How to check if a bank account is current or savings

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    If you have the cheque book. Then see the last 2 digits

    29 means Current Account

    31 means Savings Account

    Here’s a simple explanation on how to check if a bank account is Current or Savings

    • A Savings account is a deposit account that allows limited transactions whereas Current account is meant for daily transactions
    • If you’re a salaried employee getting monthly income then Savings account is suitable for you whereas Current account works best for traders and entrepreneurs who can access their account frequently
    • A Current account provides overdraft facilities wheres a Savings account doesn’t
    • A Savings account has a minimum balance to be maintained whereas the minimum balance for a Current account is much higher in comparison

    This should help

    If you are using paytm then its pretty simple just go and open you bank account in your personal information in app there will be mentioned savings/current acc or even using any other payment app like GooglePay,BhimUPI and PhonePay you can check there also will be mentioned just go to your bank acc option and there will be metioned the type of acc…

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    Yes, take any cheque of any bank , see at the bottom of cheque, focus on the MICR Digits from the Right side, if showing this below

    ‘31’- Saving account

    ‘30’- Current account

    ‘29’ Cash Credit/ CC account


    You can check from the bank that holds the account. There are different codes used in the account number to depict the nature of account.

    A very simple way to check is if you have a passbook dat means you have a savings account. You also get quarterly interest of 4% on the amount left in your account. 4% interest rate is for psbs.

    Also to make it clear that current account is only for business purposes and no interest is given by banks for any amount kept in current account.

    Hope this helps.

    Normally the bank account number consists of the branch code, the code for the type of account and finally the last 6 digits represent the account number. If you have account with the same bank you can enquire the branch . My bank has the first 4 digits as branch code next three digits shows the type of account SB,Current,overdraft, loan type etc as the case may be. The numbering system may from Bank to bank.

    It is better to ask the account holder

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    The cheque leaves bear the narration “payable at par at all branches” and the MICR code line of the cheques have transaction codes (the last two digits after the cheque number)

    29 (Current A/c),

    30 (Savings Bank A/c) and

    31 (Cash Credit A/c).

    you can get more information below.

    Normally it is written on your passbook or cheque book. You can also call toll free no or visit nearest branch.

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    Usually once you are an established customer, opening additional accounts can be done on line with just a few clicks.

    The Philippines is known for making the simple complicated. Opening a bank account in the first place can take all day, renewing a vehicle registration can take two or three days. Don’t ask about extending a tourist visa, I have heard that some people have spent an entire week doing that.

    Once my account here was established, I opened a Canadian dollar account here on line in less than a minute.

    But transferring from my Canadian account to my Peso account to spend that money, requires a trip to the branch, and as much as a 90 minute transaction, never less than 30 minutes even pre pandemic staffing levels.

    A very simple way.

    Size of cheque is normally bigger. Separate coding is there in both the account. If you have knowledge of coding, you can easily identify.

    Current account cheque are both Cash & Crossed cheque. Savings account cheque is always a self cheque.

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