How much PG/mg of methamphetamines and/or amphetamines in a hair …

  • What is the cutoff level for a hair drug test?

    Cutoff Levels

    To use the cannabinoid example, our screening cutoff level for the cannabinoid drug class in a hair specimen is 1 pg/mg.

    What do the numbers mean on a hair follicle test?

    The test uses a cutoff point. Any result below the cutoff number is a negative screen and any number above the cutoff number is a positive screen. If it’s an instant result, the people who administer the drug test usually give the results in terms of positive or negative rather than numeric values.

    According to the results of the study, hair follicle drug testing correctly identified: 52.3 percent of people who reported recent cannabis use. 65.2 percent of people who reported recent cocaine use. 24.2 percent of peo…

    You will pass with a positive result if that’s what you’re looking for. Meth will stay in a hair follicle for up to 9 months

    Depending on the length of hair, drugs can be detected back years. That said, *mosttests will be ordered for a 90 day window as this is the most reliable, and industry standard.

    As hair takes time to grow, the 5-7 days prior to the date of the hair removal will not show.

    Hair follicle testing is used to accurately test for periods of moderate to heavy usage. The testing allows the technician to specify exactly when and for how long the drug was used. Single time drug use will not leave enough deposit to show positive.

    Hope that helps.

    I am not sure about PG/mg since I am not familiar with these units. There is one which is Pg/mg (Petagram/milligram) but this is so far out of relation to the current cutoff for methamphetamine in hair. One Petagram is 1,000,000,000,000,000 grams. According to SAMSHA, the current confirmation cutoff for methamphetamine or amphetamine in hair is 300 pg/mg. 300 pg is equal to 0.000000000300 grams(I think I have the right number of 0’s) but is 3.00 x 10^-10 grams. The point here is that you must be careful with the capitalization of labels. Grams is always a small ‘g’. With this said, any comparison for hair testing results must be relative to the cutoff. A positive result is one with a concentration above 300 pg/mg.

    Hair testing is able to determine drug use in the last 90 days. Sometimes hair testing is not able to determine drug use in the past few days. This is due to the collection process and how hair grows to incorporate drug use in the hair that is collected. Any result that is positive indicates drug use in the past 90 days. This can be from prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and illicit drug use. This is true for a positive methamphetamine. It usually takes the advice of a medical review officer and sometimes further testing to determine which it may be.

    Whether or not drug use is excessive or alarming cannot be determined by any drug test. Any illicit drug use should be indicative of being treated for drug abuse. There can be multiple programs which may be appropriate for the specific situation of each individual. The particular treatment plan which would be best for an individual can only be determined by a drug abuse professional during an interview process. If someone is showing a positive drug test, then you should encourage the individual to seek the professional help of a drug abuse professional.

    I’m scheduled to take a hair follicle test today and I have been clean 93 days will I pass I’m taking the hair follicle for methamphetamine and cocaine will it still show and the test only goes back 90 days

    I am not familiar with the MP/PG label and I was not able to find a common conversion to the labels which I am familiar. Also, you will need to make sure that you have the capitalization correct. There is a huge difference between “mg(milligram) and Mg(megagram)” or “pg(picogram) and Pg(petagram)”.

    The next issue is that screening results do not normally provide a quantitative level. Screening results are specific for determining whether a sample is negative for a drug class. The drug class in question here seems to be amphetamines which can include methamphetamine and amphetamine. Only if a sample is presumptive positive for a drug class would it be sent for confirmation testing. A confirmation study would then be able to provide a quantitative level. The confirmation study would only usually provide a positive or negative result. Only upon request does a laboratory actually provide a quantitative level which is normally above the cut-off for a positive result. Essentially this methodology provides means to report out a sample as negative unless it definitely contains enough of the drug to indicate the presence of the drug in the sample. The only main exception to this may be if there is a positive methamphetamine and the laboratory may provide the quantitation of the amphetamine to indicate that the results are definitely from methamphetamine and not from a similar compound. As I am not familiar with the label used in the question(MP/PG), I have no context as to what the cut-off is for this test.

    There is another added note to make about methamphetamine results. The question did not indicate as to whether a D,L isomer study was performed. Only the dextromethamphetamine will be a psychoactive central nervous system stimulant. There is a common over the counter product which contains levomethamphetamine and can cause similar results.

    Note that methamphetamine is metabolized to amphetamine in the body. For any methamphetamine result to be positive, then the level of amphetamine must be above a specified level. If the amphetamine quantitation is above the specified level, then the methamphetamine can be reported as positive even though the amphetamine result can be negative.

