How was your NEET 2021 experience?

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    I was like “All is well that ends well”

    NEET 2021 was my third attempt.

    First attempt: I scored 410/720, 119000+ rank. So, I took a drop.

    Second attempt: Got 576/720 and ~32500 rank. I was allotted a Dental seat in Haryana state counselling. Everyone around me was trying to explain me how good dental is, but somewhere I knew that I only want that MBBS tag. I did not want the regret of not trying. My parents also supported me for taking a drop.

    Third attempt: It was full of ups and downs. Everyday was like what if this time also I couldn’t crack MBBS. These thoughts used to distract me. But that dream of being called a Doctor was what kept me motivated.

    During the last few days before the exam I was getting around 650 in mock tests. This gave me some confidence that this time I will get a decent college. Fast forward to the exam day, I reached the exam centre with a cool mind. Just before the exam I washed my face with cold water and gave myself some motivation. But the moment I saw the question paper, anxiety crept in and It seemed like my mind was blank and I again started getting those negative thoughts. I kept sitting there for around 10–15 minutes with tears in my eyes and thought about all those mock tests, previous attempts and hard work of all those years. All of these along with that white coat motivated me and I started attempting the paper.

    First I did Biology, left around 8–10 questions for review,

    Then I proceeded to Chemistry, left 4–5 questions for review,

    Last I started physics, completed section A. After that around 1 hr was left. Next started section B, could attempt only 4 questions in next 30 minutes.

    So I started filling the OMR along with reviewing questions left earlier. I carefully filled the OMR and By the end I had completed all the questions of Biology and Chemistry and 5 questions of physics were still left which I hadn’t even read. I managed to do one more and bell rang.

    The most anticipated exam for which I studied whole year was over. My hands were shaking and eyes were full of tears.

    It took me around 15–20 minutes to get back to normal. After that I was anxiously waiting for answer keys from various institutes. I had done various mistakes due to exam anxiety, so out of 704 marks (what I attempted ) I was getting between 635–643 based on various answer keys.

    Now based on NTA answer key I am getting 639 marks. With these marks I can get a very good college for MBBS.

    At the end I am very happy and satisfied with my marks.


    This was my 5th attempt/4th drop. And a few days back i turned 21😔.

    I had failed to get a mbbs seat this year too. I did a lot of mistakes in these attempts.The last time i was happy and satisfied with my work was when i scored 90% in boards.After that it was all failures and mistakes that i had came so far in life that it feels like its a dead end and nothing much is left to do now. The opportunity are less and the motivation too! To do something different atleast average in life. With the drop years your enthusiasm towards studies become less and boring. Not only the motivation in you diminish but with time the believe, the support,the encouragement by the surrounding also decreases. The charm, the glow on your face, the smile on your face all starts diminishing.

    I don’t want to recite my story but i would like to share the mistakes i did.

    The mistakes i did –

    • Too much confidence on myself.
    • Wishful thinking.
    • Trying to study for 14 hours with no productivity.
    • Didn’t attend my classes regularly.
    • Not giving mock tests on a regular basis( one of the biggest mistake)

    I know these mistakes are very common. But are the prime reasons of failures.

    If anybody is taking a drop please be focused enough to get a seat.

    Don’t let yourself fail this time.

    Don’t let your dream become a burden on you(अपने सपनों को बोझ ना बने दे).

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    So , I am gonna start from very beginning

    Edit: long answer ahead ..!!

    Short answer : f#cked up 🙂

    Long answer : So in Neet2020 I knew that I am gonna repeat a year yeah I wasn’t stressed about anythin ( 403 — my Neet2020 score ☺️)

    So the next day I started my preparation for NEET 2021 .. as I was confident enough I would clear it this year , I didn’t bought a repeater’s course, I knew I am gonna find every content on YouTube and I was actually right ..!!

    So starting from Physics and everyone knows about our beloved

    Physics wallah❣️ SIR.

    I found the concepts of Chemistry and physics very easy only because of him, his YouTube free lectures. They helped me a lot.

    I would make notes , revise them , solve all the questions sir is doing in the class room and that’s how I prepared the whole year .

