How to get rid of gas discomfort in my rib cage naturally

  • How can I eliminate gas pain in my chest naturally?

    If you make certain its due to gas, that is connected with bloating, eliminated by belching or passing gas or bowel movement and hurts on external compression, then the only way to decrease the pain is to move the gas out. There is absolutely nothing you can do to alleviate it if it is mostly in your stomach. Simethicone, chewing gum, including carbonated drink such as coke, do not truly work. They simply add gas to the problem. If you find you are often belching, you are swallowing excessive air or carbonation or beer! There are many factors for excess swallowing of air. Discomfort under the ribs is frequently due to gas transiting the transverse colon. Gas is the most challenging thing for the colon to move and gas “trapping” in the transverse colon is the first symptom of colon dysfunction. The transverse colon remains in the upper abdomen underneath the ribs. The only method to help this issue long term is to add a fiber supplement to your diet. Like all muscles in our bodies, the colons operate enhances if you ask it to do more, not less. Signs might be increased for 3– 5 days up until the colon starts to react so hang in there and include fiber supplement such as metamucil or citrucel slowly up until you are taking 4 tbsp/day and are really impressed with the outcome, so to speak !! Hang in there. It constantly works!

    I tried massaging.

    Inform somebody to massage you. Not in the stomach, however in your back. Not in the shoulder part (though if you desire that’s ok), however in the middle of your spinal column, someplace near lower back. There’s something that makes my stomach ease and I enjoy after it’s gone. Usually I’m rubbed for about 10 minutes to 20 minutes. You need to see when it goes away. It worked for me.


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    How do you know this is “Gas Pain”? There are many diseases that can “feel like” “gas discomfort”. See a competent medical practitioner for a correct diagnosis and after that you can make an educated option on how to proceed.


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    Unless you’ve had a bad injury, it is hugely unlikely that you have actually gas caught in your rib cage. There is no place for it to come from. Your stomach and intestines are sealed off from the chest. As are your lungs. As is the atmosphere.


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    Stay in water fast or black tea quick untill the garbage in your system is totally cleared (few days ).

    Then stay in veg meals (excluding all dairy items, processed foods, alcoholic items, smoking, sugary beverages, otc medicine if any) so that your problems are not duplicated.

    If you still feel discomfort after the above procedures, you should meet a Gastroenterologist.

    drink apple cider vinegar in a little warm water every day when you get up. It has to be raw and have the mom in it. Bragg is a great brand.


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    Stroll as much as possible.


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    ” Pulsating” recommends balanced repetition such as heart action. If you just feel this while resting on your left side and the “pulsations” coincide with your heartbeat, it might be the apex of the left ventricle against your left rib cage that considers that experience. Inspect your pulse and time it with the “pulsations”. If they do precisely correspond, then the experience is most likely cardiac or vascular in origin.

    Generally, nevertheless, this problem describes rumbles within the colon or occasionally peristaltic action as a mix of food with percentages of gas moving through the pylorus of the stomach into the duodenum. Peristaltic action is rhythmic, 2– 3 times per minute generally and is normally felt in the pyloric area or colon since of higher pressures that might be created there.

    Sounds or sensations that the bowel makes are called borborygmi and are generally described as “growls” or gurgling. Noise in the bowel is only caused by a liquid/air user interface such as in the stomach or colon. As small bubbles of gas enter the colon, they rise and coalesce in the transverse colon in the upper abdominal area where you may sense it under the left ribs. As the gas moves into the splenic flexure of the colon, the discomfort is felt more to the left and even around to the back– kidney location. “Splenic flexure syndrome”.

    I presume this is a benign condition and will subside. If you have problems with gas/bloating/irregular bowels, take a fiber supplement such as a TBSP of metamucil twice a day and see what takes place. The first sign of colon dysfunction is due to a failure of moving gas and this is the very first thing that recovers when you take a fiber supplement. Hope this helps.

    Great deals of important organs live under the left side of your ribs …

    1. Spleen – Filters out old red cell, and shops leukocyte and platelets;-LRB-
    2. Pancreas – Produces insulin to assist manage blood glucose, and also secretes enzymes into the intestines to promote digestion;-LRB-
    3. Stomach – Your primary digestion organ that breaks down consumed nutrients and prepares for more processing in the intestinal tracts;-LRB-
    4. 1/3 of your Liver – Eliminates toxins from blood and assists manage blood composition (glucose, proteins, fat);-LRB-
    5. Little Intestin e – Additional digestion of food, and absorption of nutrients and minerals;-LRB-
    6. Transverse Colon – Food remains in its last gastrointestinal phases where the last of the water and nutrients are removed as it becomes feces.

    Your body has a built-in protective barrier for the essential organs (especially the spleen!!!), while the abdominals and quadratus lumborum muscles can safeguard the intestinal tracts.

    Cool stuff, right??

    You have three possible organs that can cause these signs in the area that you describe:

    1. The large intestinal tract – The most common cause of pain in this location.
    2. The spleen – the spleen can trigger discomfort if there is an aneurysm, however would more commonly be affected by changes to the size of the red blood cells namely due to infection, persistent iron deficiency, and hereditary factors such as sickle cell anemia and thallacemia.
    3. A left kidney issue.

    Less typically it is possible to have actually severe pancreatitis caused by a gallstone.

    On the other hand there are biomechanical causes for discomfort in this area, but much better to dismiss the hazardous causes first.

    Do not ask complete strangers on Quora. There are a variety of things it might be, including a chest infection, digestion issues. muscle strain etc and so on. It might be something rather small however may be something that ought to be treated faster rather than later.

    Don’t worry about it, however drop in a doctor who can examine you and provide you a diagnosis after you have revealed him/her exactly where the pain is and what brings it on. You might require treatment or a referral that just a medical professional can offer, and the quicker you can do that the better.

    The time to ask Quora is if you still have concerns after seeing a physician and getting a medical diagnosis (or a referral) and you wish to know more than a physician can discuss in a time-limited visit.

    I don’t understand, OP. You wish to deal with a sign but you don’t have a medical diagnosis yet?

    If you do not care enough to get this identified, just wander through the aisles of your regional drug store and purchase some OTC medication( s) that are under the indication “STOMACH DISCOMFORTS”.

    Oh, however you’re in fact serious! I don’t want to offend you, I imply actually, not at all.

    Well, because case, I guess I must be serious. Think what? This is what we in the U.S. (at least,) call a no-brainer: TAKE THYSELF TO SEE A DOCTOR in person!

    That’s not a joke. None of us complete strangers on the internet understands you, your medical history, nor can one of us examine your body through the internet. Yup! That is a FACT.

    If your physician has diagnosed shortage of vitamins D and B12, he has actually presumably prescribed appropriate supplements and your symptom ought to be improving if it is related to one or other of the shortages. The term ‘serious vitamin D deficiency’ is thrown around rather promiscuously these days, based upon a blood test that numerous physicians order as part of regular screening of the healthy (see Manson JE et al. Vitamin D deficiency– exists truly a pandemic? New England J Med. 2016 Nov 10;-LRB- (16): 1817–20) However, presuming that you actually have a serious vitamin D deficiency, your bone discomfort might be due to osteomalacia and it may take weeks or months for it to enhance if you have fractures that might be slow-healing in diseased bone. It’s more likely that your pain is unassociated to the vitamin deficiencies and you may require extra tests.

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