If you eat the THC oil raw out of a dab cartridge, will it …

  • If you eat the THC oil raw out of a dab cartridge, will it give you a high?

    Well, I asked myself the same question and then tried it. I got a teensy tiny bit on the end of a toothpick, and ate it, aaaaaand- yeah, it didn’t do a whole lot, so I went ahead and tried a larger dose, this time about a half of a toothpick coated in it. This time around I also really got to taste it, and it was absolutely abhorrent. Despite this, I managed to choke it down, and I got a little bit of a buzz from it. Way more effective to just use the cart as it was intended, or if said cart is broken, you could actually smear the oil onto some flower, and roll a joint or smoke it from a pipe, my roommate did this twice after he burned out two batteries, and from what he said, it was actually fairly enjoyable.

    It depends on the oil.

    RSO and distillate are already decarbed, and if you eat them you’ll get plenty high, if eating THC works for you (doesn’t for me).

    Anything else, you might get a slight buzz if you eat the whole gram, but it’s really a waste as most oils/waxes are not decarbed, so there’s very little available THC.

    It also tastes pretty awful straight up.

    A quick note: Due to RSO and distillate being pre-decarbed, they are terrific for cooking. Infuse it into butter (preferred), or just squirt it in your batter and MIX WELL (if your batter isn’t warm, wax/oil won’t mix properly, which is why infusing into hot butter and cooking with that is preferred). Much easier than cooking with flower,

    It probably will. Although I would experiment with determining the correct dosage. Downing an entire cartridge of oil would likely put you to sleep and waste the oil.


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    I wouldn’t suggest eating any sort of oil that comes out of a vape cartridge my friend. Distillate can be eaten but the additives and liquidizers are potentially harmful (PG,VG, flavourings etc)

    Smoke the oil or throw your cartridge out.


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    Yes, but amount ingested plays a factor along with your tolerance.

    Make sure you have something fatty to eat it with so the THC can bind more easily.

    Stay safe my friend!

    First of all, you have to see if your vape cartridge is of plastic or glass? If it’s plastic you can cut it with a knife or something and pour out the ingredients but if it’s glass then you don’t want to break it as it will splinter up badly.

    How can you still smoke the oil?

    If you want your oil to be used just like the new one after broke of the vape cartridge, you can put it in a fresh empty cartridge. The best way to extract oil from a cartridge is as same as the method that was used to fill them in the first place. You are going to need an oil syringe, the mouthpiece of most standard pre-filled THC and CBD cartridges. Once the mouthpiece is unscrewed you can dip the tip of the oil syringe into the broken weed cartridge then it would become much easier to get all of your precious oil out of the broken vape cartridge.

    You can also consume it without an empty cartridge by using any of the following techniques-

    • By dabbing it to the THC cartridge.
    • Eat it with the weed cartridge.
    • Add it to the bowl for future use.

    Other things you can do with the broken vape cartridge-

    • Get a new empty cartridge- Most vape shops sell empty cartridges for vapers who like to make their e- juice or oil, and it’s extremely easy to do it with the broken vape cartridge after you get the proper syringe size.
    • Cook with it- You can use the oil with cooking recipes or with other ingredients like in a brownie, cookie dough or more. It’s an oil and can be used with many things, this isn’t going to waste.
    • Make a cannabinoid salve- Making a cannabinoid salve is much easier, you just have to add the oil to some coconut and olive oils and stir for twenty to thirty minutes in a pan over low heat. Remove the mixture and pour it into a jar, using cheesecloth as a filter.

    Yes, orally consuming hash oil extractions can result in significant, even overwhelming, psychoactivity.

    If you are considering taking hash oil orally, you should be very, very careful not to take an excessive dose, which could cause an extremely unpleasant overdose. The conventional wisdom is that an overdose of an oral cannabis preparation may not kill you, but try telling that to a person in the throes of one.

    The degree of psychoactivity from oral hash oil ingestion will depend on several factors.

    1. The constituency of the extraction. Fresh cannabis primarily contains THC in its acidic form(THCA), which is not psychoactive. A cold extraction will preserve THCA in the extracted hash oil. When heat is applied, the THCA in the cold extraction is converted to THC, dependent on the time and temperature applied in a process called decarboxylation. When THCA reaches 317 degrees F, it will decarboxylate into THC in just over five minutes. At lower temperatures, the conversion will still occur, but take longer. At room temperature, the complete conversion could take a year or more.

    2. The potency of the extraction. High potency hash oil extractions can be made with solvents. Liquid gases, including carbon dioxide(CO2) and butane, are commonly used solvents. CO2 extractions can achieve THC concentrations approaching 60 percent. CO2 extraction typically produces enough heat to significantly decarboxylate the extraction. Butane and hydrocarbon extractions can contain up to 80 percent http://THCA. In the last few years, once extracted, the oil is often subjected to further refinement using fractional distillation and purification techniques that can create pure isolated cannabinoids or oils with cannabinoid content exceeding 90 percent.

    3. The dose of the extraction. A gram of decarboxylated 60 percent THC CO2 hash oil contains 600 milligrams of THC. Psychoactivity is felt by most occasional users at doses as small as 2.5 milligrams. These same users typically find doses in excess of 15 milligrams to produce an uncomfortable level of psychoactivity. Chronic cannabis users can develop a tolerance to the effects of THC that can require them to increase their dose over 100 times to achieve the same level of effect as an occasional use. Avoid tolerance simply by limiting the size and frequency of cannabis dose.