    But yes I did one mistake ,

    Not joining any particular institute gave me enough self doubt .. I would see my fellow collaegues( not sure about spelling ) attending hours of lectures everyday and I would just move with my rythm.. and would give the test series I joined. So My marks were not increasing.( One of the reasons I would procrastinate , a lot ) .. started solving Ncert ( phy… )..

    fast forward to two months before exam

    I developed serious health issues due to continuous studying of 12–13 hours sometimes 15.. ( yes this was the highest I studied in a single day ) .. and due to this health issue I lost my motivation .. strated procrasting even more .. I should have taken a break of 10 days and would have started my preparation but didn’t got this thought in my mind .

    Fast forward to few weeks before exams

    Since I had finished with the past years papers by then I started scoring somewhere around 575–585 ( 600 once ) .. and

    my strength : Physics .. sometimes Chemistry

    Weakness: Biology …

    I was always afraid of biology as I would score not more than 280/360 in any test.. but physics always more than 135( approx) .. so till 12th september… 1: 59pm I was damm sure about Physics … but one incident happened with me outside centre ( tell me if you want to know that incident ) that totally disturbed My mental peace nad confidence … and I ended up..

    1.Making errors in calculation parts

    2.Not using simple tricks and presence of mind

    3.Loosing confidence while marking the answers

    I was not confident enough about the answer so left it for later .. but then .. forgot that this question ever existed 🙂

    3.Loosing confidence in. Which question to attempt

    Solved this question at home but was not able to do in exam centre due to anxiety 🙃

    Would have solved all these questions .. if I only managed my time 😔✌️

    So thats how I screwed up my 2nd attempt 🙂

    About the score ?? ..I will write a separate answer about it after we get our results

    Do comment and upvote 🙂

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    Have a Great DAY.

    ✍️ Sujeet P. Gupta

    EDIT: Thanks for so many upvotes 🙂 ( you guys, broke the record )


    First and foremost, NEET 2021 was my 4th attempt and 3rd drop! I was so much emotionally attached to the exam and before exam I had expectations on myself and like everyone I too expected a paper like 2020, but NTA surprised all of us

    Coming to the exam, I don’t think it was a tough exam but more than that, it challenged us in time management. Seeing the Physics questions, I felt I’ve seen it in those Allen Modules. But it was not so straight forward, took time. Biology was straight out of NCERT and Chemistry was moderate – level intermediate between 2019 and 2020

    I have some questions to NTA. I appreciate the fact that you improved the standards of exam but I do request NTA to provide a super flexible crashcourse for the invigilators you appoint for the exam. Teach them about time, morality and improve their mannerism. For them, it’s just a 3 hour exam. For us, it’s way more than that

    We have no time for your fuckin thumb impression and signature while we are working out that lengthy sum!

    I know, my voice won’t be heard but with that you should also know some potential doctors are now figuring out what road to walk

    Well I’m done with it! What’s the use of investing so much time, effort and putting in your heart and soul when the agency can’t get things done on time. I got my OMR at one time and I was asked to fill another time. Safe game uh? Who’s safe?

    Well I’m not cribbing. What’s the use? What’s gone is gone. I won’t let my efforts go in vain anyway. Obviously I was upset. 3 years you spend is a question mark before you as your batchmates pass out from their Bachelors!

    Well, I recently went to my psychologist and I understood I’m having OCPD ( Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder) and not OCD which I thought was my problem. I need to undergo a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy thereby

    NEET has taken away the soul from me. I’ve lost my individuality completely for this exam! What I was 3–4 years back is not what I am now

    Perhaps, the best lesson I learned from my whole journey is

    This is not the end for sure. I’m joining a Bsc for Microbiology or Biotechnology and moving on. I have better things to do in life. Yes, I’ve dropped 3 years, gave my all but that doesn’t mean I failed in life! Of course it will take me time to get over with all those emotions!

    Maybe I’ll cry for a few days, my pillow will soak all my tears and sadness. Maybe I’ve to eat more ice creams and wipe my tears and rise!

