How long can a person live with sepsis without antibiotics?

  • Twenty one years old. In nursing school and pregnant.

    I would deliver after my graduation date.

    Worked as an L.P.N. to pay for my education.

    Had morning sickness. It was serious and having weight loss.

    Smelling food was nauseating.

    Continued throughout my pregnancy. In ketoacidosis the entire pregnancy.

    The doctor suggested an abortion.

    Would not agree.

    Changed to a doctor that did not support abortion.

    Feet swelled (edematous) and my B/P was high, still felt well.

    Had pre-eclampsia. It is a serious complication in pregnancy.

    Diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

    My blood sugar was checked in a training session in college. It was very high.

    The doctor had not checked it. That complicated things even more.

    Still felt great. Did not rest never felt sick.

    Restricted salt in my diet with no improvement.

    This was this was thirty five years ago.

    My sister was due on Dec. 8, 1983 and was born on Jan. 10, 1984.

    The day prior to being induced my husband’s aunt died suddenly.

    She called everyday. So excited. She was a retired nurse.

    Her name was “Jackie”. This would be the first grandbaby on my husband’s side of the family.

    The doctors decided to induce me.

    Called Jackie to give her the news.

    She had died and I was in shock.

    My back had hurt for a week. Went in for induction was in labor.

    The back pain was labor pains. Excruciating pain.

    Brainwashed and determined to have natural child birth. Refused pain medication.

    Induced with oxytocin. To help progress the delivery.

    My pains were one minute apart for a full minute.

    My body swollen and hurting badly,

    Thought I would die. Pain was unbearable.

    In labor for eight hours. Pushed for two and a half hours.

    Exhausted and hurting.

    Had bitten my lip when pushing. There were visible teeth marks on my lip.

    My baby was distressed and oxygen was administered.

    His head would not progress down into the birth canal.

    His heart rate dropped dangerously low. I was scared.

    Praying for him to be okay.

    Totally exhausted.

    Did not have the energy to fight any longer.

    Pleaded with the doctor to do a C-section.

    He waited thirty minutes to decide.

    The doctor decided to do an emergency C-section.

    Oxygen did not bring my babies heart rate up.

    Astrange feeling of doom was lingering over me.

    My husband, called my grandmother to pray at my request.

    My grandmother was a prayer warrior. She had a special connection to God.

    My nurse said that a more experienced nurse was taking over.

    The nurse came in very vibrant and started shaving my abdomen.

    She did it in about two seconds. She worked quickly.

    She said, “My name is Jackie.”

    Cold intense chills covered my body.

    Could feel my husband’s aunt’s presence.

    We looked at each other.

    Had the same thought.

    Can you believe her name is Jackie ?

    Then I was rushed off to the operating room.

    Surgery was performed by Epidural. It was unsafe to for sedation.

    Requested bikini cut incision. Had to do a lateral cut.

    On the operating room table. The anesthesiologist said, “Start talking and do not stop.”

    My B/P was phenomenal. It was 260/140 and my head was busting with pain.

    They wrapped my head in a warm towel trying to ease the pain.

    Got nauseated and vomited. Fortunate that I did not aspirate. Flat on my back.

    Felt the vomit in my ear.

    The anesthesiologist was suctioning my mouth.

    Two doctors delivering my baby.

    My doctor said to the helping, “Push the baby up so I can get him or we are going to have an asphyxiated newborn.”

    Understood what he was saying.

    “OMG my baby is going to smother to death.”

    Had spoken with the pediatrician prior to delivery.

    The pediatricians partner was present.

    “Please save my baby”.

    “I will treat him like my own.”

    Never heard him cry and did not get to hold him.

    Did not know until later.

    The doctor had informed my husband that he could not save both of us.

    The doctor which one to save.

    He said, “Save his wife. We can have another baby.”

    My next memory is being under a heated light.

    My body shaking but did not feel cold.

    Attempted to move the light.

    The doctor was there. He ask the nurse what was wrong.

    She replied “baby shakes.”

    Immediately felt the blood pressure cuff being inflated.

    The doctor said, “Baby shakes hell.”

    She is in shock.

    Don’t you know shock when you see it?”

    Coded at that time and they had to do CPR.

    Next memory was in the intensive care unit.

    Medication to stabize my blood pressure caused it to be life threatening low.

    Was in a coma with eclampsia and having seizures.

    No recall of having seizures.

    Not allowed any visitors.

    My mother complained to the hospital administration. They allowed visit her a visit.

    They brought her to my room.

    She said, “That is not my daughter. You must have brought me to the wrong room.”

    She did not recognize me with all the fluid and swelling.

    Lips were extremely swollen. Teeth imprints were deep and visible on my lip.

    Eyes were red The blood vessels had ruptured due to excessive pushing.

    High blood pressure causing the sclera (white part) to be red. Had retinal bleeds.

    After the fourth day started going in and out of consciousness.

    Extremely thirsty and craving water. It was miserable being so thirsty.

    Gained 60 pounds. Was not allowed fluids other than intravenous.

    The fourth day alert and requested to hold my baby.

    Unsure if he was dead or alive. Scared to ask.

    The nurse said, “Have you been seeing him?”

    Lied and said yes.

    She said, I will bring for a visit.

    OMG so excited that my baby was alive.

    Praying this wasn”t a dream.

    Seeing double from the medication. It was hard to focus.

    She brought my baby boy. He looked so pitiful.

    He was two-and-a-half weeks post-term.

    Had lacked nutrition for a couple of weeks. My placenta was not nourishing him.

    Estimated birth weight was ten pounds prior to delivery.

    Weighed 8 pounds, 8ounces.

    Scabs on his arms. Head was cone-shaped.

    Bruises from IV’s.

    I said, “You sure are ugly but I love you more than life.”

    Started dropping him.

    Everything went black.

    They had to start CPR. I was successfully resuscitated.

    After a couple more days then was moved out of ICU.

    Still very weak and exhausted.

    Not allowed to keep him in my room.

    If awake I got to hold and feed him. They would not wake me.

    Progressed the next two days.

    Discharged with my precious baby.

    The doctor said that my son would be born retarded.

    The ketones would cross over and damage his brain.

    The doctor that wanted to abort him.

    My son is healthy and well. Extremely high IQ.

    Works the emergency department as a pharmacist.

    The skill and care I received helped save my life.

    God heard my grandmother’s prayers. A Godly woman.

    IIt was unsafe for to get pregnant again.

    “Babies are bits of star dust, blown from the hand of God.”

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