    I have a cartridge I have been holding on to for six months trying to figure out the same thing, and I’ll tell you what I know.

    Vape cartridges come in many forms: 510-threaded cartridges (the most common), as well as some proprietary forms like Pax Era Pods and Airo Pro oil cartridges.[1]

    The one on the left happens to be an Airo Pro cartridge, the one on the right a started 510-thread.

    I’d love to be able to combine them as I have about half a gram in the cart I can’t smoke, because Airo’s miserable pens do not last long and replacing it would be the better part of $30.

    The problem is there is no easy way into a cartridge that is built to do what it does. That is surgical steel with borosilicate glass and ceramic. Going to pop that with a pair of pliers? A glass cutter? A torch?

    I have seen a lot of instructions and they are playing with the same solution, cutting/breaking the glass to extract the THC/CBD, which I just can’t hang with. Once you would have the glass off, if there would be a way to do so, you would have to transfer the material to the host vape without contaminating it.

    I’m saving that damned cartridge until there is a way to get into it safely.

    Thanks for asking about it.


    I was going to walk this question until I read the two bonehead answers I saw here. Can you do this? Yeah. Do you want to? Yeah.



    Very few cartridges tops screw off; some will, but I’m not sure I would want to vape it if it did.

    It’s just as easy for someone else to screw the top off, too. Beyond some twisted head that might think that is a fun thing to play with before you take it expecting something pure. I also wonder about what sort of rinky-dink manufacturers would design their cartridges to be that easy to infiltrate?

    Other methods to pop the top from a cart requires channel locks, pliers, or saws—they say you have a good chance of getting into it. Guys telling me it worked for a friend of theirs do not impress me with their tales. I call BS.

    There is no easy way to get in and extract pure material, so those who do are taking a risk (saying they are smart and can “see” contaminants, which is so lame you can feel very comfortable laughing them out of the room. Do not let this same fellow help you with the brakes on your car; know what I mean?

    I am flattered that you chose to direct this question to me mate. I have to be honest with you though I have zero clue what would happen.

    As always though I will tell you what I do know and what I think. I know it’s not intended to be consumed like that and is probably more potent if you used the cartridge how it was intended.

    I personally think that if you drink the contents of a THC cartridge one of two things will occur and perhaps both.

    1. You will get violently ill to the point that if you do indeed get high you will be unable to enjoy it.

    2. You will suffer a horrible and extremely painful death.

    Again I am really not sure what will happen if you consume a cartridge in this manner. But I am certain you most likely will not enjoy the outcome. However if you still intend to consume the cartridge I won’t judge you. With that said I advise against it and recommend you have your local poison control centers number nearby should you choose to move forward with this idea. A quick google search will yield that number for you.

    Best of Luck.

    Hope this helps.

    I had this happen to me recently. The cartridges I use have a top that’s very easy to remove. The mouth piece is easy to pop off. There is a metal plate underneath the mouth piece and I use a metal dental pick tool to pull that metal piece out.

    The broken cartridge I put on a candle warmer because the oil is too thick. After the oil warms up and becomes more liquid I pour it into the working cartridge and I use the dental tool to scrape the rest of it out into the working cartridge. I replace the metal plate and snap on the mouth piece. I use everclear (you are looking for high alcohol content) to clean up the working cartridge of any residue that might have spilled or anything like that, since the contents is very sticky (think of pine sap).

    As it’s impossible to remove 100% of the content from the non working cartridge and I’m too cheap to waste it (already spend $500-$70O a month on cannabis) I put it on a glass jar with a shot or two of everclear and get all the cannabis dissolved. This liquid is very strong alcohol wise, so I mix it with juice and drink it.

    Hope this somewhat helps.

    The cartridge itself you carefully throw away while avoiding being cut by any broken glass.

    The distilate inside you use just like any other cannabis oil. It could have some funky flavoring added to it but nonetheless it is cannabis oil.

    You can:

    Dab it

    Twax a J with it

    Roll some bud in it then splash it with kief to make moonrocks

    Put it in a bowl and blaze it but this will make your waterpipe pretty sticky sometimes

    Cook with it and make edibles

    Advanced: you can attempt to put it in a syringe and then fill another cart. This can be tricky if it’s too viscous so I would go for another option first if you only have one broken cart as say opposed to 100 broken carts.

    Good luck!

    I drank a whole cartridge once. It started to hit after about 45 minutes. From that point on . . . The first 30 minutes was like burning thru the atmosphere. I prayed to Jesus not to let me die.

    “ Rocket engines burning fuel so fast

    Up into the night sky they blast

    Through the universe the engines whine

    Could it be the end of man and time? “

    I was pulling 20 G’s for at least half an hour.

    After I got thru the wave of paranoia, everything changed. Every part of my body had a different high separate from the main high. My lips were high. My fingers. My ear balls. It was glorious, like baking in outer space in front of the Sun.

    I drank it around 10: 30 that morning. When my girlfriend came home later that night around 7: 30, I was so stoned that I couldn’t talk right.

    The next morning I was just as high as the day before. That second night, I was still burning thru the void just as strong as the day before.

    It wasn’t until around evening of the third day that I started to come down. While I don’t recommend taking this trip to mortal men, I would gladly do it again.

    Why did I do it? The cartridge cracked when I accidentally dropped it. There was no way that I was going to let that sweet juice go to waist.

    Sincerely high,


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