    This is not the end. I’m 21 and my journey just started

    Usain Bolt was hampered by a leg injury and was eliminated in the first round of the 200 metres with a disappointing time of 21.05 s during 2004 Athens Olympics. But in 4 years, he won the gold at Beijing and again at London

    NEET is just a tiny injury. I’ve learned a lot from this journey. I’m grateful for everything. Yes I’m sad, definitely sad. But I’ve better things to chase, and better opportunities.

    I’m ready to accept better opportunities! Opportunities where I can show my talent, potential and where I can work hard. Perhaps ten times harder than what I gave for NEET. Perhaps I would be criticised. Surely people will give me the medal of failure both here and everywhere

    But I believe in a few years time, I’ll achieve something for people to talk about!

    I’m sad, upset but I’m not giving up

    Maybe I’m born to be something different, unique or something extraordinary. I just need to pause, identify the opportunities and get the maximum out of it

    It’s all a matter of time

    Thank you Quora family! I can’t thank enough to everyone who stood by me always

    And I’ve just started my journey…..

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    Neet 2021 was my second attempt at the exam I had scored 565 marks in neet 2020 and opted to drop and only self study for neet 21.

    I began with my preparation in late November my parents did not live with me as my father works outside India so I lived with my sister and grandparents.

    initially I worked on all the topics that I was not very good at and improved my basics for a few Months by watching lectures ,reading theory ,solving mcqs … I figured out I won’t complete my syllabus at this pace… so I set a target for a few days and gave a part test at the end of it.I repeated this for a few times and was able to complete my syllabus around June 5th… I scored 560–600 in every test

    then I began giving full syllabus tests everyday in my first test which I gave in early June I barely crossed 500 but I focused on my weak points and by the end of June I started scoring 550+ . I continued the same for July .

    Till about 19th July when my grandparents whom I lived with started showing flu like symptoms. My relatives came to help us and we rushed them into the hospital I was very scared and was in the toughest position in my life.tragedy struck me on 24th when I got to know my grandmother passed away. I was devastated but I kept my composure I still followed my schedule and woke up at 4 am like everyday but was unable to concentrate. On the 25th I gave my jee which did not go great. And again on the 26th I lost my grandfather to COVID. I couldn’t believe it . But I knew one thing my grandparents would not like me to give up on my dream under any circumstance

    so I did exactly that although it was a tough spot I knew I can never give up so I woke up on 27th at 3: 30 and got to studying.

    On the 28th I gave a mock test in which I scored 590 marks and my marks kept on improving. Early august I was scoring 600+ on every test and by the end of august I was scoring 650+ on most of the tests

    in September my scores were 655,670,686,690 I believed I had a chance to get a great score even after going through all of this I fueled my self thinking that very few people could pull this off .

    and soon it was the d day . I was very confident before the exam unfortunately I received my paper a bit late and my invigilators were not very quiet people. However I breezed through chemistry and bio but I couldn’t complete my physics… I was devastated .

    I got to know that I was scoring only 611–616 marks. I was not able to sleep at all. Felt terrible about myself. However I’ve come to peace with it now and looking forward towards the next challenge life throws at me.

    I know for sure that my grandparents are proud of me.

    Thank you for reading my story !

    edit: after checking my omr I’m getting 621/720 marks in neet 2021

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    I gave neet 2021as my third attempt . Neet 2019 was a trial as I wasn’t sure whether to go for medical or engeneering ( I had pcmb ) still manage to get 461 ( air 75000) without any coaching even for cbse (92%) . I was ready to take a drop and enrolled in aakash and after surviving corona gave neet 2020 and got 592 (air 23947) . Everyone who knew I was giving neet was disappointed except my parent coz they knew the reason ( i was not well probably anxiety).

    Again ready with motivation and a little bit of fear . Joined target pmt ofline crash course which as the name suggests crashes due to corona but it doesn’t effected my preperation , again survived and gave neet 2021 and finally the no all of you were waiting for is 687 (after checking with nta answer key) .I think my neet story is going to end this year with a great college.

    I wishes the same ending to all of your neet story.

