How long would it take to watch all the videos on YouTube?

  • It’s physically impossible to watch all videos on YouTube, because people upload 100 hours of video every minute. By the time you’ve finished one video, there will be 1,000 more added to the website.

    If you assume the same growth rate for the past 10 years and assume that no more video would be uploaded until you stop watching, it would take you 60,000 years of non-stop watching to watch each and every video on YouTube.


    At least 4 hours of Fresh content is uploaded by the time you take to read this question.

    After watching a 1: 00 minute video 100 hours of fresh content would have been added.

    You watch those 100 hours of content and you are now 600000 hours behind.

    If you were aable to watch every youtub evideo in existence you would never be able to finish in your lifetime becuase of three things:

    1. 829,000,000 hours of videos are on youtube, or at least at the time of one post. It would take 94,643 years to watch.

    2)Live stream videos would delay you from watching other videos

    3) New videos would be uploaded by the thousands while you are still watching one video.

    Unfortunately it is impossible for one person to watch all the videos on YouTube. It is estimated in the Guinness World Record Book 2015 that nearly three days of video are uploaded every minute. That means that 4320 minutes of video are uploaded every minute. So just to keep up with YouTube you would need over 4320 people constantly watching videos. Now consider the approximately 819,417,600 hours of video already on YouTube, which is equal to 49165056000 minutes of video. Add to that the 4320 people already required just to keep up with YouTube and you get 49165060320 people required to watch all of YouTube in a minute. Just so you know that is over 7 times the population of Earth!

    It’s nearly impossible to say. The exact number of videos on YouTube fluctuates all the time, given the number of new videos that are added every day.

    Dr. Michael Wesch of Kansas State University reported that a March 2008 wildcard search on the website (performed by typing “*” into the YouTube search bar) yielded nearly 80 million results. Programmer Artem Russakovskii estimated that there were 141-144 million videos on YouTube as of August 2008.

    A wildcard search as of the publication of this diary yields approximately 275 million results, but that estimate will surely grow pretty rapidly and it’s very difficult to determine how accurate it is even now.

    How long would it take one person to watch them all?

    Wesch wrote that the average YouTube video clip is 2 minutes 46.17 seconds long, or 2.77 minutes. Let’s assume that there are indeed 275 million videos currently on YouTube. So if you sat at your computer, constantly looking at these clips without a single break:

    275 million x 2.77 minutes = 761,500,000 minutes

    761,500,000 minutes = 12.7 million hours

    12.7 million hours = 529,000 days

    529,000 days = 1450 years

    More than one millenium would pass before you’d be able to watch all YouTube videos from beginning to end. So you should either take that goal off your bucket list, or find a permanent medical cure for death. Maybe that knight who was guarding the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade could do it. What else could he do to pass the time?

    Source – Fun with Mathematics: The Finite and Infinite Universe of YouTube

    Lets do some math. Based on the data we’ve published recently, an average video is 15 minutes long. We also know YouTube currently has a bit more than 1B videos.

    1B 15min = 28,539 years

    As you can see, it would take a while.

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    That’s a pretty hypothetical question.

    Well, as per estimates, presently 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube per minute.

    Thus, it’s plain calculations to guess that you are missing out 299 hours and 59 minutes each minute.

    So, per day even if you watch YouTube day in and day out, you are missing around 7176 hours of video per day.

    or 2,619,240 hours of video per year.

    So, even if you survive for ever, you won’t be able to complete watching all the videos on YouTube if the current uploading rate per minute holds.

    Assuming that no video is uploaded to YouTube from now onwards, I don’t think you will be able to complete watching all videos in your lifetime.

    So, Chill Out !!

    1700 years. Yes my friend 1700 year are needed to sit and watch all the YouTube videos 🙂

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    Your life will run out of time because

    It would be more than 70,000 years to watch all videos if (everyone stop uploading).

    Currently 100–120 hours videos upload while you are watching 10 minute videos.

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