    Any positively confirmed drug result for a hair specimen can only indicate that the donor used the drug within the last 90 days. This is true for most laboratories in the USA as the sample is cut to the last 1.5 inches of hair growth from the root end which relates to the last 90 days of hair growth. As far as relating the quantitation to how much a person used of a drug, this is not possible to prove. The test can only prove the use of the drug, not the amount used. Also, it can not be from secondary exposure such as being in a room where someone was using a drug which includes smoking the drug. The testing procedure removes any drug which is on the outside of the hair follicle and only indicates a drug which is in the hair not on it.

    A quick home remedy how to get meth out of my hair for a test for a Judge & I need the cheapest & Quickest way possible & pass it with no doubts in my mind can you help me OUT?

    Unfortunately to the best of my knowledge if you are a chronic user of Meth and undergo this test you are going to test positive for Meth and any other substance that is being tested for.

    This test is extremely sensitive and effective in testing if and what substances the candidate is suspected of substance abuse. This test is able to ascertain how long a period and the frequency and quantities of a particular substance the test subject has used during a three month period.

    This test is used by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) to test athletes for drug use. It is also being used in Australia to test potential users in their professions for substance use. Even if you used the substance in your own time, if it is use completely prohibited in your profession it will be detected by this test.

    If you are going to be subjected to this test you will test positive. You would be advised to go and be drug free for 3 months then do the test.


    If anyone is able to disprove what is written above I would be greatly interested in reading this information


    And if you’re having to take a hair follicle test, chances are you have something in your life that should be important enough to you to stop smoking meth.

    Go talk to a doctor – I promise they’ll help you come off it – and besides, it’s not like you’re addicted to smack and quitting means six months of intense agony and no sleep. You’ve just got three days of hard sleeping to do – a lot of people would gladly take that kind of a comedown. For the sake of whatever is the catalyst for your drug test, put the pipe down – it’ll always be there for you when you’re 80 and no one cares if you get high – but until then, you got bigger fish to be frying.

    I snorted a Line of meth one time and had been doing beans which is practically just meth and caffeine pills for like a month straight and took a hair follicle and passed. Well I failed for weed but I knew I was gonna fail for that.

    Odds are you’ve been in a home where it has either been smoked or where it was manufactured. Youd be surprised how long that residue will contaminate a home and yes, it can get into your system in high enough levels to cause you to fail a mass spectrum/ gas chromatography test.

    By the way how do you know you have never been around it? Its odorless. Youd never know

    1. How much did you smoke when you smoked? Was it crap weed or medical grade? Higher THC will make a difference. Any hash oil or dabs? If daily, you’re on the razors edge. If you hung out with Snoop, don’t even bother.
    2. 90 days is just at the cut off limit. Hair is cut to 1.5 inches (4 cm) for the follicle test, as tests assume that hair grows .5 inch a month. But everyone’s growth rate differs a little.
    3. The test concentrates on the follicle where recent use can be detected but it extends up to 90 days. However, there have been instances where heavy smokers of hash oil will fail after a 90 day abstinence due to the concentrations still being metabolized by the liver.
    4. Washing, coloring or bleaching won’t matter because the hair cortex is tested, not just the cuticle.
    5. The immunoassay process involves cutting hair samples as close to the root. The 1st 4 cm from the root is trimmed off for testing. The sample will be steeped in a concentrate of chemicals and tested for nano or pico particles of THC or THCCOOH.
    6. If it tests positive, there’s no way of telling whether the subject smoked last week or 90 days ago.

    What a disgusting, medieval bunch of horseshit. You don’t smoke a joint for 2–3 months and you still get flagged. But if you drink a couple of bottles of wine the night before and drive to the test drunk, you pass? Uneffinbelievable.

    You can’t. I tried and washed my head for 2 days with special shampoos, vinegar, Tide, salycilic acid, peroxide… Failed. Then the doctor told me at the lab that the pot today is so strong and if you smoke regularly you won’t be able to get it out of your hair. He added that all those stories you hear are lies. I believed him as I tried everything and still tested positive for THC. Don’t shave your head then they’l take hair from elsewhere. It takes about 4 months for weed to get out of your hair from the time you stop smoking. From other areas like pubes or chest hair THC can remain there for a whole year. Piss you can pass easily, you can pass with fake urine unless they test for uric acid which only real piss has and the doctor told me you can get freeze dried urine for that. He also added that most don’t test for uric acid. He was a very liberal doctor and thought that these drug tests violate our freedom. TIP: Ask what company does the testing. Call them and ask them if they do hair or piss for your company. Piss you can cheat easy.

    Dont be scared i had to do one and i passed with flying colours…i used CLR (calcium, lime and rust) cleaner on my entire head and used poly tar shampoo you can buy from a drug store…i washed my hair about 5 times…i looked so innocent! And i conditioned just as much and the lady who took my hair even said how beautiful my hair was cuz it was so clean!

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