How will this scholarship benefit you in your future studies?

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    How will this scholarship will benefit you in your future studies?

    Dear Anonymous,

    While writing the answer to above question, you can write multiple things which will strengthen your application.

    Before starting the application, you need to understand who the scholarship is for and also who is providing it.

    1. If it is a merit based scholarship, then you need to tell why you deserve it (This can be showcased through achievements/awards/recognition/medals or anything which demonstrates that you are meritorious enough to get the scholarship). If the reviewing committee feels that you deserve the scholarship, they will definitely grant it.

    2. If it is a need based scholarship, then you need to tell that why do you need it (you can tell about other financial burdens on your parents like siblings, EMIs for parents, other reasons which are financially hurting for your parents and also how you would want to concentrate on studies rather than thinking about the loan that you might be taking(in case you are taking a loan)). Do make sure whatever you write are genuine needs as proofs for these might be asked later. If the reviewing committee feels that there is a genuine need then it will be definitely given.

    3. If it is a merit-cum-means based scholarship, then you need to explain why you are the perfect candidate for it. Or …

    Hi Anon, thanks for the A2A.

    Here are the steps I would recommend you to do:

    1. Find out your passions and interest. Start thinking about the subjects that get you excited. After that, delve deeper: what topics are particulary exciting to you? I would say that the more specific you go, the better it will be, so when they ask you about all these things, it will appear convincing to them.
    2. Identify the area of studies that are suitable for you. What course do you want to take, and why? Try to link it to your favourite subjects, but if you cannot, you can also provide several insights as to why you get interested in those things.
    3. After being clear about what you want to pursue, you should then try to research what the foundation is about and what their aims are. Do they want you to take the scholarship so that you can stay there and contribute to the country? Or do they want you to come back to your home country so that you can improve the condition of your country? What are their missions and values?
    4. Finally, reserach specifically some unique scheme in the scholarship offer and try to see if you can link it to your interest. I feel that this comes a lot with research; you have to get the “feel “of the scholarship in terms of what they are looking for, and later tailor your aspirations to align with their missions.

    All the best! Let me know how it goes, you can pm me for more qns 🙂

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    By reducing the financial barrier, it assists you in achieving your academic and career goals. Obtaining a scholarship eliminates any financial problems. As a result, you will have more time to study, develop information, and improve your grades.

    Saves you from debt: Many students leave college with massive loan loads. It also puts enormous pressure on them to be placed in nice packaging. This is why, even if they want to, most students are unable to pursue occupations that do not pay well at the entry-level. A scholarship, on the other hand, is free money that permits people like you to pursue their aspirations. By reducing the financial barrier, it assists in empowering your academic and career ambitions.

    Improves performance: Receiving a scholarship alleviates any financial concerns. As a result, you will have more time to study, develop knowledge, and achieve higher grades. You will have plenty of time to explore for chances for skill improvement and knowledge expansion.

    The advantage in your profession: Because you receive a scholarship based on merit, receiving one will have a positive influence on your future employers. Some competitive scholarships are so fantastic that you may claim them as accomplishments on your CV. During a job hunt, make yourself stand out from the crowd. Scholarships have become so important to the majority of students that you should seek schools and institutions that give them. Apply for them and put your best foot forward to get the most scholarship money for your college degree.

    just write up some inspiring stuff like how will you make a notable alumni and if you have a relative in a big organization reference him to as his position will help you a lot

    Hope, this will help for those, who all are still in the phase of struggle while your mates are about to settle.

    I have been preparing for GATE from last 2 years. I am working in an MNC organization. When, sometimes you will not get satisfaction from your work or wants to achieve more in your life then you will try to figure out other possible ways, and so I did.

    One of the most difficult task while preparing with your office work is to stay focused on your goal without any distraction.

    When you are surviving in an environment, where higher studies are no mean to them, where other ones are enjoying their life at fullest, where people with goals are getting married, trying for an onsite opportunity or switching the organization for better packages, and here I am, alone, fighting for an uncertain goal, staying away from friends, devasted sometimes after seeing friends/people are getting settled with their lives while I am still struggling to do something good in my life.

    One fine day, my brother has sent me a picture story of A Pregnant Elephant. Whenever I get devastated, I used to read this and it helped me to stay myself motivated all the time in my journey.

    Here it goes.

    Think about your goal and keep patience, cause what you are carrying is mighty and great. Keep faith in yourself. Don’t think about success or failure, moreover it is not in our hand. Just try to make your journey beautiful and memorable.

    Amit S. Joshi.

    I have all expenses (except books) paid for. But this isn’t because I’m some super genius or extremely inclined in academics. It’s because Harvard’s tuition and fees for a Year quite literally exceeds the income of my parents combined for a year. I get my expenses paid for because I can’t pay for them. So if you get into Harvard, just know that no ACT score, no GPA, no award is going to determine how much Harvard aids you. It’s all based on what’s in mom and dads pockets. You can look up a net cost calculator and get an estimate.

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    I deserve this scholarship not because I deserve anything but because I represent a potentially good return on your investment . I am self motivated, a hard worker, I have realistic goals and aspirations, and I wish to make a contribution to the betterment of society as a whole. Fundamentally, it is not so much about me as it is about others. What can I contribute to improve the world. How can I, in my own way, make things better for others. Your scholarship will help me realize my dreams.

    Dear Scholarship Review Committee,

    I am not capable of independent thought. I posted this essay question on the internet. This is the response I got. Please forward scholarship money to Joshua Gross, at Cal State Monterey Bay, so that he can hire more student researchers. His research is very cool, and by connecting you with him, I’m helping the future of my country.


    [put your name here]

    Eh, worth a shot.

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