    Thanks for reading

    1st September 2021

    Only 10 days left …. So much to revise … I can’t do it….. I haven’t done chapters properly…. 10 din me kya hi kr legi….. Students studying properly for 2 years are not mad .. I can’t match their level in few days . These thoughts were running in mind …racing for approval ! The one thought which won was

    Drop hi kr leti hu ….. Brain :— Thought Approved ….. Heart :— Nopee , you can’t just give up .

    I wasted my 2 days just thinking about that … Yupp.. I know I’m Dumb.

    Test which generated these thoughts… can be calculations error … marks nearly 475–485.

    4th and 5th September 2021

    Geared some strength and started to revise the things …. Gave test …. Me to myself :— Pagal ! Kr diye na 2 din waste.

    6 September 2021

    Anxiety hitted …. Frustration climbing Mount Everest …. After Wasting half day talked to a friend (best decision)… now went back to work with full determination … Bus yeh socha “ 5 din ki toh baat hai … jee Jaan lga hi deti hu !”

    Anaylsed all mistakes … revised the chapters as fast as I can …. And guess what , I got this

    11 September 2021

    I wasn’t feeling nervous …..I wasn’t feeling that the D- Day is coming …. My inner feelings was that this is not going to over ( which is now reality ) . I went for sleep at 10 pm

    12 September 2021

    Ahhhaa.. Woh din aa hi gya

    Woke up at 3 am … I know I know It might feel strange … but I am morning person so that kind of worked

    Started with bio … went to chem … some physics chapter

    Went to sleep at 8: 30 am …. Couldn’t sleep till 9: 30 but my god grace I slept from 9: 30 to 10: 30 …. Got ready …. Stepped out of house at 11: 00 with a small bag having 11th ncert (bio ) and some notes

    Revising Photosynthesis chapter…. My dad said “ Bus beta … ab relax krle “ …. But me , “ Bilkul Nhi “ ( photosynthesis question came , I did it right )

    Reached centre …. Everything fine …. My feeling :— Excitement at its peak ( it’s kinda weird but it’s true ) . I was so much excited to see the paper . Nervousness— bilkul nhi .

    1: 30 pm :— 2: 30 tak bio kr lena …. 3: 15 tak chem pura …. 4: 30 tak phy …. Phir aram se omr .. kya hi Gazab plan tha

    2: 00pm :— Paper given … till 2: 10 .. filled omr ..then started paper ….. Botany easy hai dude … zoology thik hai .. mast bhi hai …. Time checked it’s 2: 55 Bro !

    2: 55 pm :— Left zoology section B and jumped to Chem …. Kya re inorganic hi pahle kyu ! … did my best … before jumping to Section B .. checked clock …. It’s 3: 45 Bro !

    ( As expected, I can’t do inorganic right )

    3: 45 pm :— left chem and started filling omr …. Don’t forget invigilators are best at their work to distrub you after every half an hour . Filled omr til 4: 10

    4: 10 pm :— physics re ….. baap re baap …. Asi aani thi kya ! …. Started with it…. Done with first 18 questions … chem and Bio to me :— tujhe yaad na meri ayi ..kisi se ab kya kehna !

    4: 30 pm :— Went to complete Chem and bio

    4: 40 pm :— Completed physics as much as I can do … I haven’t done this fast questions ever … Me to myself:— What a speed dude! Left 9 questions in physics

    5: 00 pm :— Game over !

    What a incredible experience !!

    Jai Hind 🇮🇳

    Somewhere somehow I knew I am going to opt for bio(pcb) in my 8th class, not because I wanted to become a doctor but I was quite known of that I have to give NEET-UG in future if I go through this stream.

