sex drive tapered off until about two weeks after my surgery when it stopped. I forgot all about my penis and did not even realize that I was impotent at about six weeks post.

    All of the time chasing women at bars and masturbating at home was like wasted time.

    I did not know what to do with all my free time.

    I became calmer and easier going.

    I can comfortably cross my legs.

    Today I am a different person.

    I still like women but as friends.

    Sure, specifically with Dr. Mark Arnkoff in Michigan. AFAIK (I previously e-mailed him about this), he doesn’t actually require any therapist letters for this. Just make sure that it’s what you genuinely want to do before you actually do it. It can’t ever be reversed afterwards, after all. And bank some sperm beforehand just in case you’ll ever want to reproduce later on!

    I am married (36 years) work oversee crews I do normal things everyone does boat,ride bikes and horses,go to movies,hiking and camping basically everything I did before no one would know without seeing or knowing by word of mouth that I was any different than the next guy with testicles! You probably meet and interact with guys regularly without balls because there are many thousands of us in the US alone because of many reasons like cancer,accident,birth defects,side effects to medication,testicular torsion, etc and some voluntary. I have heard numbers as high as 50,000 -60,000.

    Removal of both testicles does affect a man’s sexual function. In this case, his body cannot produce testosterone. Without this hormone, a man’s libido can decrease and it might be difficult for him to have erections. However, testosterone replacement therapy canhelp restore sexual function.

    This was a big secret known to only a few, that eunuchs could still get an erection and have sex, just not get anyone pregnant.

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