    Started preparing for NEET in the mid of 2019 as I jumped into my 11th class, I like books, I actually like reading my syllabus but “Scoring handsome marks” I am always bad at that! However I never find a day spent without reading or solving any questions during my first half of 11th class (good enthu I found) but sticking to that pattern the modules the coaching style and the competitiveness of this exam, I got exhausted and I couldn’t find any curiosity inside me at learning new concepts and building my foundations. I remember when my physics teacher was teaching Rotational mech. that chapter was interesting enough to me that I actually managed a cycle wheel and did every torque and ang momentum experiment that is so much popular in that chapter infact ncert covered in the blue box (pity our teacher told not to read ncert physics) and when I was wasting my time somwhere my some competitor surpassed me by solving bunch of mcqs. Hahaha ! So after the mechanics portion I lost my interest totally and started looking for different career opportunities and streams

    I also started visiting IISC and IISER websites daily I asked my father I want to take KVPY exam and my father simply asked what will u do after ur BS and MS I can give u 10+ reasons to go in a medicine school can u give me atleast 5 reason for this IISC thing? I simply had no fuckin answer and got scolded instead of having a professional conversation, another story lets not talk about that

    l really wanted to go there but all of a sudden my father sent me my next coaching instalment and I had to go back and solve mcqs again as I can’t have a word with my family that I don’t think that im good enough or worse enough to crack this NEET exam

    11th grade passed, corona thing arrived, left my hostel in the middle of the session went back to my home which is actually a jail for me, sadly I don’t have any friends in my home-city (yes I studied in Aligarh Muslim University from 2017–2021…. IX-XII) now at home infront of parents i have to study 7–8hrs atleast and to prepare for nothing but NEET, my every friend knows I always kill time in listening weird music, scrolling social media, watching yt videos on loop so they would never imagine me studying for 6–7hrs which is quite sad and disappointing for me, I mean I get complements in every field in absurd things in unwanted parameters but nobody like a single soul have ever admired me for my grades that I secure for any exams that I pass for any concept that I learn (because I simply don’t claim any of the above statements) again Its just me and my thoughts

    Now I am in 2021 and I actually am seriously preparing for NEET

    1.joined ALLEN test series as every neet aspirant does

    2. Have read NCERT bio several times again nothing new in it its obvious if u r preparing for neet

    3. Started hating chemistry even more as I always getting 50–70 marks in allen mock tests

    4. Seriously I completed many chapters from PhysicsWallah platform ( I can write a book how alakh pandey helped me at my every step)

    5. The heighest marks that I secured in my mock test was 515/720 and the lowest was 254/720

    Nta released admit card, I got my exam centre just 2 days before the neet day i am watching 1 shot videos on youtube just to grab last moment blessing or u can say last push that I could give

    Idk why deep down I knew that hardly i am gonna make it around 500 marks that means this year is not going to be my year and the same time my beloved friends cracking every question with their mind-blowing tricks and shortcut

    (On 12th of sept)

    I woke up and read 3 chapters

    1.human health and disease

    2.microbes and 3.strategy

    Arrived at the centre on time, entered the exam hall poor benches and 2 invigilator with south indian type moustache jk.

    During 2–5 especially during physics portion my hand started shaking like I was actually very serious student and a studious one not because I couldn’t comprehend what was written there, because what I was seeing after my 12th is a pin drop silence and a black screen i don’t have cataract but clouds started appearing and my vision went blurry, however managed to do physics i knew im not gonna make it even upto 100 marks in phy

    Arrived home got an answer key of our real maheshwari classes and my marks read as-




    Total 478/720

    Now this is the marks I somehow managed to secure during my 2 year rollercoaster preparation phase

    Interacted with friends some are getting 635(my roomie), some are getting 672(our hostel topper),685 (batch topper) some are getting 570(unexpected friend) some are getting 591( a close friend) some are getting 663(old classmate)and some are switched off which means off to kota (kudos to all of them <3)

    Im writing this as I always find quora the best place to release my frustration and extreme energy.

    Signing off.

    If I had to sum it up in one picture it was something like😂-

    Majorly after seeing the Physics paper I became very hasty and panicked! 🤐 But ya still managed a score of 141/180 in it🤓

    Let’s start from the starting!

    (Note: Don’t leave without reading my reaction on the physics paper, it is in the end😂)

    First of all reaching the exam centre was a very difficult task and the journey was very exhausting!🤐 it took us 2 hours to reach the destination!😵 My seat there was very uncomfortable and I couldn’t manage a good posture sitting on it.🙄 My bad!

    Okay now comes the paper! 😱

    My paper looked something like this👇

    Biology –

    I started out with biology and I felt that some of the questions were very detailed so it took up a lot of my time!😬

    Like take a look at these questions-

    Though very much into the syllabus and NCERT based, they were lengthy! 😐

    It took me 40 minutes to do Biology but usually in the mock tests it takes only 30 minutes😑

    Ended up scoring 346 or 351 in bio. 😶

    Chemistry –

    I attempted chemistry next. It was and ideally made section, in my opinion, just like 2020’s. 🤔

    I couldn’t manage to answer some questions like these because of lack of knowledge 🙁👇

    (not Q.70 did dat) 👆

    And did some silly mistakes like these 👇🤕

    Am scoring 145/180 in chemistry. I was not expecting even 145!😅

    PHYSICS!!! 😲


    Dekhte hi I was like-

    Pardon me, got carried away for a second 😂

    So, I attempted physics last and with superbly sweaty Palms🤒

    Also made alot of intelligent guesses, some of them are right too! 😌

    Because of the panic I did some silly mistakes like-

    Because of my hastiness and lack of concentration had to leave the following questions –

    Due to lack of knowledge left these😭 –

    But seriously people after my stressed out paper I had no expectations from it what so ever! 😶

    Overall I am satisfied with my performance 🙂

    Could have been better but “theek hai yaar ab😂”

    It was my second attempt! I am scoring somewhere between 630–640 this time🤓

    Last time, last yr I had scored 597.

    Let us see “kya hota hai aage” and hope for the very best!🤗

    You can dm me on insta if you have any query. Username: saara.soni

    I didn’t attempt NEET 2021 but I loved this question. Experience of those aspirants who didn’t work hard this time and focusing for their next attempt. All the best to them and I know that you all will make it through stroms.

    But till then go to meesho and enjoy😂

    Pov: Just a sarcasm.

    I know that their are some legendaries who will take this seriously.💟



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    First of all let me tell you it was my 3rd attempt . Last year my marks were around 460. So I was in hope that paper is going to be easy this year also not knowing about NTA’s strategy. I gave my best this year leaving all family functions and get together🤓🤓I was working on this as a turning point of my life. Because people started complaining me that don’t u feel u are dumb. Wasting your years and not getting any rank. And I don’t wanted to listen all these rubbish again 😬. So I put all my effort. But after entering in the exam hall I got suffocated 😖by all those smells of sanitizer and all and they restricted not to down the mask 😷. I was breathless at that time.😣 After all I managed myself somehow. 🙂But beyond this more disgusting and disturbing was those 2 invigilators.😠 They were coming again and again for thumb impression sign. And all those formalities . At least NTA should understand that for them that is only there 3 hours but for us that is our whole year many drops and also uor upcoming future. All these formalities took my 15 to 20 minutes and I was totally upset and disturbed at this moment😥 the time was when I was solving my physics portion . I felt like my those 3 hours spent in minutes.😑😑 When I came home first thing I clculated my marks that were around 550.😞 I know I can’t get any mbbs college this year so I am taking admission in BHU and going to start my new journey not as dropper or repeater but as a fresher😊 And I am happy with my decision . I know everybody and my relatives will criticize me🤐 that u wasted your 2 years but I don’t think I wasted those years🙃🙃 my father says that nothing is going to be in vain that u have studied ☺️. And I also feel that I learned most of lessons of my life in those 2 years 😎. And I will also give my best in this field also where I am going to start✌️ and make my parents and myself proud😇..

    Everything happens for a reason. That reason causes change. Sometimes it hurts. Sometimes it’s hard. But in the end it’s all for the best.💙

    I don’t care what relatives going to gossip about me😶. Everything happens for a reason😊. I am happy and satisfied what matters more than this. Life is so long🙃. By the way I am so emotional it took me so long to take this decision because when I got emotionally attached with Things its so hard for me to leave that and becoming a doctor was my aim from school days.😕 But may be God decided something much better than this.

    I will give my 💯 and I am dam’n sure that I will definitely get whatever is best for me😇😊

    Thanks for reading …

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